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[Action: in town]

[Tali has a bag slung over her shoulder and one may find her padding through hardware stores and scrapyards, picking up seemingly unrelated bits of metal banding, rivets, screws, solder bits and servos. Or in stores with softer goods, eyeing the sturdier bits of fabric. Talk to her?]

[Action: in the park]

[It's a sunny day, and around the shallower parts of the park one may find Tali curled up on a faded blanket under the shade of a tree with her quarry of metal, fabric scraps and tools scattered around her. Using her omni-tool to temper strips into u-shapes, attaching rays... Just what is she making?]
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[action, park]

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[Hector had more or less a very confusing week and who knows how long. He's been trying to piece what he should be doing when he notices a familiar figure]

Oh. Hello Tali, what you doing?
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[He sits down to take a look]

Making swim fins? Wonder what design this one's based off it...

[Hector rubs his chin thoughtfully, curious now]
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Barracuda? Not a bad fish to pick a tail design from - I'd suggest the reinforced webbing, that would give you the extra push you'll need...

[Hector comments as he turns the rays over, careful not to poke himself]
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Yeah... I recently remembered I had a BS in Marine Biology.

[He hands the fin over, drawing a leg to his chest]

It's kind of annoyingly random what memories return to you.