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[An extra-long repair stint in the Labs has meant Gordon could conveniently hide from the hot weather, but he couldn't say underground forever. His day off leads him to what USED to be JLS headquarters, the library, Sundollar Coffee, lab supply warehouse, grocery store, Sundollar Coffee again, and other parts of town. He seems to be taking the hot weather gracefully... so far. Though if that SPF 75 sunblock he picks up at the drugstore is any indication, his relationship with sunlight seems to be a little strained...]

[Video to Rex.]

Hey Rex. I just wanted to say thanks again... for everything you did during that EVO outbreak. I've got a question. The guys down there said you absorb these nanites into you when you cure something. What happens if you absorb too much of the stuff?

[Fidgety video, to Ran.]

So uh, how're you fitting in down there in the labs?


Jul. 5th, 2012 05:30 pm
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[Transmission is made from Mokona's bathroom. She's floating around in the sink with a Mokona-sized inner tube and a Mokona-sized glass of lemonade.]

Everyone's been having hard times for a while, haven't we?

Mokona thinks that everyone should do something fun, like a beach party! We can grill things to eat and swim and play games and hit watermelons with sticks. Mokona won't organize it all herself, because Mokona's too lazy and too small to carry a lot of watermelons, but Mokona will "get it rolling"!

...Those big crab monsters like to come up to the beach sometimes, so someone will have to make sure they stay far away. Or make sure that the ones who don't stay far away end up on the grill. They do that at some of the seaside restaurants. They taste good.
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Because everything can be solved with a Big Scientific Machine )

[...THEN, he sends a phone broadcast.]


Huh, whaddiya know... We did it. We've sent out a signal that completely deactivated all active nanites in a twenty-mile radius! All those EVO's should now be reverting to normal! Now before anyone starts to celebrate remember that there are still damaged buildings and structures out there; make sure everyone is safe before you do anything else.

[Video to JLS]

Okay, guys. Just how bad is the damage this time around?


[The scientists are finally leaving the Labs, tired, shambling, and even more disheveled than usual. Gordon is among them, looking exhausted and pale himself but still standing a few inches taller than his wilted counterparts. Still, if anyone needs to speak to him about this whole thing, now's the time to do it.]

((This marks the end of the EVO event, but backtagging is encouraged! Have fun beating up monsters!))
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[Deep inside the mysterious and cavernous depths of the labs...

Scientists frantically scribble on clipboards and walk around, trying not to bump into each other. Others hunch over pieces of machinery, tinkering with them intently. There is a frenzied air about as the smell of burnt coffee and all-nighters (which does, in fact, have a stench) permeates through the building.

What now?]


Jun. 26th, 2012 04:10 pm
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Important announcement. Learned much about nanotech infection. Have created stopgap solution!

Have device

[He turns the camera so it focuses on something that looks like a big spike about a foot and a half long with a box about the size of a paperback book stuck on the blunt end.]

Should deliver current that disrupts nanites. Only problem, no effective method of delivery. Have to do it manually. Close quarters, dangerous, but should incapacitate EVO as long as battery holds out.
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Okay, everyone stay calm! Good news, I know what's going on here with all the monsters.

Bad news, the monsters all around town--they're EVOs! I don't know how it could've happened, but there must be nanites here, inside everyone by now, probably. They don't normally do anything, but they can turn any normal person or animal or even a plant into these EVOs! They usually get turned into monsters who don't know what they're doing, but not always--it can pretty much be anything.

Long story short? If you're noticing anything new or weird about yourself now, chances are you're an EVO too.

The other good news is, I'm an EVO too--and I can cure other EVOs. I don't know if I can get every single one, or cure everyone before someone gets hurt...but that's not going to stop me from trying.

Just...whatever you do, don't kill anything--they could be your next door neighbor. And if you spot an EVO, take it down without killing it! I don't know how this started, but I'm going to put an end to it.
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So...anyone else here from Hong Kong? Just remembered that I used to live there--before Providence. It's kinda hazy, and I mostly only remember it from when I was there on Providence business a few years later, but it's a pretty cool city. After all, I was there, so it has to be cool. Pretty great place for food and street EVOs too.

[And, y'know, EVO gangs and manipulative backstabbing kids, but that's neither here nor there.]

That means if anyone ever needs Chinese-Spanish translations, I'm your guy. Not sure why you'd be translating that, but hey--if you need it, I can do it!


[Rex will be scarce for the rest of the day. The next several days, even. He's holed himself up in his room and is writing down all that he can remember, while he still can. About Sirocco, about home, about all the people he can remember. He doesn't know what it'll be like when he blanks out again, and he has no idea when it'll happen...but this is as close as he can get to controlling this inevitable situation, and he wants to be prepared.

When he is outside, however, he's using his smartphone to snap pictures of seemingly random things. The basketball hoop (and the balls strewn around town), some bears, the entrance to the apartment building, some trees, the barren edges of town... There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to the subjects of his photos, but he approaches the task with a relatively unusual amount of seriousness and intense focus.]

((OOC: 0.8% on Rabble. 18.9% total memory regain. 2.1% remaining.))
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[Today Rex has managed to fashion a basketball hoop and attach it to the side of the Ermis Suites. He has also managed to acquire a truly preposterous quantity of basketballs. He figured he'd need them after the first couple rebounded out of the city and somewhere into the forest a few miles away.]

Alright... Get in the hoop...!

[He holds his breath as he tosses the basketball. It soars through the air, touches the rim of the hoop...and rebounds! Rex groans, but then he sees the basketball simply...vanish into thin air.

Stunned, he tries again. Same results.

Again. The ball disappears like the others.

...Well. Might as well keep trying. After all, he
does have a preposterous amount of basketballs still left.]


Jun. 2nd, 2012 12:13 am
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Hey, uh, I've been remembering some stuff lately like everyone else - an organization called Providence, who gave me a home and a job. I guess...I was alone at the time, aside from them. I don't know why. I ran away for a little while once, and the world was so different from what I remember! It was all so empty - and there were all these monsters, except they weren't really monsters. Something that started with an E. Um, right, EVOs! That was it.

And it was all because of these things - nanites - inside me, inside everything. They did things to people, changing them. I remember a girl with four arms who kidnapped me, and a man who made everyone fall asleep when the nanites turned him into...well, sort of something else. But I could control them somehow, and I guess that was really important. I met an entire town of people who were trying to do the same thing, except it didn't work out in the end.

[She pauses for a moment.]

People have said...people have been getting other people's memories lately, right? So does anybody remember anything like what I'm talking about?

[Rosalia certainly hopes so. While she doesn't hate the world she remembers, a life spent trying to fight monsters to cure them isn't one she wants for herself at all.]
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My last name is Sartre. I grew up with my father Albert and my brother Erhard in Maine. He's eight years older than me and was in college and already a surgeon when he was sixteen. He'd sometimes help my dad research something in my blood. I mostly just saw him during the summers, but I saw my dad every day. He'd help me with my homework if I needed it, and sometimes had bedtime stories. I went to Cumberland Elementary School until I was eight. My teacher's name was Mrs. Scherer. Then my dad quit working as a professor at Cumberland College and we moved to Mexico so that he could continue his research there, although my brother stayed in Maine for school.

Not bad for someone who supposedly can't remember anything before the age of 15, huh? Guess this place must've done something to reset my amnesia so I could remember everything instead of stuff only after showing up at Providence!
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[Action, Sundollar Coffee]

[That damn train.]

[It's phantom hit-and-run with him had occurred in a cartoonish blur as he was setting out to grab some lunch. Exactly an hour and fifteen minutes later as he'd almost forgotten about it, but the crippling flash of red fire, blood, screams, a hawk ripping a sparrow to shreds, choking sobs, foul movements and the cackling hideous face of something he'd never seen before sent him slumping against the wall, the mug in his hand slipping out with a crash.]

[Video, a little later]

[Gordon's still a little pale even for him, his brow furrowed.]

Just... just when I thought all these damned memories couldn't get any more confusing. How there's demons thrown into the mix! Ugh, god, I didn't... how...

[He drags a hand over his face, still a little overwhelmed. You would be too, with what he's had to remember.]
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Does anyone want cake? I feel like making some tomorrow, but I can't eat a whole one by myself.


[Out by the side of the Ermis Suites? Then you might see Rosalia there, armed with a walking stick and a large pitcher of water, staring intently at a singed handkerchief lying in a patch of dirt.]

Hm, maybe I can make it a little bigger this time...

(2% spent on Rosalia's birthday and some headcanon-y childhood stuff.)
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Memories sure have pretty bad timing. Turns out, my birthday was practically two weeks ago, on April 27th!

Or, well. That's when I showed up at Providence, anyway. No one's really sure what my birthday is, not even me. Or how old I am, either. But if I had to guess, I'd say I'm about...oh, 17? Yeah, something awesome like that.

Anyway, the point here is, I've got a birthday cake here and not enough bears to eat all of it. [The video zooms out and now it's clear to see that there is a large cake in front of Rex with only one candle in it--shaped like a question mark. Behind him, a quiet group of bears sitting and waiting for their slice.]

So whoever wants a piece better come down in front of the park before it's gone! There's also some other stuff, like a pinata, if cake's not your thing. And after that...well, maybe if anyone thinks they can take me on an empty stomach, I'd be willing to race someone around town.

((OOC: 6.5% on Frostbite, Operation: Wingman, Basic, Promises Promises (the part of that he can remember at all, anyway), Waste Land, and Moonlighting. So basically, filler. 15.1% total memory regain. 1.9% remaining.))
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[Video, mid-morning]

"Observation of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Entanglement on Supraquantum Structures by Induction Through Nonlinear Transuranic Crystal of Extremely Long Wavelength Pulse from Mode-Locked Source Array."

[Gordon looks dazed, and pretty exhausted, but... strangely happy. What the hell is he talking about? Has he lost it?]

Sounds like a mouthful, but it's just about short-range teleportation of heavy particles through a solid barrier. I suddenly remembered about half the damn thing last night. I just... started writing, couldn't really stop. Somewhere around page thirty I realized why I remember it so well: it was my doctorate thesis!

My full name is Doctor Gordon Freeman! I received a PhD in theoretical physics about four years ago! THAT's that I'd been remembering over all those months! Hah, let's see 'em try to relegate me to lab gofering and coffee duty at the Labs now!

[Action, later that afternoon, at the Happy Insomniac Coffee House]

Yyyyyyeah, hi Anna, I need three lattes, one vanilla, one hazelnut, one vanilla skinny, two pour-overs of the medium roast with a double shot in one and soy in the other, one of those organic yerba-mate things and uh... make it a large cinnamon latte with a triple-shot of espresso for me this time. It's gonna be a long day.

[Looks like mister PhD is still stuck on coffee detail after all. That order's going to take forever to fill too. Point and laugh? Strike up a conversation? Question his taste in coffee?]

[2% on his grad thesis, 11% total]
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[Rex looks as smarmy and proud as ever when the video starts.]

Guess who just remembered a whole ton of stuff? Yeah, that's right, Rex.

[Then his demeanor shifts--he's less proud of it, and more serious.]

Now guess who remembered that they have amnesia, even before ending up here? That's right, Rex.

[Now he just sounds annoyed and pissed off.]

Okay, seriously? I want a refund on these memories! Because this joke? Isn't funny.

((OOC: 3.3% on the first three episodes, and another 2% on waking up at Providence with no memory and basic training/getting a room/etc. 5.3% regain.))
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[ACTION, in the labs]

TL;DR, fat guy in spandex. )

[VIDEO, soon after]

[The camera shows Gordon at the Labs in a strange orange-and-grey suit that only a handful of people in Sirocco had seen so far. He doesn't explain that yet, and instead aims the camera downward to show a blobby blue-and-yellow spandex-enclosed human sprawled on the floor.] Found another one. "System Crash." [He rights the camera again.] He did some minor damage, but nothing we can't eventually replace.

[This said while his colleagues are in the background mournfully sobbing over lost data.]

...Booster, you want 'im over at JLS for questioning? Because these guys don't want anything to do with him right now. Everyone else... is there someone out there who knows anything about brain biology, pharmacology or hypnosis? We've got a running theory that these guys are altered somehow, and we need to know what's being used.

[ACTION, later, just outside labs.]

Those out and about in the center of town may see Gordon, in the same suit, half-dragging a slightly overweight and profoundly dazed man out of the labs. The man is asking all sorts of questions, and Gordon, for his part, is not trying very hard to answer them at all.

"Whut happen'd...? My head hurts. How'd I wind up in the labs? Why m' I wearing this? Why're you wearing THAT? Wait... waitwaitwait I got it! You guys irradiated me with something and turned me into a superhero, didn't you? HA, I knew this day would come!"

Gordon audibly facepalms.
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[Audio recording. Just Mordin organizing his thoughts.]

Analysis of items on person at arrival.

Labcoat: Lots of pockets. One contained voice recorder. Nothing saved. Useful for keeping track of thoughts later. Lightly armored. Why armor a labcoat? Work in dangerous environments?

Shield Generator: Creates personal shield. Supports theory of dangerous field work. No known way to recharge battery. Will need to look into replacement.

Pistol: Also significantly more advanced than local technology. No source of replacing heat sink. May need to acquire local replacement for reliability of use. Must make time for practice at firing range. Perhaps muscle memory remains. Worth investigating.

Omni-tool: Requires periodic calibration, capable of making very in-depth scans. Installed programs include advanced scanning suite, neural shock, inciner-

"Sounds like some mighty big words, pencilneck. After I'm done pounding your skinny ass into a locker, you can tell your nerd friends that-AAAAUUUUGGHGHHH!!!!"

[There is a moment of silence.]

...Must take care in future. Omni-Tool programs dangerous. Need safe location for testing. Hopefully no lasting harm done.
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[If anyone looks at the network, they will find themselves subjected to something that looks too...staged...too cinematic to be a normal network post. And too Spanish.

That's right. Rex is broadcasting the first episode of El Amor De La Pasion Del Amor. All 44 minutes of it. It is filled with overdramatic acting, evil twins, pregnancies, women fainting and falling to the floor in the throes of love and passion, long kisses that last an eternity with flowery backgrounds, and men ripping their shirts. Constantly. Regardless of what is happening, be it a confession or cooking breakfast. Because real men fry their bacon shirtless.

This is a public service and you should all be thanking him.

When it ends, he speaks.]

Oh man, I can't believe they have it here! Was that awesome, or was that awesome?

sixth hop

Apr. 1st, 2012 11:41 am
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[Barnaby has been thinking this over for a while now. He'd gotten offers to join the Justice League before, but it's only now that he's finally decided on it.]

[AUDIO, locked to Booster]

Is there an opening on the Justice League?


[So, after that call and as soon as he can get some free time to himself, you can find Barnaby in the library, reading a book. Specifically, he's reading about a certain symbol and whatever it means. Every so often, he'll scribble something down on a piece of paper. He's been at this for a while, judging from the fact that he's filled up the paper with thoughts and facts, like "Jung - human psyche" and "what does the sword mean?"

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Oh man, guys, I never thought I'd be saying this, but the library's got the greatest stuff!

I know how it looks, but this book-- [he holds up this book] --is really great. It's got this action hero traveling through time and taking on all these adventures, and he falls in love with this woman, even though he knows it can't last! And they're both keeping secrets from each other, trying not to hurt each other but they're really just making it worse in the long run. Just listen to it:

[He opens the book to a random page and reads.]
"She walked across the room and picked up her towel, still wet with shower water. “Torolf,” she said softly, “there’s something I have to tell you…”
But her bed was empty.
Torolf was gone, escaped out the bedroom window. In the distance, Hilda heard the fading sound of galloping abs."


[Wait, no, he's getting too excited. That's seriously uncool. He puts on a grumpier face, to make it look like he's not actually that interested.]

...It's way more exciting than anything going on around here, anyway.

((OOC: 1% on El Amor De La Pasion Del Amor, and his love of shitty Spanish soap operas and trashy romance.))


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