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[A giant bird in a fountain is a strangely tragic sight.]

[Context, first.]

[The heat has continued unrelenting, and Shen made the mistake of leaving home to pick up a few groceries. Vital stuff like rice and veggies and popcorn... and tiny marshmallows. VITAL. The entire time he's out one can tell the heat is getting to him as he drags himself down the street. A few people end up with some nice feathers. He buys said food items and heads home, feeling even worse.]

[That's when he spots the fountain. He stares at it like a man gazing at a desert mirage, swallows with a dry throat, then wobbles toward it. Puts his shopping down next to it. The mist from the water isn't enough to cool him down sufficiently and he leans ever closer. The water looks so very inviting... so cool, so fresh, so--]


[He's gone and fallen in. And he's too weary to climb back out again. He manages to put his head somewhere above water before he passes out.]

[And so we return to the image of a bird in a fountain. A few people linger around the sight, unsure of what to do. Someone's called the police but it'll take a while. A few others are fishing stray feathers out of the water. Folks are taking pictures.]

[What do you do?]
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[Remember this kid, from a while back? Yeah, Danny Phantom seems to have disappeared once he got cured and stopped being an acidic puddle, but in the meantime, this guy must have taken his place! How strange.]

Ĉu neniu alia scias esperanto? Mi ĵus rememoris paroli gxin!

Uh...heh, if you didn't get that, it was in Esperanto. I'm not totally fluent in it yet or anything, but I was learning it back home!

...Which is actually kinda weird now that I think about it, because I also remember failing every Spanish test I ever took in school...

((OOC: 0.3% on Wulf speaking Esperanto and starting to learn some from Tucker and also resources on the Internet. 30% total regain.))
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[Danny needs a break from all the fighting he's been doing for the past several days, what with all the suddenly hostile monster animals running about.

He carefully lowers himself onto the ground from mid-air near a block of shops that were half-destroyed a few days earlier. He needs a moment to breathe. He feels strangely...heavy.

It's then that he notices he probably needs more than just 'a moment to breathe.' He looks down at himself and sees his skin sagging and stretching taut across his bones. It slowly slinks and oozes towards the ground as though it can't decide if it wants to stay solid or become liquid. He lifts his hands closer to his face for inspection and watches in horror as the skin refuses to move with the bones and begins dripping to the ground.]


[He tries running, but finds that with each step lifting his legs becomes more and more difficult. He leaves behind a small puddle of himself with each step he takes, and his legs are melting at a much faster rate than the rest of himself. It only serves to make Danny panic more.]

I-I can't--I'm melting!
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[late at night]

[Hector tosses and turn, pushing a pillow down over his head, trying to block out a weird song in his head from a place dark and old. With a sudden start, he woke up, drenched in sweat, staring out the window.

He got dressed and headed out, wandering about without thinking of where he's going, and ends up spending most of it at the docks. Despite knowing better, he dipped his hands in the sea water and started to drink]


[Hector found himself in the lobby of the Justice League, of course when everyone is out fighting monsters. He huddles, arms around himself, his tongue feel like sandpaper, his skin like salt. it's too... too.

He suddenly lets out a primal scream as energy seem to explode from him as he changed]

[Now There is a giant waterspout visible through out the city whirling in the ruins of the building, spinning wildly as it veers off, leaving a dry, suffocating atmosphere in it's wake]
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This is what I get for daring to mention I was bored, isn't it?

Hey Justice League, there's a bunch of giant monsters rampaging around, furiously humping buildings into rubble. This is supposed to be your thing, isn't it? Get out there and save some fleeing citizens.
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*It happens without warning. She'd just been doing her normal thing, working in the restaurant. One of the patrons had looked ill, so she went to see if he was okay -- and he'd changed then. Suddenly, what was once the kindly old man who always ordered meatloaf once a week now is a huge, slavering beast.

People are screaming. Tsuruya backs up, startled. The creature howls, and swings a terrible claw at her, and hits...


Tsuruya had reacted without thinking about it, jumping several feet away. She grabs the first thing she can find -- a plate -- and slings it at the thing. It makes a shocking degree of impact.

She could question how it is she's suddenly acting faster and stronger than she did before -- but now's not really the time, is it?*
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I finally remembered the rest of what happened with that Rasputin fellow. Or most of it, at least! I'm still not entirely sure what was up with that fellow. Some sort of demon cult nonsense that got out of hand, I suppose. The important part is that he didn't get to destroy the world. Sure, he wasn't the only one trying to do it, but I'm not that worried about what's happening back home. If Yuri and the rest of them are still around, humanity's in good hands!

Shame about that big castle of his crumbling, though. It was pretty nice, aside from all the screaming oozy monsters everywhere. And that layout with all the switches... Sure, it slowed us down and all, but I can't imagine living there! It wasn't actually that nice, but it flew, so I'm giving him points for style at least.

And speaking of style, has anybody seen a crocodile lying around? It's about three meters long, not counting the tail. And it's dressed like a pirate. It's pretty hard to miss, just call me or text me if you see it around!

((OOC: The crocodile, while stuffed, is currently animate due to mysterious circumstances. It will be threadjacking and/or hanging around in goofy poses in the comments.))
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[Karkat, after disappearing and reappearing, is for formality's sake being reprocessed through the labs just in case his memories have been stolen again. The staff tries to go through the script and repeatedly remind him that even if he remembers Sirocco, he might not recall everything and may be disoriented. He's been repeatedly telling them to shut up and leave him alone while being jostled around.

They knew this was coming. The pressure cooker just sprung a leak. He can be heard from the apartments easily.]


I fucking know! Anemoi! Jobs! Monsters! Apartments! My name is Karkat Vantas and I'm a troll from Alternia and I had several terrible friends and was an apalling failure! My symbol means "freak of nature who should be skewered full of arrows and burned alive for being awful garbage" and my lusus loved dead things that smelled like shit! My wriggling day is the twelfth bilunar perigee of the sixth dark season's equinox! I have an extensive collection of dumb romantic comedies on my grub drive! I remember all the pointless bullshit I rememered while I was in this dump and I remember all the new and inane memories I made with the amnesiac chump asshole brigade who lives here!

[He tears a calendar off the wall and begins kind of crumpling it up a little just for effect.]

How long was I even gone, anyway?!? Should I have aged or something? Was I in stasis? I can't fucking make sense of your bizarre so-called "human earth calendars!" What even is a "month?" Like four solar sweeps? Wonderful! The more time I missed in these zany human-infested behemoth leaving-grounds the less I can claim to have witnessed of the shittiest gathering of wiggler-fucking morons in probably all universes ever!



Jun. 9th, 2012 09:18 pm
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Proper memories regained. Most relaxing. Unnerving remembering being different species. No offense, Kiske.

Relatedly: Am qualified in medicine and surgery for humans as well as turians! Likely other species! Had diploma! Sadly, lost in parallel dimension, but immaterial. Don't worry, don't need to be human to understand human physiology. Need to establish clinic, possibly part time work for Sirroco Labs. Feel too much like I'm wasting time. Have to keep busy.

ALSO, four doses medigel. Wasn't sure what it was before now. No way to restock supplies, technology in Sirocco too primitive, but can be used to quickly heal most injuries. Useful, if limited.
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Who: Joachim, Hector, Dave, Danny -- and Misery
Where: A swampy ruins
When: Friday, June 8
What: Someone's beaten our party to the ruins -- and they're not very friendly.
Note: All participants received 1% worth of Anemoi per person.

Prepare for trouble, and make it double. Or something.


Jun. 4th, 2012 09:34 pm
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I knew it!  I knew I was incredible!  I can fly!  I can fly! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

[Well that was disturbing.  Someone stop Palom before he leaps off the top of the apartment buildings.  Luckily, he seems to be taking some time looking extraordinarily constipated intense as he tries to summon up the gigantic storms he remembers conjuring to, uh, save his life from a planet filled with... burning oil?  Whatever.  The point was, he could fly!

No really someone stop him he's about to jump.]

Aero!  Aero...ga!  Aeroraga!  AERORAROGA!!! Why isn't this working?!

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okay, so i just remembered a whole bunch of stuff.
if they're actually my memories, then i think my family was really weird.
and also my hometown was haunted or something.
but that's not really important right now.
because i keep hearing people talking about getting back other peoples' memories.
but if that's a thing that can happen, then how do we know that ANY of the memories we've gotten back are legit?
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[There's Klaxons ringing everywhere in the only functioning Jail in the city, as the surviving police station, and even the Justice League HQ got the calls:

Prisoner Escape. Criminal Known as The Joker has blown a hole in the prison wall, the Warden is also missing. Evidence so far concludes the Warden left with The Joker willing.

Anyone who passes by the Jail will get a huge man-shaped hole in the wall, rubble, many other criminals being made to sit in the courtyard with other prison officers watching them as police officers scurry over the scene with equipment.]
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Booster? I think I need to talk with you...

Does the name 'Rubenico' mean anything to you?

((OOC: His last 2% from Booster on the Doomsday and Rubenico stuff.))
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Getting hit by that train isn't exactly my idea of fun, but if I remember something because of it, then I guess I can't complain too much. Or, uh, mostly, anyway.

Well...the good news is, I remember that Booster and I are from the same place. Sort of explains why we're both in the JLS, heh. I guess Metropolis and Amity Park aren't that far from each other!

[He lets the 'bad news' portion of the post hang uncomfortably.]

((OOC: 1% on what AF so eloquently describes as "Booster punches himself in the face and then blows himself up with a nuclear sub." The other 2% to come later.))
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I have made an incredible discovery. You might want to sit down before hearing this one. Are you sitting down? I can't tell because I am recording this, so I am going to assume you are sitting down now.

I am actually a mighty warrior.

It's true. Back at some point in the past I fought and defeated an obviously evil blonde guy. There was a lot of shouting and a lot of swords, and it was very exciting.

Must have lost my arms in battle, and became artist after. Or something. Still sorting out details.
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*He's the only one left from his world, as far as he remembers. Even Bunny's gone now. He just hopes it's true they get to go back where they came from. But...*


I feel like going out for a drink. Anybody else up for going with me? Who are legal, anyway.
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I hope everybody is having a nice week. Last week I was kidnapped by a pirate, then rescued by a ghost. The experience would have put me off of miniature golf permanently, but I don't really think it's the game for me either way.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, thanks to whoever dealt with the whole comic book villainy thing that was happening, with the costumes and the rhyming couplet dialogue. I am okay with it not being a thing anymore.
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[Gordon looks in much better spirits than he had been in the past few days. Maybe it's because he FINALLY got all that marshmallow out of his hair... oh, wait. It's a little shorter. Looks like he has to take drastic measures. Well, at least it didn't get into his beard...]

So it turns out, as a post-doc I did some research in Austria. Spent the better part of a year there. Good times... Crisp air, awesome scenery, plenty of erenhaftprofessoren to bounce ideas off of, and arguably the best beer on the planet. If and when I go back home, I'm going back there. I don't care what else I have to do.

[And here he was worried he wasn't going to like his memories from here on out...]

What about you guys? Anyone else here have a place you remember fondly?

[Private, to Samus]

Heyyyy, uh, would you be interested in going over those power suit prints tonight or tomorrow? The library, center branch, second floor.

I'll even take the liberty of kicking the teenagers out of the hologram viewing room before you arrive.

[1% on the Innsbruck Experiment, 14% total.]
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[The video starts out focused on Danny's face--that same black-haired kid that popped up a while ago screaming about not being dead. Right now, he looks particularly worried.]

So, uh. Does anyone know anything about cats? Because...I think mine might be dying.

[He turns the video around to focus on his cat--actually, Kyon's cat, Shamisen, from before he left--on the floor, trying to cough up a hairball with little success thus far.]

He's never done anything like this before, and I--I don't know what it is, or how to fix it, or anything!

[After a long, long hiatus absence from the skies, Danny Phantom returns to night patrol! He does the usual stuff--flying around, watching out for trouble, standing on rooftops looking somewhat mysterious (he hopes)...

...And also flying through a whole group of birds without realizing it until they become a squawking mass of angry beak-attacks.

Interrupt/watch/laugh at him?]


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