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[ Satan seems to be sitting in a coffee table when she starts recording this. She seems somewhat amused as she's enjoying her nice drink. ]

I was remembering some things, from my world and here, which amused me to no end. Tell me, how do you imagine a demon to be like? Specially the great demon you all fear, it goes by many names.

[ There's a voice in the background, it appears to be yelling something as 'Get back to work' which Satan will use to unleash her anger.

The following is a great amount of anger in phrases like 'You better learn to respect your place, you insolent human' or 'If you dare to raise your voice again you will regret every second of it'

Yup, such violet ways makes the feed to end. ]

† one;

Feb. 11th, 2012 05:36 pm
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[ The first thing that comes up is a very short silence, as though the one on the other end of the feed is still giving a bit of thought to what he's trying to say. It doesn't last that long, though, and soon enough, a man's startlingly deep voice comes up, one with a slight monotonous edge to it, calm and composed, even somewhat apathetic if you pay enough attention. ]

Greetings. Sirocco, correct? That would be the city's name, as I understand. This device certainly is convenient... well. In either case, an introduction is in order, I suppose. My name is Kirei, and naturally, this is the only information I have to offer at the moment. If this city is one of a small population, it makes a certain amount of sense for everyone to be familiar with one another. Beyond being simply easier to manage such a thing when in a city with a small population, it makes things easier in case of an emergency. [ Then, another pause, and the feed suddenly switches to video, allowing one to see the face of a man who's speaking-- an adult man, probably in his mid to late thirties, wearing a dark blue coat that seems to be over something that is extremely difficult to make out, but if you look hard enough, resembles the clothes of a priest more than anything else. ]

It is generally easier for others to remember names when there is a face to accompany it. [ Then, he narrows his eyes very slightly, as though in thought, but doesn't express whatever is on his mind. ] I shall not keep you for long. This city has plenty of matters to attend to, I'm sure, more important than a new arrival. But if there is anything that those at the lab... hm, fail to mention for one reason or another, that one should know upon arrival, I would certainly not mind being informed. Better safe then sorry, as they say.


[ So! After settling in, what is the first thing Kirei does? ~EXPLORE~! In other words, Kirei would be out and about today, taking a silent walk around the city, but the freaking tall guy in a coat and priest's clothes is bound to catch a certain amount of attention anyway, so you may find yourself bumping into him or just noticing him.

Alternatively, anyone coming into the restaurant on the first floor of Ermis will notice at, at some point during the day, it's completley empty- Kirei chooses his times well!- save for the guy in question who's sitting somewhere and eating amazingly huge amounts of boiling hot spicy foods. Look, this prompt was necessary, okay. ]
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[Either Ike doesn't know about the training center or he doesn't feel he can afford to use it yet, because he's out in the park. He's off the beaten path, in a clear area, wielding a beautiful two-handed sword.

...With one hand.

Other than that, the scene shouldn't look too unusual. The moves that Ike is practicing are all basic sword techniques, because that's all he remembers. Sometimes muscle memory will cause him to do something more complex, but those instances are uncommon.

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[Valvatorez looms dramatically atop City Hall. For those in the area, his dramatic speech is audible from the streets. For the rest of you, a video feed is also available.]

Hear me, exiles of Sirocco!

I have studied in the ways of your people, and I will follow them myself. Thusly, my presidency will be decided not by an evilection, but by an election!

I, Presidential Candidate Valvatorez, am joining this presidential race as the sole representative of the Hades Party. Once elected, I shall unify the exiled wanderers of Sirocco towards greater purpose, total memory recall, and ultimately the uncovering of the Truth!

Great expeditions shall be made to forge deeper into the dark country beyond the city, to uncover secrets and tame the lands beyond our borders! Volunteers will be organized from the strong to liberate Anemoi and distribute them amongst the weak! If necessary, I shall oppose the very Gods themselves in my quest for freedom, truth and justice!

So vote for me, if you desire a world no longer ruled by ignorance. If you oppose my views, then I will welcome you as a rival electoral candidate! Come at me, brothers!
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If I may have your attention for just a moment, please, I'd like to announce that the training center I've been working on is now open for business. If you ever need a place where you wish to practice your combat skills, you can come here.

[At this point, Ky gives the address, monthly subscription fee (with a special deal for those who sign up within the first month), and hours.]

I feel fortunate that I could open it at this time, considering what's been going on in the city as of late. We can never be too prepared for anything. Just please, exercise caution, and if you feel like you can't win, then withdraw. Lost pride can be restored; a lost life cannot.
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[ A new video starts, which surprises none, except that a strange white haired, red eyed girl dressed with this appears on the screen.

And, of course, she doesn't seem to happy about this. ]

Such disgrace, to think that it comes to suffer the same that all of you..! I want information about how to get my memories faster. Is that clear?! [ She crosses her arms under her chest, her anger still present. ] My name is Satan so you better remember it, understood?!

[ With a loud yell, she ends the feed. For those curious, she's still walking to the Suites and pissed off. ]


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