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Misery ([personal profile] misery_hates_company) wrote in [community profile] anemoi2012-06-27 10:30 pm
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*As normal, the phones spring to life. Who is at the other end, however, is... unexpected.*

Right. I do not normally like to communicate over these channels. And for the record, I still have very little interest in any of you peoples' business. However, quite recently I have been dealing with a number of my little followers who have suddenly turned into not so little monsters, and I can only assume one of you lot has something to do with it, or at least knows what is causing it. I am not so arrogant as to remain lofty when my interests are being... disrupted like this. So I ask: what is this condition, and what must I destroy to put it to an end? I find the whole situation rather distasteful, see.

Assuming, of course, you don't try to negotiate some sort of "deal" with me that puts me at a disadvantage. I'm not THAT interested in the solution. They die quite easily anyway.

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