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You know, I actually remember a few things, back when I was a kid. Anyone here ever heard of Uberwald? It's an old country, with vampires and werewolves and all that, and I'm certain I was born somewhere in its general area. Anyway, does anyone else come from a place like that, where things that go bump in the night are a fact of life?

...also, does anyone know where my roommate went? He just disappeared one day, haven't been able to find any trace of him since.
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[Somehow Scrooge managed to take most of that money himself to a recycling dump. Much to his dismay - what would be considered an incredible fortune comes down to... $2500 in scrap. Well if he made the original money, he can do it again!]


Well lads and lasses - I got a business proposition fer ye. I'm lookin' to survey the local mountains and locations of known mines fer anythin' worth prospectin'. While I don't have any anemoi to spare, I am willin' to pay for hard workers and those who know their way around a sticky situation.

[He chuckles, looking as giddy as a schoolboy... duckling?]

Whatever anemoi ye happen to find, finders keepers.

Now is there anyone with a sense of adventure and ambition willin' to take a chance?

((ooc: http://anemoi-ooc.dreamwidth.org/57577.html ooc recruitment here.))
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Who: Karkat Vantas, Rudolph van Richten, Rin Tezuka, Karkat Vantas, Danny Phantom, Yuta Takizawa, Karkat Vantas, Booster Gold, Mokona, Karkat Vantas, Dave Strider, Vriska Serket, Scrooge McDuck, Karkat Vantas, Shen, Gordon Freeman, Tsuruya, and Karkat Vantas
What: Cross-temporal real-time chatting gone horribly, horribly wrong.
When: Starting shortly before Rayquaza's appearance, thereabouts.
Where: A chat client, with some implied Danny's room

* CURRENT_carcinoGeneticist was kicked by FUTURE_carcinoGeneticist
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[So have you ever wonder what it's like to have so much money you have absolutely no idea what to do with? Well now you can experience it! Since this morning due to the strange manner of things being returned - there are coins everywhere, and we mean EVERYWHERE in the Apartments. It started in Scrooge's and Jaime's room, the money pouring in up to the ceiling, and expanding outwards and just kept going and going and going.

Except for the completely full room, the entire complex is knee to waist-deep in coins and paper money with dog-faced presidents, the stairs are practically slides as well! Generally it's slow going and finding anything is going to be difficult]

Ahehehehe-ha-ha! This feels a bit more like home!

[Except somehow that old duck is swimming through this mess like a porpoise in the sea. Just... how?]

((1% on remembering he's the richest duck in the world, 1% remembering he's from scotland so 5%, also assume this gets clean up in a couple days so you don't have to play out the annoyance of too much money if you don't want. Feel thread to threadjack and threadhop))


Feb. 16th, 2012 10:19 pm
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[Months in the future, but not many...

It all went wrong six months ago, when Hiroshi tried to banish the oni. It didn't work as expected. In fact it did the exact opposite. The rod only effected maybe one person in ten, but that was more than enough. Each effected person had exploded, revealing a fully formed, blue, mindless killing machine. Within a week, half the city was dead or worse, the rest running for their lives. Now Sirocco is in burning ruins, with oni wandering the streets, chasing and killing anyone they come across.

The last survivors are holed up in the laboratory at the heart of the city. The oni haven't managed to find a way in quite yet, but it's only a matter of time.

Dave abruptly stands up from where he had been sitting in the corner, getting some rest.]

That's it. I give. This is a lost cause.

[ooc: Just as described, this is in the future. However, it's not the only future. This is a splinter timeline, and none of the events leading up to this are actually going to happen after the Ao Oni plot is resolved. To that end, when tagging this feel free to make up various horrible or heroic things that have happened over the last few months. The vast majority of the game's cast are probably dead or turned to Oni by this point, so if you don't tag here, it's likely you're dead.

Again, these events will not come to pass and have no effect on the game outside of this post beyond what Future Dave and Supernova remember.]
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[In one of the lobbies, that duck can be seen scouring over the want ads of local newspapers]

Eh, course no one's lookin' fer help with 'em blasted blue things about... but least I got an inklin' which ones will need a fella willing to put in some elbow grease when it's over.


I see that sentimental dribble is contagious here. Bah, is it really romantic to do that nonsense on a day set aside for it? Waste of time I say.

But still...

[he trails off, looking thoughtful]

Jest don't let it go to your heads kids, it ain't no fairytale.

((1% spent on remembering his Klondike adventures and Glittering Goldie and 1% spent on the arrows of aphroducite fiasco))

first con

Feb. 9th, 2012 05:05 pm
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[ACTION; around Sirocco]

[Did anyone notice the sky changing colors for a minute a few hours ago? Well, the reason why is now strolling around town, looking a little lost. And, well, he is. Moist has gotten the explanation, and a room in the Ermis Suites, but this place is completely unfamiliar and he really wants to find a way out.

...which is also why he's itching to pawn something off, starting with that pencil he'd taken earlier. He's got to earn some money, after all, find some way to get off this island and somewhere else. Preferably somewhere far, far away from here, amnesia be damned.

Still, though, as long as he's here, might as well get comfortable. First things first, he needs to find the Ermis Suites.

Time to get some practice in on using the smartphone, then.]


--right, there we go.

Hello? Can anyone direct me to the Ermis Suites, Room 403? I'm a bit lost, as you can probably tell, and I've been wandering for hours.
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[action, Ermis rooftop]
[Alright.  He can handle being trapped with them in a creepy old house.  He can get used to them showing up constantly in his nightmares.  He might even be able to forgive them taking over the city, if it came down to it.

But wrecking his ice cream diet?  Heck.  No.  It's time to kick some oni butt.

The skies of Sirocco grow dark as the self-proclaimed prodigy ascends the steps of the apartment building up to the roof.  There was a time and place for playing around (99% of his waking life).  And there was a time and place for some serious training.  None of that stupid swordy slashy stuff; real training the cool and awesome way.

Palom approaches his target practice helpless victim burlap sack stuffed with feathers (hopefully Hiroshi would never miss his pillow) and points his staff menacingly.]

Hah!  You think you're so cool, coming in here and beating up the helpless ice cream guy, huh?   Well think again!  You're facing me, now!  I'm the great Palom, magical prodigy of Mysidia!

[Electricity crackles in the air as he spins around a few times in a vague attempt to strike a pose.]

And you're going down!

[A powerful stroke of lightning lances through the skies, smashing into the burlap sack and sending it spiraling through the air, off the rooftop, and plummeting over the side.]

Oops.  [Palom rushes to the edge and sighs in relief as he notices that there's no one even remotely close by.]  Whew, that was clo -- Gaaaaaaah!  [To rectify this boring situation, the sack chooses to explode in a massive fireball the moment it strikes the ground.  Flaming feathers launch in every direction.]

Ohhh, no one looked out their windows just now and saw anything weird, right?  I mean, not that there was anything weird to see.  If you saw something like that looked like it was falling, it was probably just your imagination.  Haha!  Who would be dumb enough to throw things off the roof?

Anyway!  Not that there's anything to worry about, but I think someone might have set something on fire outside by accident - I mean, it definitely looks like an accident and it's not anything anyone should be punished for and now there might be a bush or two on fire or maybe it's a tree, I'm not sure.  I'm not saying it's going to spread inside, but I thought everyone should know!  You know, in case you smell smoke or you look inside your room and it's burning up or something.

So the point is, don't look outside.  Or go outside.  ...Or if you're already outside, don't come back to the apartment.  Unless you're burning to death, then you should probably go outside so you can roll around in the snow and ice.

............Oh yeah, ice!

[action, outside Ermis]
[Palom, the human ice machine, stands next to a cheerfully sizzling tree and drops a giant block of ice on top of it.  This is repeated several times until the smouldering tree is no longer a smouldering tree by virtue of having been crushed to a dozen smoking pieces.]

Sheesh.  Being a mage is so much trouble.  It's like everyone expects you to do all the work just 'cause you can bend reality by thinking about it hard enough.

[Palom squints a little bit at the firewood and points his staff.]  Break!  [Now there are a half dozen pieces of fossilized wood.]   Toad!  [Miniature frog statues!  Everyone loved miniature frog statues.  Palom dusts his hands off and congratulates himself on a job well done.]

They should really pay me.
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[Well there's all sorts of people who find themselves in Sirocco with out a scrap of memory to figure things out. However, one probably did not expect to see a Pince-nez set on a bill, or a Duck in a nice top hat]

Well, this is certainly a grand little 'phone'! Too bad 'tis all I got of note. So now that this thin's on. A-hem! I am Scrooge, and I seem to be sufferin' from some sort of amnesia, so those lads at the lab say.

[...That's quite a scottish burr right there]

Does anyone know where exactly this Sirocco is or why we are stuck here?


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