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[Hector holds up a cord, with a tuning fork danging from it, the handle of it look like coral, and so rough it'd probably cut open the hand of anyone who holds it too tightly]

Found this on my bed, it's mine. It seems like I have some special powers.

[He grins cockily]

This baby helps me focus, buried treasure, people trapped under the rubble, secret passages? Just let me give it a whack and I'll find them in no time flat! Don't think about yoinking it, it only works for me and me alone! I knew I'm not some ordinary person.

((1% on cavity/buried item sensing, 1% on "having a special destiny" - 5% total. Mood is Manic))
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So you're saying you use that thing to dowse?

[He sounds a little skeptical.]
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I don't have time to--No, y'know what? Sure, let's do just that!

[That's the first time he's been called out on this. It honestly surprised him.]

Let's see, somewhere around the neighborhood of ten identical items buried in, oh hell, let's say a ten-kilometer-square area. You with the fork, you without it, and a third party as a control group. Sound reasonable?
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[He fidgets with his glasses, with a half-smile.]

I'm sure you will. I'll give you a call in a couple of days when I have things set up. Just come to the Labs; I'll even provide transportation.

[It's easy to say that when one has a teleporter at one's disposal.]
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Hey, that sounds handy!
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You should let me try it.
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So what makes you not ordinary?
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Do you think you could find that witch girl with that? I'm certain she's up to no good!
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Well... she could be hiding underground. There's a lot of ruins out there!