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Just when my memories were starting to make some sense, I remember some pretty absurd things. Well, I want it on the record that if there are any alligators here, I intend to boil them alive before they can think of doing the same to me!!

[ Huffy and just as classy as usual. Rin intends to deliver as she carries on in her higher-pitched bitchfest fit. ]

Also geez, I really though I would handle death a lot better than I did. Why would I kick a sword? Furthermore, why would I let it send me flying? I'm starting to think that I really dislike swords. They're usually associated with jerks.

... Er, no offense to those of you here that use them. [ Spoken in a tone that's not apologetic in the slightest. ] Ugh, are we still ending up with memories we shouldn't have? I don't really recall speaking that way, so it must belong to someone else.

So right. One of you unlucky jerks has a dead brother. I think it was your brother. It might have been your father. Well, do what you will with that information.

OOC: Backdated to June 2. Also with Dave Strider's memories.

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Strange, I suddenly had memories of a man in red, and that is he is the most selfish, treacherous... Jerk I had the misfortune of meeting. But - it feels off. Somehow, I don't believe these are my memories.

(Angry Rin's memories)
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...Hey, um, is anybody out there capable of, well...firing gigantic laser beams? Because I know I'm sure not. I can't fly, either.

But above all else, I wouldn't be fighting a Buddhist priestess who's trying to spread love and peace. I'm more likely to team up with her than fight her.
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So...I guess I'm a painter? Huge murals. Also I don't like hugs.

This is stupid. These obviously aren't my memories. Rin, I think this is relevant to you so pay attention.
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I have made an incredible discovery. You might want to sit down before hearing this one. Are you sitting down? I can't tell because I am recording this, so I am going to assume you are sitting down now.

I am actually a mighty warrior.

It's true. Back at some point in the past I fought and defeated an obviously evil blonde guy. There was a lot of shouting and a lot of swords, and it was very exciting.

Must have lost my arms in battle, and became artist after. Or something. Still sorting out details.
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Mokona was away being kidnapped this month, but Mokona's back safe now!

Mokona got turned into a bad guy and beat up some superheroes, but they won and fixed her in the end. Did Mokona miss anything fun?
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[The video starts out focused on Danny's face--that same black-haired kid that popped up a while ago screaming about not being dead. Right now, he looks particularly worried.]

So, uh. Does anyone know anything about cats? Because...I think mine might be dying.

[He turns the video around to focus on his cat--actually, Kyon's cat, Shamisen, from before he left--on the floor, trying to cough up a hairball with little success thus far.]

He's never done anything like this before, and I--I don't know what it is, or how to fix it, or anything!

[After a long, long hiatus absence from the skies, Danny Phantom returns to night patrol! He does the usual stuff--flying around, watching out for trouble, standing on rooftops looking somewhat mysterious (he hopes)...

...And also flying through a whole group of birds without realizing it until they become a squawking mass of angry beak-attacks.

Interrupt/watch/laugh at him?]
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*He starts awake. He's gotten familiar enough with his method of remembering things at this point to figure out that the dream he just had was a memory. And again, it makes no sense.

He walks out of his room, and looks briefly into Palom's. No sense bothering the poor kid about it. He's pretty sure he wouldn't fully understand anyway. And he doesn't want the kid thinking more about the unfairness and horror of the universe than he strictly needs to. But he needs to talk to SOMEONE.

So he walks out into the hallway. Carefully and quietly walking along, he eventually locates the right room, and knocks on the door. He just hopes Gordon isn't too put out by this.*


*Mind, the lack of sleep does kinda get to him. So forgive him if you seem him nodding off while working for Rudy, or in the library, or at lunch, or...

Yeah, he's not so good at the sleep deprivation thing.*

((3% on the totality of Ao Oni 2.0-4.0.))


May. 1st, 2012 03:09 am
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Well, if I can tell one person, I might as well come right out with it and tell the rest of you!


I'm gay! That's all!

...That really was a weight off my chest. I should have done it weeks ago!
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I'm not doing this today. Something's up. [ Way up. ] So no one better waste my time by calling me. Not until I learn how to keep my big mouth shut for good. Well, you better not call because I thrive off of the attention, so I'll more than likely answer even though I don't want to. Geez, it's so annoying!

[ Someone's irritable that she's being very honest today. Also backdated to qualify for this!! ]
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Looks like I'm going to be blurting out everything I remembered just like the rest of you idiots.

I come from the continent of Tellius. There were normal people like me there, but there were also stinking half-beasts we called sub-humans. Well, some people called them laguz. I guess that's the proper word. Anyway, they were half-animal, half-human, and they could take full animal forms to fight. Complete savages, basically.

Here's the confusing part. I was fighting alongside these smelly freaks as part of some Laguz Alliance. I don't get why. I must have been blackmailed or pressured into it. It's like some kind of stupid joke that this is the first thing I remember. It almost makes me sick to my stomach.

Something a little better--I learned that I'm a master archer. Probably the best on the continent. I always knew I was the best at something, but it feels good to figure out what, exactly.

((2% spent on sparse knowledge of Tellius, the laguz, and his fighting role in the Laguz Alliance.))
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[users may find several beeps and strange noises coming from their phones as Lillith plays with it, trying to figure how it works. There's an imagine of the floor and someone's mary janes]

Is this on? I'm Lillith and I'm afraid I don't really know much else. Uhm... except, when I went to bathe earlier I... found several scars on my body. Maybe I was in a bad accident and, oh zounds I'm rambling on! I'm sorry!
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[It's well past dinnertime when Shirou stumbles his way into his house. He's exhausted, sore, and has cuts in a few places from dealing with all of the brainwashed wannabe supervillains running around. He's moving pretty slow, and all he really wants is a hot bath and his futon.

He's halfway down the hall to the bathroom when he pauses. A new memory returns to him, vivid as if he was experiencing it again. There was a battle on the grounds of a temple. A man clad in red...Shirou had seen him before. The woman he was fighting kept her face shrouded with a hood, so he couldn't tell what she looked like. Eventually the woman withdrew, and the man began to do the same until Shirou tried to go after her.

Then everything went to hell.

"Drown in your ideals and die."

Taken aback by what he remembered, Shirou leaned against a wall and slumped into a sitting position on the floor. He remained like that for a little while.]

[Audio; filtered to Rin; forward-dated to tomorrow morning]

We need to talk. In person.
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[ The boy who stated he just doesn't want to see anyone cry…
…Could only see crying humans forever.

Ugh---!! [ Fighting monsters gets to be a pain in the short skirt when random memories creep up on you. Alright, so maybe it wasn't too random. Rin did finally decide to cash in a lot of Anemoi. After waiting a couple of hours for her memories to return, she got bored enough to venture out in the wild. Sprawled out over stone rubble, she can't help but wonder if passing out here was intentional. ] It must be pretty late in the evening too.

[ Speaking to herself was something she normally would think to be done in poor taste, but it can't be helped right now. No, all she can remember is a strange conversation and her thoughts during it. ]

But I love that soft part of him. [ The girl repeats to herself before bringing a hand to her head. ] Am I really saved by having such a weak guy in my life though?

[ Even though there were more pressing thoughts in her mind, she chose instead to focus on that. It really couldn't be helped. After all, Shirou Emiya made more of an impression on her than that arrogant man in red. ]

[ It's late at night, but Rin Tohsaka is beyond making a good impression right now. Considering her last two public stunts though, maybe she ought to. ]

I'm remembering things in fragments again. You think after all of the Anemoi I dumped at that stupid lab, that I would at least remember something all the way through. [ Hmph! ] I don't really feel up to returning to that annoying room of mine, so does anyone want to talk? Preferably not that other Rin since you annoy me.

(( OOC: 8% spent on Intelude 14-3. Spoilers ahoy! ))
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Hello everyone! [ Not only is Rin Tohsaka cheerful, but she's got a strange outfit on. Yes, those are cat ears. ] Kaleido-Ruby here to inform you that everything is going to be alright! I'm going to go kill all of the monsters that invade these lands and bring back enough Anemoi for everyone to remember! There's one thing you have to remember though in return!

[ Just going to wink at the camera now. ]

I'm the cutest hero you've ever seen! Time to go save the day!!

[ After that video call, "Kaleido-Ruby" can be found making wild proclamations of justice throughout the streets, as well as arguing with her weapon. Don't worry, her weapon talks back. Often with wittier remarks than the girl herself. ]
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heeeeeyyyyy ne1 wanna c somthing awsom????
if u do.........
AND U DO!!!!!!
go 2 the park and look 4 me
ill b wating~~~ :)

((Translation: "Hey, anyone want to see something awesome? If you do... and you do! Go to the park and look for me, the amazing super talented Relm! I'll be waiting!"
Relm has remembered her Sketch ability! When successful, this lets her draw a copy of her target and use one of their abilities as if it were her own. For RP funtimes, I'm going to say that Relm can use an ability her target hasn't remembered yet, provided it's okay with the character/mun in question.
Just let me know what she can use when she Sketches her target!
Also, I should clarify: if your character shows up in the park, this will be action, so no more eye-watering rainbow text. Promise.))

☈ text;

Mar. 27th, 2012 09:30 pm
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I'm not too sure what the hell just happened. Then again I'm not too sure as to what has happened considering my memory is gone. Other people would probably have a million question as to what's next, but instead I've only got one.

Where can I get a drink?
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[Well, here's an odd sight on the phone network today. It's one of the Lab's scientists, looking pretty nervous about something. You've probably seen this guy before, but maybe not, he's one of several scientists who handle anemoi and related matters--Dr. Patrick Nichols, if you're particularly good at remembering names and faces.]

Ahhh, ahahaha, um, hello! Very sorry to bother you all so suddenly like this, I know we don't usually do that, but we've got ourselves a bit of a problem up here, and, well. You lot are rather proficient at problem-solving, right? Because, ahaha, it's kind of a big one! Here, take a look for yourselves.

[He inputs a few things into the phone and a nearby computer quickly, and the feed input soon changes to one of the Lab's security cameras. Specifically, one overlooking the Lab's entrance, where a large, green, serpentine creature is curled up. After a moment, the feed switches back to the phone's camera and Dr. Nichols.]

It's right in front of the door, which means none of us can get out, and, of course, aheh, none of you can get in, so it would be to our mutual benefit if you could get rid of it. Somehow. Before we all starve to death, if you would.

((That's right, there's now a Rayquaza parked right in front of the Lab, and it's up to you guys to get rid of it. How, you ask? Good question!

INCIDENTALLY, a couple of weird, new machines have appeared in the lobby area of the Ermis Suites. But I'm sure that's just a coincidence.))
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[ This is one Rin Tohsaka with her hair down. It doesn't look messy, but it's unlike her. Don't worry, the set comes complete with a scowl that can make most boys her age run away in fear. ]

I dropped my hair brush outside my window. [ Okay, more like she threw it at some idiot passerby who was making too much noise, but it's along the same lines. ] And I know what will happen if I step outdoors myself.

[ Her wardrobe consists of short skirts only after all. ]

So I'll make a deal with one of you idiots. Well, whichever idiot can actually complete the task I'm giving out. After all, I'm sure most of you will try and inevitably fail because you all are stupid. [ Maybe putting her hair up in twintails helps relieve the tension or something... ] I have Anemoi. Yes, those stupid gems you turn in for memories. I don't need them, but I do need a hairbrush.

You get what I'm saying, don't you?

[ The bratty magus Rin Tohsaka has asked you to deliver [1] Hairbrush to her. In return, you'll receive [3] Anemoi all worth 1% each. Should you accept this quest, expect your reputation with humanity to decline slightly and your tolerance levels to fade. She hoards Anemoi like the selfish girl she is by the way. ]


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