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[Deep inside the mysterious and cavernous depths of the labs...

Scientists frantically scribble on clipboards and walk around, trying not to bump into each other. Others hunch over pieces of machinery, tinkering with them intently. There is a frenzied air about as the smell of burnt coffee and all-nighters (which does, in fact, have a stench) permeates through the building.

What now?]
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[Video, to Rex]

Hey, Rex, we've rebuilt the labs as best we could. We could use a scan or two of your curing ability to detail the process. We've got guys saying there's a transmittable propogation signal, others think it's a chemical thing, and they've practically come to blows over it. [He DOES look like he's in a fight recently, it just wasn't over this.] This time, there's nothing big enough to bust loose, so you can take your time getting here.

[To Ran]

Hey, can I speak with you sometime soon?


[Anyone who's been watching Gordon would notice he seems to have gotten used to life as a supervisor; checking up on this team or that one, double-checking data sets, stopping to wrangle the occasional small-but-vicious EVO that struggles free from a researcher's grasp. Beyond the physical challenges of the job, though, one might notice he's not moving as fast as he ought to. Coughing occasionally. Stopping to catch his breath. Is there something wrong with him?]
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Uh, no, we, uh... it's complicated. And that must've been awkward. I wonder how many of those bears were at your birthday party.
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[The actual science is conveniently located, in a relative sense, on the first floor in the form of the makeshift multidisciplinary EVO lab he cured Mr. Monaghan in. It's mostly rebuilt by this time, leaving only a few stomp marks and shards of concrete and metal from the fight as any indication there was a boss battle there. Gordon meets him at the periphery of the cubicles and rooms, sporting that special brand of absentmindedless that comes along with being tired and overworked for a length of time.]

Hey, kid, thanks for showing up. They're, ah, over here--hey Morell, let's get these sensors primed and focused on the corrals--How's it looking up there? I haven't really left the lab yet today to check. The guys at JLS probably think I'm a lost cause at this point...

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Hm? Certainly. May I ask what about?
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Well, ah... I wanted to know if you thought about the offer to continue your work here. I wasn't kidding when I mentioned it to Shen before. I'd like you to stay.
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Oh, you told him about that? I admit this does not seem like a bad fit for me. I would not mind reading up on some of the technicalities either. Are you sure that is quite all right however?
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Of course it's all right! Even if I have to take you on as a personal lab assistant at first; which I doubt I'll have to. You're brilliant, a fast learner, dutiful... Any one of these guys would want an assistant like that! Give it a few weeks, they'll be fighting over you... uh, practically.

[Ahah. Hah.]

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[Theta Sigma has yet to shake that annoying kitten. It's now peppering him with snide comments about the fact that nobody human could possibly slork down as much Irn Bru as he does. He completely ignores Mittens when he spots Gordon.]

Oi, Gordon, you all right?

"He's probably been licking specimens like you do."
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Hm? [Whozzat? Oh... it's Theta. AND the cat. Great.]

Yeah. [He clears his throat and swallows, looking a little pale.] Just, uh... I think the long night is getting to me, or something... don't worry about me, this project is more important.

...Licking specimens? Is that what he just said?
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"He licked an EVO. Just picked it up and bleeeaaaahhhhhh."

Oi, sometimes you can tell what something is by what you can taste on... it... and I'm not doing much for my case, am I?


Didn't ask you.
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That IS pretty freaky, Theta. You mean to say you can taste... evidence of what it's been up to, or something?

[He's conflicted. Empirical curiosity is meeting abject disgust in a head-on collision. The results ain't pretty.]

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[Clank clank clank clank....]

[People stare at the sight of a heavily armed bird dragging a collection of monsters all tied up with a rope dart or two... or five. The monsters are burned and singed and reek of cordite, where they aren't bruised mightily.]

[Clank clank clank...]

[Said bird pulls and tugs at the ropes as he hauls the monsters up a short flight of stairs, pauses to catch his breath, and then continues.]

[Clank clank clank...]
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[Closer to, one can smell cordite and alcohol on him and he is smiling a little too widely.]

There was a crowd of them. I--[yank]--collected them.

[The monsters and beasties are all alive and most of them are even conscious. One of them wuffles and mrbles what is clearly an account of their capture at Rex and it seems pretty humiliated.]

Nonsense [he says to the monster].
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I subdued them--[tug, yank]--and then I tied them up. [He drops the rope entirely and leans against the wall to make a serious effort at catching his breath.] Really, it's not that difficult to ascertain from their present position.

[The EVO in question wuffles and growls.]

Oh, hush. You're perfectly fine and what's more, you're going to be even more fine in a short while.

[He straightens, wobbling slightly, and his back popping in a few places.] Now, I think I'll go and round up a few more. [The smile on his face looks a little too happy to be doing that. A sort of manic pleasure.]

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Oiiii! This where they handling all this nano-whatever crap?
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That's -- oi, there you are! Man, I was wondering where you went! You got time to get an old man back on his feet here?
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Lay it on me!

*He spreads his arms wide -- and then the lights go out.*


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