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[Video, of the sky]

[Long pause.]

If you met someone who had the exact same personality as you, do you think you would be able to get along with them?

I'm not sure that I would. I don't think I'd understand myself if we met on the street.
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Mokona's best friend back home has almost the same personality as Mokona!

He likes drinking better and Mokona likes eating better, but we both like eating and drinking.
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If you soak a cake in alcohol, then both Mokonas will like it just as much.
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It's called a "rum baba", and it gets harder to say right the more rum babas you eat.
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Gee, I dunno! I never thought about that! It'd be megas depressing if you didn't like yourself, though, wouldn't it?
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Aw no! That's no good! You gots to like yourself! We gotta fix that quick!

Hey, I know! This place has gotten megas run down in the last few months! Maybe you can help me clean it! Then you'll feel great about yourself!
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I bet you could totally soccer kick some litter into a dust bin though! You ever play soccer?
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Oh. Hmmmm.

How abouts painting? You can paint with your feet, right? Maybe you can help paint some buildings too!