Jul. 5th, 2012 05:30 pm
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[Transmission is made from Mokona's bathroom. She's floating around in the sink with a Mokona-sized inner tube and a Mokona-sized glass of lemonade.]

Everyone's been having hard times for a while, haven't we?

Mokona thinks that everyone should do something fun, like a beach party! We can grill things to eat and swim and play games and hit watermelons with sticks. Mokona won't organize it all herself, because Mokona's too lazy and too small to carry a lot of watermelons, but Mokona will "get it rolling"!

...Those big crab monsters like to come up to the beach sometimes, so someone will have to make sure they stay far away. Or make sure that the ones who don't stay far away end up on the grill. They do that at some of the seaside restaurants. They taste good.
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*Hiroshi does not want to talk about what happened back there. At all. As if he didn't have enough body horror nightmares on his own without adding to the pack thanks. And that's not the only thing that's been rather upsetting about the whole mess...*


Anybody seen Mr. Rudolph around at all? I've been wanting to get back to work but I haven't seen him around.

If not... I don't suppose anybody has any research they need done? I think I need something to relax.

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Okay, everyone stay calm! Good news, I know what's going on here with all the monsters.

Bad news, the monsters all around town--they're EVOs! I don't know how it could've happened, but there must be nanites here, inside everyone by now, probably. They don't normally do anything, but they can turn any normal person or animal or even a plant into these EVOs! They usually get turned into monsters who don't know what they're doing, but not always--it can pretty much be anything.

Long story short? If you're noticing anything new or weird about yourself now, chances are you're an EVO too.

The other good news is, I'm an EVO too--and I can cure other EVOs. I don't know if I can get every single one, or cure everyone before someone gets hurt...but that's not going to stop me from trying.

Just...whatever you do, don't kill anything--they could be your next door neighbor. And if you spot an EVO, take it down without killing it! I don't know how this started, but I'm going to put an end to it.
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[Palom has volunteered to round up zoo animals!  .......This can only end in laughter and happiness and joy.]

[action, apartments]
[There is a knock on your door!  If you open it up, you will be met by a bright-eyed cheerful child.]

Hi!  I chased a skunk onto this floor, so you might want to not be here in a few minutes.  ...Or probably now.  Maybe you should just jump out the window.  ...Anyway, see you at dinner!

[action, city streets]
[That there is an ostrich making hideous screeching noises as it tears down the streets.  Luckily, it is obeying traffic laws and staying on the sidewalk.  What is the cause for this great alarm and uproar?  ...Probably the boy sitting on its back clinging desperately to its neck.]

I-I-I th-th-thought the g-gaaaaame w-was s'posed to b-be o-over w-when I c-c-caught yooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...........!!!!

[action, park]
[And of course, there is a juvenile elephant in the park calmly eating leaves off a tree.  Everything is better with elephants.  Just when you think maybe you should call animal control or the police or something, the intrepid great mage Palom will leap out of a patch of bushes, staff brandished.]

It's a behemoth!  Don't worry; I've got this under control!  FLAREAGA!

[action, for any animal or animal-esque characters and also Relm]
[You are minding your own business probably sipping tea or meditating or something terribly innocuous when a net bashes you in the head.]

Gotcha!  Don't struggle; you don't stand a chance against the great zookeeper Palom! 


Gosh, you look a lot different than the picture they gave me.  They should get better artists.
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[Today Rex has managed to fashion a basketball hoop and attach it to the side of the Ermis Suites. He has also managed to acquire a truly preposterous quantity of basketballs. He figured he'd need them after the first couple rebounded out of the city and somewhere into the forest a few miles away.]

Alright... Get in the hoop...!

[He holds his breath as he tosses the basketball. It soars through the air, touches the rim of the hoop...and rebounds! Rex groans, but then he sees the basketball simply...vanish into thin air.

Stunned, he tries again. Same results.

Again. The ball disappears like the others.

...Well. Might as well keep trying. After all, he
does have a preposterous amount of basketballs still left.]


Jun. 4th, 2012 09:34 pm
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I knew it!  I knew I was incredible!  I can fly!  I can fly! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

[Well that was disturbing.  Someone stop Palom before he leaps off the top of the apartment buildings.  Luckily, he seems to be taking some time looking extraordinarily constipated intense as he tries to summon up the gigantic storms he remembers conjuring to, uh, save his life from a planet filled with... burning oil?  Whatever.  The point was, he could fly!

No really someone stop him he's about to jump.]

Aero!  Aero...ga!  Aeroraga!  AERORAROGA!!! Why isn't this working?!

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I knew it..! [ There's one very happy-looking young girl on camera today. Or probably even proud or near smug-looking. ]

I finally got some memories back and they prove I really am powerful! Listen up, I've climbed an entire mountain and defeated a monster with magic back home! So I won't let anyone make fun of me or say I can't defend myself anymore, okay? You better start treating me the way I deserve to be treated as a powerful person with magic..!

( ooc: Ilya got Palom's memories! )
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*So one minute, Hiroshi is hit by a train thingy. A rather familiar train thingy, so he's not surprised he's unharmed afterwards, but a train thingy regardless.

Then he remembered something. And holy crap, what a something.*


I'd just like to say I'd like to offer my services as a doctor to anybody and anyone that needs it. It seems I managed to become quite the doctor at a young age, so I think I can help out anybody who's injured.

...ho ho ho.

((OOC: Guess who got Mordin's medical repetoire?))
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*He's the only one left from his world, as far as he remembers. Even Bunny's gone now. He just hopes it's true they get to go back where they came from. But...*


I feel like going out for a drink. Anybody else up for going with me? Who are legal, anyway.
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Does anyone want cake? I feel like making some tomorrow, but I can't eat a whole one by myself.


[Out by the side of the Ermis Suites? Then you might see Rosalia there, armed with a walking stick and a large pitcher of water, staring intently at a singed handkerchief lying in a patch of dirt.]

Hm, maybe I can make it a little bigger this time...

(2% spent on Rosalia's birthday and some headcanon-y childhood stuff.)
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[The video feed clicks on to reveal a relieved John. He's surprised that he found it so quickly. This kid makes losing communication devices into a fine art form. He's actually lucky it was still in his room and not flung haphazardly out a window. The angle is a bit strange though, as he seems to be in the process of pulling the communicater out from the depths of his closet.]

Finally! I thought I'd lost this thing.

[Leaving it on, he moves to sit down on his bed.]

Hi guys! I haven't checked out the network in a few days now. Did I miss anything cool?
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Confirm, am a doctor. Remember running small clinic on Omega.

Don't recall any medical knowledge for use on humans, though. Confidence without skill dangerous, will have to rectify this.

[Later, Mordin's at the library pouring through books on medicine and human anatomy, all the while taking extensive notes. Also, occasionally humming a few bars of The Major-General's Song.]
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I-I've got something to say, too!

It's really important and you all have to be paying really close attention, OK?!  I'm pretty sure no one else has said anything even close to being this important.  I guess I should apologize if it makes you faint or something, but it's not really my fault if you're so bad at taking super important information.  I mean, it's the kind of thing that you only hear once in a thousand years!  Fighting monsters or liking someone or whatever is fine, but this is absolutely, positively the number one thing anyone's going to hear today!

...Is everyone ready?

I'm not gonna repeat myself! 

OK.  Here goes!

...Wait, I need to take a deep breath.  [Hnnnnnnngghhhhhhhhhh--!!!]  OK LISTEN HERE IT COMES!



Told ya it was important!  I don't have any lame secrets to keep, but that's still better than what all of you are going on about.  Sheesh, what's wrong with you guys?  You should be more like me!  There's nothing to hide or to be ashamed of!  If you've done something or if you are something, just say it!  There's nothing wrong with any of that stuff!

My name is Palom and I'm the greatest prodigy ever!  And don't you forget it.  And I guess Relm isn't that bad even if she is a smelly stupid girl and maybe I kinda like her hat; it's not exactly the greatest thing in the world, but I ca -- ....

.........[cue banging noises as palom throws the phone away in horror]
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[Action at the park]

[Much like everyone else, Marona has run into some trouble with the local super villains! Today's offender is an older woman in a red mask and a very flamboyant stage outfit. All Marona has to defend herself with is... a flower?]

Mwahahahaha! That's right little girl; run while you can! The Madame de Masque will show you no mercy!

Please... can't we just talk this out?

Madame de Masque has no need for talk! Have at you!

[The woman charges at Marona, who gives a short yelp as she holds out the flower. As if that would help, right?

As a matter of fact, it does. Because just before the woman can reach the young girl, she is swept up by a short gust of wind filled with flower petals. The spell drops her on the ground in a daze, and Marona peers over her flower at the woman.

...Did that do it?

((OOC: 2% on item skills!))
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[Palom comes onscreen with a mask.  He already had a cape all along so he is totally half of a supervillain-hero-whatever already.]


I am the great, uh... Fireball ... Fiend!  No wait that sounds super lame.  Sage of Stupendish...ness.  Superpendishness?  Stupendous!  Stupendous Sage of Superness!  I demand a lot of chocolate or else I'm going to turn you into a pig.  That's right!  You don't want to risk that, huh, do you?!  You'd better give me every last piece of chocolate you've got!

[Yeah no the Joker had nothing to do with this one.  Palom's just being Palom.]

[In practice, Palom is more interested in fighting supervillains than being one, which is why whenever anyone leaps out in a funny costume the next few days, they are immediately set on fire.]

Geez.  What kind of supervillain name is 'The Great Eayaaaaugh'?  I came up with something way cooler.  In my sleep.
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*So apparently he's not ALWAYS a bookish shut-in. Hiroshi is actually out and about today! To... get library books, okay, fine. But he's also at the pet store today, looking into octopus chow. Montfort's adorable, to be sure, and shockingly easier to take care of than what he's read about, but darned if he doesn't need a lot of love and care. Which is hard when you have a roommate that you have to constantly keep an eye on to make sure he's not either trying to feed it bad things or turn it into something NOT an octopus.

If he's not there, he's out in one of the parks, writing in a journal and looking at books. There might be a few psychology texts in there...*
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[For a guy who just had a meltdown, Booster sure has gotten back into the swing of things awfully quickly. In fact, his behavior is almost indistinguishable from what it was beforehand, the only changes being a suspiciously large donation to the League's anemoi fund, and Gordon'll probably notice that he actually bothers to come home and sleep sometimes, albeit always in the wee hours of the morning. (At least he has the decency to be quiet about it.) So if anybody would like to have a chat with him about something that came up in the log, consider him available.

For everyone else, there's a video post. The setting is Booster's office at the JLS HQ and the framing is precisely set up, a sharp contrast to Booster's normal casual style. Combined with the serious expression on his face, it's obvious before he even starts talking that this is Official League Business rather than a personal post.

Important message for you all today, so listen up. The stuff I'm about to tell you could save your life. Last week, you might've noticed a threatening post on the phones by a man with bleached skin and green hair. That guy's name is the Joker, and he's bad news with a capital B-A-D N-E-W-S. Now, rest assured, Justice League Sirocco is handling this as best we can, but right now, we still don't know where he's hiding or what he might be planning, so I'm asking you all for your cooperation.

If you see this guy around anywhere, you need to contact a Leaguer immediately. I don't care if you spot him just ordering a cup of joe or serenading songbirds or whatever, you need to tell one of us ASAP. And whatever you do, do not try to engage him. The Joker is an insane mass murderer, he can't be reasoned with, and he's extremely dangerous. For your sake and everyone else's, please, leave him to us professionals.

That's all we need. Beyond that, everybody just keep on doing what you were already doing and nobody panic. We've got this under control.

first case

Mar. 27th, 2012 04:26 pm
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I've been told that usually recent arrivals announce the few details they remember about themselves over the network. It seems like a rather pointless tradition to uphold, seeing as we're all suffering from severe cases of retrograde amnesia.

Then there's the anemoi--what exactly do they do, besides function as currency and an exchange for our memories? In fact, how did our memories disappear in the first place? I don't see any reason for the "gods" to knock us unconscious and somehow cause our amnesia.



[So after that lovely text has been sent out to the network, Sherlock is off to familiarize himself with his surroundings. And by that I mean he's wandering around the town, memorizing its layout and anything notable about it. To anyone who's been here a while, the way he's analyzing the place screams "newbie", but at the same time, he's somehow managed not to get himself lost.

Want to talk with him? Careful, you might be surprised by what he has to say to you.]
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o/~ Spring is sprung, the grass is rise
I wonder where the flowers is...o/~

*We'd say that Spring has brought out the best in Tsuruya, but it's hard to tell with her in all honesty. Either way, she seems to be in as good a mood as always as she walks down the street, singing an odd sort of tune. She seems to be en route to Rosalia's flower shop, as a matter of fact, but also taking in all the sights of spring in the city she can along the way.

You might find her in any other given store in the city too -- clothing, sweets, music, and so on, and so forth. It's a girl's day in the city, and you're more than welcome to join her.*


Mar. 13th, 2012 01:08 am
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[Rosalia is as cheerful as ever, but anyone with a sharp eye can detect that something's a tiny bit off about her mood today; some of that cheer isn't all genuine.]

Hey, everyone! I have a question.

[She pauses for a second, trying to figure out exactly how to phrase her question.]

I was just wondering, is there any way to learn - to learn how to heal people? I've been thinking about my family lately. My dad was a doctor, a really smart one, and my brother was studying to be a doctor too...I want to be able to help people, like them. I can't fight like against those blue things, and I want to be able to keep running the shop, but if there's something I can do I want to learn it too! I can work hard, I promise.

Um, that's it for now. Thanks, everyone. Have a nice day.

(2% spent on Rosalia's brother, 5% on some of her time in Mexico and the "reason" for being there. The actual memory regain occurred a while ago, but she's just talking about it now.)


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