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[Rudolph had been keeping mostly to himself since the memory switch, Gordon wasn't exaggerating about how bad that memory was.

He was getting back into cataloguing when a fly that had been pestering the doctor had suddenly morphed into something elephant-sized with far too many limbs, eyes, and noodlely appendages. Most of the patrons either ran out screaming or hide under desks]

...The hell?

[Out goes the crossbow, the man firing several shots into the eyes as the fly-monster kept trying to wrap it's tentacles around the patrons only to back away and try to flee from the thing that's causing it pain and tries to force it's body out the door...]


Pardon me, but we have a little problem here, a fly is stuck in the door and it's causing quite a bit of disturbance here.
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Strange, I suddenly had memories of a man in red, and that is he is the most selfish, treacherous... Jerk I had the misfortune of meeting. But - it feels off. Somehow, I don't believe these are my memories.

(Angry Rin's memories)
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Hello - I would like to make a small request. Those of you going out into the field for combat, if you are beset by hostile creatures and fell them - If it isn't too dangerous, or too difficult, could you bring back the body? I would like to be able to analyze the body structure and what native weaponry it has so that I can properly document it for future reference.
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[Gordon looks in much better spirits than he had been in the past few days. Maybe it's because he FINALLY got all that marshmallow out of his hair... oh, wait. It's a little shorter. Looks like he has to take drastic measures. Well, at least it didn't get into his beard...]

So it turns out, as a post-doc I did some research in Austria. Spent the better part of a year there. Good times... Crisp air, awesome scenery, plenty of erenhaftprofessoren to bounce ideas off of, and arguably the best beer on the planet. If and when I go back home, I'm going back there. I don't care what else I have to do.

[And here he was worried he wasn't going to like his memories from here on out...]

What about you guys? Anyone else here have a place you remember fondly?

[Private, to Samus]

Heyyyy, uh, would you be interested in going over those power suit prints tonight or tomorrow? The library, center branch, second floor.

I'll even take the liberty of kicking the teenagers out of the hologram viewing room before you arrive.

[1% on the Innsbruck Experiment, 14% total.]
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Confirm, am a doctor. Remember running small clinic on Omega.

Don't recall any medical knowledge for use on humans, though. Confidence without skill dangerous, will have to rectify this.

[Later, Mordin's at the library pouring through books on medicine and human anatomy, all the while taking extensive notes. Also, occasionally humming a few bars of The Major-General's Song.]
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Anyone remember family? I just got a memory, of my wife. I think I have a child as well - it'd make sense, I am old enough, and there is a patch of skin on my ring finger that's paler, it shows indicate that I had a ring on.

I wonder if it disappeared when I was brought here, or that something happened prior.

[He smiles softly]

Her name's Ingrid... she's has this little dimple that appears when she smiles, like so

[Rudolph started to gesture, only to blink]

oh! I apologize, I didn't realize I was starting to carry on.

((1% on Ingrid Van Richten))
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Who: Samus, Gordon, Rudolph, Shirou, and Hiroshi.
What: Battling aliens and color puzzles.
Warnings: Spooky aliens.
Your rate for collecting items was: 2%.

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[The library. Again. Rudolph is peering at the screen with a serious expression]

Well - I figured out why I have the skills that I do. Or rather I remembered why. It seems besides my medical practice and research that -

[The man takes a breath]

I am a hunter of dark creatures such as Vampires and Malignant Therianthropes. I do not remember why, but only that it was extremely dangerous and had many close -

[There's a crash off-screen]

What in Ezra's name...?

(1% on remembering vampire hunting career, 1% on remembering Lambordia)
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I stumbled onto some magic scrolls during a recent scouring and thought I'd let you fellows know. Those of you with magical skill or the ability to do some trickery can use these to cast spells without draining your energy.

I'll be doing some research in the library if anyone needs me.

Also... I seem to have remember owning a Herbal shop in a place called Mordent, does that ring any bells for someone?


[Rudolph can be seen hunched over a nasty-looking dagger he picked up at where the Oni are now sealed. The dagger has a deep groove on both sides of the blade with rusted splotches that looks uncomfortably like dried blood.

The man himself is holding up a strange scroll with that draconic lettering that is shifting to a more common language, written in a manner so the words form a question mark on the paper. After a quick scan, he recites the words, pressing his fingers against the sheet in a peculiar pattern. Suddenly the page crumbles as both the dagger and the man's eyes glowed briefly with an oscillating gray light]

((ooc: 1% on remembering use Magic Device, 1% on remembering his herb shop in Mordent - 8% total))
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Who: Karkat Vantas, Rudolph van Richten, Rin Tezuka, Karkat Vantas, Danny Phantom, Yuta Takizawa, Karkat Vantas, Booster Gold, Mokona, Karkat Vantas, Dave Strider, Vriska Serket, Scrooge McDuck, Karkat Vantas, Shen, Gordon Freeman, Tsuruya, and Karkat Vantas
What: Cross-temporal real-time chatting gone horribly, horribly wrong.
When: Starting shortly before Rayquaza's appearance, thereabouts.
Where: A chat client, with some implied Danny's room

* CURRENT_carcinoGeneticist was kicked by FUTURE_carcinoGeneticist
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[Well, here's an odd sight on the phone network today. It's one of the Lab's scientists, looking pretty nervous about something. You've probably seen this guy before, but maybe not, he's one of several scientists who handle anemoi and related matters--Dr. Patrick Nichols, if you're particularly good at remembering names and faces.]

Ahhh, ahahaha, um, hello! Very sorry to bother you all so suddenly like this, I know we don't usually do that, but we've got ourselves a bit of a problem up here, and, well. You lot are rather proficient at problem-solving, right? Because, ahaha, it's kind of a big one! Here, take a look for yourselves.

[He inputs a few things into the phone and a nearby computer quickly, and the feed input soon changes to one of the Lab's security cameras. Specifically, one overlooking the Lab's entrance, where a large, green, serpentine creature is curled up. After a moment, the feed switches back to the phone's camera and Dr. Nichols.]

It's right in front of the door, which means none of us can get out, and, of course, aheh, none of you can get in, so it would be to our mutual benefit if you could get rid of it. Somehow. Before we all starve to death, if you would.

((That's right, there's now a Rayquaza parked right in front of the Lab, and it's up to you guys to get rid of it. How, you ask? Good question!

INCIDENTALLY, a couple of weird, new machines have appeared in the lobby area of the Ermis Suites. But I'm sure that's just a coincidence.))
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So I suppose I should really try to be a little more open about what I'm remembering from my past after all that stuff with the Onis.. Not that there's really anything exciting, though. Just some stuff from a village I used to live in before moving to a bigger town and meeting my friends. I'm sure a lot of you probably have similar memories.

*He is, of course, only telling a half-truth. The early stuff is the easy stuff. The memories that came back recently about his life AFTER the mansion are too painful to deal with in public -- and, honestly, unlike the Onis, not really anybody's business.*


Hey. I'm sorry to impose, but I don't suppose you could tell me any more about these EVOs you were talking about, could you? Only you're the first person I've run into besides myself who's met monsters they knew from where they came from, and it could be really important to keep some data about them in case more show up.


*Hiroshi's sitting with his pile of notes from the last expedition.*

The last expedition yielded a lot of results. Should I start from the beginning then, sir?

((OOC: Hiroshi didn't really bother with the post green gunk grab, so he only has about 4% to spread around. Part of that is from his early childhood in a more superstitious village, and part of it is from the social aftermath of the mansion incident. He's going to be more inclined to talk about the former than the latter unless you're close, and even then it'll be like squeezing blood from a stone.))
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[Rudolph had been keeping to the bookshops, the remains of the main library, the more intact branches and what's left of museums since the Onis disappeared, often accompanied by a certain young man, pouring over what they can find, jotting notes and obviously discussing Important Things.

After a while, Rudolph Van Richten can be seen on the phones, while Hiroshi can be seen in the background examining the spines of books]

Ah, Good Afternoon - this is Dr. Van Richten, could you kindly do Hiroshi and myself a favor? We were going over the libraries and museums of Sirocco and found many of them very lacking in information about the various beasts we've seen.

What I would like is that those who do remember these monsters - could you be so kind as to come to the 2nd Library Branch and consent to an interview?


[You're here for the interview. Van Richten can be seen sitting at one of the larger tables with pen and paper ready. Several books are on the table. Hiroshi is nearby with a few books open, going from one to another, and occasionally can be seen furiously scribbling something down - occasionally pausing to stare at something in disbelief before continuing on.

Do you speak to the Doctor, or the Student?]

((ooc: for the record. Rudolph has 1% on lockpick, 1% on Draconic language, 1% on hide-in-shadows, 1% on detecting traps, and 1% on the Ezra faith, so 6% total regain.

State in the subject line if you want to talk with Hiroshi or Rudolph as this is a joint post))
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Who: Hiroshi, Palom, Gordon Freeman, Shampoo, Dave Strider, Rudy
What: The Finale of the Ao Oni Plot.
When: Shortly after Hiroshi runs off attempting to resolve the situation himself.
Where: A large, spooky mansion. Of course.
Notes: As of this log, all Onis are officially flushed out of Sirocco for good. Should someone feel like it, they may still on occasion appear in normal mission logs, but they are effectively no longer an issue in Sirocco itself.

The resolution of a long nightmare. )

And then the cavalry arrived.
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Discovery )

[It is still 5 o'clock in the morning.  Sucks to be you if you're not awake.]

Guys!!!!  Hiroshi's gone!!!

He left me this stupid note, and it says 'Dear Palom, I am a stupid moron and I decided to go do this all by myself and get trapped with a bunch of stupid blue ogres for the next kajillion years because I am a stupid moron and stupid morons go off by themselves in the middle of the night to get killed and eaten also feed the dumb octopus.'

Hurry up, don't tell me you guys turn these things off when you're asleep, we have to go find him!

.........Fine, I'll wake you all up myself!

[Sucks to be you even more.  Practically every apartment is subjected to incoherent high-pitched ranting and pounding.]

Plan B?

Feb. 17th, 2012 01:29 pm
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Who: Hiroshi, Dave Strider, Supernova, Rudy, and any and all interested parties. Justice League members also welcome.
When: Shortly after the intervention at the hill.
Where: Justice League Building
What: Perhaps the situation isn't as futile as initially thought.
Note: Details contributing to the final plot log will show up in this one.

The fat lady hasn't sung yet. )
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Who: Hiroshi, Supernova, Dave Strider. Also open to anybody, especially if they participated in either of the two action logs.
When: Shortly after the conclusion of both logs.
What: The Rod of Calem-Sur is assembled. Surely this is the end of the Ao Oni invasion...?
Where: The highest hill in Sirocco

Of course, it's never as easy as all that. )
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Who: Hiroshi, Palom, Vriska, Rudy, Yuta, and Barnaby, with special guest Supernova
What: The Search for the Rod of Calem-Sur, part 1
When: Simultaneously with the log for the orb (Monday)
Where: A Japanese tower ruin
Note: Bluh bluh huge jerks

Truly a cohesive team here folks.
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Everybody hear me? I think I've managed to locate a solution to our problems with the blue monsters that have been showing up. It may be a long shot, but it's better than nothing.

According to this book I found in the library, there's an artifact that has the potential to seal away monsters. It's called the Rod of Calem-Sur, and if you use it at the highest point in the middle of an infected area, it'll take care of them for you. The only thing is, it seems to have been separated into two parts for whatever reason, the shaft and the orb. Thankfully, there's some coordinates listed that indicate where they might be, but it'll be rough going for both of them, so I'm going to need help to get them.

I'm sure we all see the trouble with letting these things run around, so I'd appreciate anybody who lends their assistance.

((OOC: OOC signup posts will be up shortly. One will be a more action-heavy log, and the other more puzzle heavy. As another note, as of the end of the library log, there is now officially a chance to run into Onis in POPULATED buildings, with the only exception at the moment being the Hotel itself. Again, this is an opt-in plot, so it is entirely up to players if they want to deal with them, or at least see increasing numbers of quarantined buildings.))


Feb. 5th, 2012 12:27 am
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Hey, everybody! I've got an announcement to make and a question to ask.

The announcement is that the shop I've been trying to set up will be opening soon! Watch out for it, okay guys? It's going to be named "New Roots." We'll be selling flowers and some produce, and a few other things for anybody who might be interested in gardening. It'll be open on business in a little over a week, on Valentine's Day. So if you want to do something special that day, we'd love to help you out!

And thanks a lot to Mokona and Jaime and Ruby and everybody else who's helped me out with this! I could never had done it without all of you.

Now for the question.

[There's a very slight hesitation before she continues talking, never losing her cheerful attitude.]

Does anyone know how to schedule something with a doctor? For a check-up, or anything like that. I just thought maybe it'd be a good idea to get one. Anyway, that's about it--thanks, everyone, and have a good day!

(2% spent on the nature of her blood, 2% spent on her dad's profession/studies.)


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