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[A giant bird in a fountain is a strangely tragic sight.]

[Context, first.]

[The heat has continued unrelenting, and Shen made the mistake of leaving home to pick up a few groceries. Vital stuff like rice and veggies and popcorn... and tiny marshmallows. VITAL. The entire time he's out one can tell the heat is getting to him as he drags himself down the street. A few people end up with some nice feathers. He buys said food items and heads home, feeling even worse.]

[That's when he spots the fountain. He stares at it like a man gazing at a desert mirage, swallows with a dry throat, then wobbles toward it. Puts his shopping down next to it. The mist from the water isn't enough to cool him down sufficiently and he leans ever closer. The water looks so very inviting... so cool, so fresh, so--]


[He's gone and fallen in. And he's too weary to climb back out again. He manages to put his head somewhere above water before he passes out.]

[And so we return to the image of a bird in a fountain. A few people linger around the sight, unsure of what to do. Someone's called the police but it'll take a while. A few others are fishing stray feathers out of the water. Folks are taking pictures.]

[What do you do?]
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I think you dropped something.

[He holds up the water-drenched bag of teensy-weensy marshmallows.]
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S-Sorry? I, uh, didn't hear that. [He steps in closer.]
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Good question! I, uh, don't actually know, by the time I got here you were already in it.

Maybe you tripped over your marshmallows?
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Hey, what the hell's going on here...? 'Scuze me, coming through...

[The crowd shuffles minutely as Gordon pushes his way to the front. When he spies the waterlogged bird draped half-in the fountain like a scraggly waterlily, he stares for a moment... and then breaks into a disbelieving chortle.]

Couldn't handle the heat, huh?
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Scathing retort if ever I heard one. Just stay there and cool off for a minute.

[He's wearing short sleeves for once, and will kindly fish what groceries he can reach out of the fountain, leaving Shen in. Not so much for humiliation purposes but because he's so damn fluffy with those feathers, white or not, that there's no wonder he's overheated. He's better off in there for the moment.]

[The humiliation factor is just a bonus.]

Jumping into the fountain is a pretty extreme measure. Most people just run through the sprinklers...
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Yeah, you sure did... [A slight change to his expression as he retrieves a soggy loaf of bread. Maybe Shen's roast-turkey state isn't as benign as he thinks.] You all right?
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[He watches it for a moment, wiping his brow.] Man, and here I thought it was bad in New Mexico...
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[He waves a hand with an amused snort.]

No, thanks. But I'm going to get out of the sun before I wind up like one of those kernels, and I think you better do the same.