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03❣❣ a circle of shit

I'm never going to kick another bird again in my life.

[ Don't ask why she kicked one in the first place. It's a very long story and she doesn't seem up to telling it by how short this message is. ]

Hey, is everyone doing alright after that? I know it was pretty stressful, but I'm just going to worry about you otherwise. You don't want to leave me with such unnecessary flab on my mind, right?

[ After an eventful time in a strange world, Rin has spent the rest of her day freshening up. Even with fresh bruises, she can be seen walking down the hallway to a [ profile] wontdieifkilled's room. Knocking on the door, she waits expectantly for an answer! ]

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[Fortunately, he happens to be in. So Rin can hear the sound of footsteps on the other side of the door just before Shirou opens it.]


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Huh? You weren't?

...Were you looking for my roommate or something?

[Shirou has no idea whether or not Rin and Archer know each other yet. So it's a stab in the dark.]

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[Well, that answers that.]

I didn't have a choice. He showed up before I did.

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He's out right now. I'm the only one in.

[He seems to be dodging the question.]


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Rassin' frassin' still don't know how he got away from me that easy. Pulling a dirty trick like that...

Fine, fine. Just tired, I guess. That took way longer than I would've liked.

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Eh, I wouldn't ask you to get involved. Don't worry about it. Chances are we wouldn't be able to get him to tell us what we wanted ANYWAY. For NOW.

*Oh, that's mildly ominous.*

Eh? Well, if I were gonna hold it against you for doing something stupid in there, I'd have to hold myself against myself too, so there's no real point in getting mad about that sorta thing. Anyway, you helped your fair share too, so I think it balances out.

Anyway, it's not like any of us could've KNOWN those things explode. I mean, exploding penguins? Who comes up with this crap?

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Ah, yeah, funny thing that -- guy's a demon, and the person who's got a beef with him's a demon. Go fig. But yeah, the guy kidnapped some kids apparently, and DAMNIT now that he's here he's not gonna remember what he did with them. Just pisses me off is all.

Well I dunno, suppose that depends on what you do. I mean, if you've got the power to defend others, seems like it'd be a waste just to sit back and not use it. Still, wish we could've gotten a LITTLE more warning about how nuts that was gonna be. Valvatorez is a good guy, but kinda weird.


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[Not threadjacking because this way is easier probably! The door opens again and the other occupant of the room arrives home. He's... carrying groceries. The domesticity clashes somehow.]

Company, Shirou? I didn't peg you as the type to know many girls.

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[Somehow, the nagging just makes him want to smirk. So he does.]

Of course. You'll have to excuse me, I probably just forgot my manners.

2/2 whoops

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You've probably intuited that I'm Shirou's roommate, Archer. What would your name be?

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Am I mistaken, or is that the sound of unconscious insecurities rising to the surface?

[Aaaaaaaand change the subject before she can react--]

For what it's worth, as far as I know I'm not an archer. It could very well just be my surname. Had that occurred to you, Rin?


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I'll be back in top form after a good night's sleep!

How about you?

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...You know, the distraction you caused with those peg-legged demons might have saved our lives back there.

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Well, the important part is that we all got out in one piece!