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and so it begins....

[Today Rex has managed to fashion a basketball hoop and attach it to the side of the Ermis Suites. He has also managed to acquire a truly preposterous quantity of basketballs. He figured he'd need them after the first couple rebounded out of the city and somewhere into the forest a few miles away.]

Alright... Get in the hoop...!

[He holds his breath as he tosses the basketball. It soars through the air, touches the rim of the hoop...and rebounds! Rex groans, but then he sees the basketball simply...vanish into thin air.

Stunned, he tries again. Same results.

Again. The ball disappears like the others.

...Well. Might as well keep trying. After all, he
does have a preposterous amount of basketballs still left.]
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And one of those basketballs that flew out of the city entirely followed a graceful, miles-long parabolic arc and came whizzing into the forest at nearly terminal velocity.

It bounced off of the head of a white-and-red Peacock with a resounding PONKK!



After a moment, birds in the trees went right back to chirping and the Peacock remained facedown on the forest floor, profoundly unconscious.

The ball rolls away.
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For the purposes of narration, it does. And probably also for the purposes of those squirrels and such that watched it all happen.
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Heya! Whatchyas doing?
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Ooh, really? That's great! You look like your'e having a little trouble hitting the basket though!
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Huh? Well okay! Betchas I'll do just as bad, though!

*She shoots. It's not the CLEANEST basket...*

Oh hey! I got it in! I got it in! Hooray!
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Aww. That's okay! I'm sure you'll get a basket eventually! Just keep practicing!

*She turns away; it's at that exact moment that a totally different ball that doesn't look like a standard issue basketball appears and flies in, nothing but net. Tsuruya hears the sound and turns around, thumbs up.*

See? What'd I tells ya?
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[A ball rockets out from the treeline far away, descends rapidly, and clonks Rex neatly in the back of the head.]
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...Are you casting Blink on your balls or are you just really bad at this game?
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Aren't you supposed to get it through that hoop thing?
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...Or maybe there's just something wrong with your balls.
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Fine. How many have you gotten through the hoop, then?
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I've been watching ten minutes and I haven't seen one.
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Stop changing the subject!

I was thinking about when it would be funniest to freeze your balls but after a while, I realized you didn't need my help to mess up.
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[You see that coffee cup in his hand? It, the newspaper he's reading, the cafe table and the food on it are all scattered violently by an errant basketball. The other patrons recoil and he's left wearing a fresh coat of coffee, bagel bits, cured salmon and cream cheese.]

[How it managed to make it ten miles across town is a REALLY GOOD QUESTION. He may ponder that, after he stops cursing.]