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I did some research on this human holid8y called Halloween, and it sounds gr8! It com8ines two of my f8vorite things: Fashion, and spreading terror among the low8looded.

I'm guessing that's why I ended up in this ridiculous outfit????????
It looks........
Okay, it looks really, really dum8. 8ut who cares! It's all part of the g8me. I'll toler8 a 8unch of stupid human pajamas for one night.
The scarf is pretty cool, at least.


[Vriska skimmed an article on Halloween did some research, and is accordingly going trick-or-treating! Being a troll, though, she's putting her own twist on it. For her, "trick-or-treating" involves going around in costume at night, breaking into houses or apartments like a pirate ninja, and stealing candy from people.]

[Happy Halloween!]


Oct. 28th, 2011 09:11 pm
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[Click.  Silence for a few seconds.]

Has anyone seen Porom around recently?  She didn't come back last night.  ...Or the night before.  ......O-Or the night before that.  She... She's not listed as my roommate anymore, either.  I didn't think she'd be the type, but... she probably went on a trip with some of you to go find anemoi, right?  Should've told me first.  A-Anyway!  Just tell her to call me, OK?  She's just a white mage.  It's not safe for her to be out alone.

[That day, Palom can be found all over the city, meandering aimlessly.]

Sis!  Sis!  Poooorooooooom!  ...Hey!  Has anyone seen a girl around my age come around here?  Looks a little like me, uh-huh.  She's my twin sister.

[action 2 - one person only, please]
[The next day, Palom can be fond at the very outskirts of the area deemed Safe, glancing out beyond into the wild areas.  ...Only for a few moments, though.  Without any hesitation, he'll take off, leaving the city limits.]

Porom!  Porom, are you out here?  If I get eaten by a monster, you're gonna have to heal me, OK?  Porom!

[He won't get too far, maybe twenty minutes' walk, before there's some ominous rustling from the bushes..........]

Porom!  Porom, is that -- AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!


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