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Is there anyone here who doesn't feel up to celebrating the holiday?

[ Her voice is soft, almost distant. Rin's never really had the opportunity to celebrate a holiday with loved ones. The memories she recalled recently told her that even as a child, she hardly spent any time at all with her family during the holidays. A younger girl often brought her stuff from the party as she hid away in a room upstairs to study. Was this the life of someone who used magic? Was this not a gift she was born with and instead one she had to work hard to achieve? ]

It's peculiar to think of celebrating when our family and friends aren't here. For example, a common theme in Christmas is to give gifts to those you are close to. How many of you have thought of gifts to give to people here? I find it a challenge to come up with ideas for gifts of people I hardly know. What if someone is allergic to this or they dislike that? Geez, it's too complicated!!


[ In the later parts of the evening, one Rin Tohsaka can be found outside in the cold practicing on a few trees. She'll lift her head to ensure she's alone before murmuring under her breath. A German incantation of sorts, but it has a different reaction through the body of this girl. Orbs of blue light form with the palm of her hand and when the chill gets to be too much for her, she'll throw them straight at the tree. Once they strike at it, the orbs explode into ice that creeps and grows along the entire trunk of the tree, leaving it encased fully. ]

Not bad, not bad at all.. [ A simple action still took a lot out of her, so she'll plop on her knees to catch her breath. Even though it was painful to do in the already frigid air. ] Just a bit more practice and I'll have this mastered.

OOC: As always, anemoi/memories are tracked here for Rin. 1% spent on childhood memories of studying, 2% spent on learning this ability.
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I'm curious. Of all the slow trickle of memories we've been recovering, who among us has remembered his or her parents? Aside from a strange dream I've been having lately, the first thing that came back to me was what kind of man my father was. Not a name or anything of the sort, just that I admired him a great deal... I wanted to carry out his dream for him, not caring that he had failed to grasp it himself. I suppose such naivete is natural for a child. Ideals, even those that are possible, can't simply be inherited.

...Excuse me. I shouldn't treat these communications as a diary. Still, the question stands; perhaps it's information we could bond over, as long as we're trapped together.


Nov. 2nd, 2011 12:23 am
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[Danny had originally been dressed for Halloween as a shoddily thrown together version of an astronaut, wearing a baggy white suit with a fishbowl on his head. But his costume has now been changed and he is currently dressed as this fine young lady. Complete with his hair tied in pigtails.

He has been spending the last fifteen minutes trying to contort himself every which way to reach over to wherever the zipper may be on this dress so that he can at least try to get out of it and save some face.]

Why--can't I--where is it?! Augh!

[This is obviously a cue for anyone and everyone to come up and laugh at him.]
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Could anybody tell me where I could buy a bow and some arrows? I haven't seen any shops for them, but I haven't explored the whole city.

[Video; filtered to Rin]

Hey, can I talk to you for a second? I just remembered something kind of important.


[Eventually, Shirou finds an archery shooting range. He can be found there, shooting arrows at the target. With his focus, he's able to hit a bulls-eye every time.

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Mokona's new job is running the Job board!

It goes up two times each month, so look out for it near the apartment doors!
If anyone ever wants a job done for them, just tell Mokona and she'll put it on the board!

This time, there are six jobs!

Helping People Jobs

- Farmer Murphy has lost a goat! She has floppy ears and a black patch on her nose and she loves eating petunias the best! He wants someone to find Maybell and bring her back soon!

- Farmer Carol's orchards are super full this year and she needs someone to help pick all the apples before they all get frozen! She'll take as many extra helpers as she can, and she says she'll throw in a bag of apples along with regular pay! She gave Mokona some for putting up the job; and they're really good!

Big Jobs

There's still a lot of wrecked buildings outside! It's safe, but there's no nice places to live yet. And that means that there's always a lot to do!

- The streets are really icky out there! They're covered in rubble and need to be cleaned! It's a long job, so it's good for someone without anything else to do! It's a really big job, so up to two people can do it. It's long and tough, so bring a friend to work and talk with! There might be anemoi in the rubble, and you can keep any you find!

- There's a big house near the walls that's dirty too! It needs to be cleaned up so people can do things with it. Again, it's a job for two people who really like housework and repairing things! You don't need to worry about water or lights yet, but everything needs to be clean and painted and not broken or rotten or anything.

Scary Jobs

- There's a big mean bird that keeps messing up gardens and scaring pets! Mokona's not walking home alone from now on, too! It's big and yellow and goes "WARK WARK WARK!!" It's not too good at flying, but it can jump high and runs really fast. People say it might be nesting near the old movie theater, since lots of feathers show up there.

- Sue Salvatore has a spooky ghost in her kitchen and it's really annoying her! If anyone is good with ghosts, they should go to her house at night and ask to see it!

((OOC: This is 100% mod-sanctioned; y'all, and you know what that means! FYI in this case it means memories. Or at least memories in some cases! It is pretty much like in RPGs where you collect all the chickens and you don't know whether you're getting rupees or an empty bottle or a basket full of live fish until you do it.

I'll be rolling out results via random number generator to remove bias, and even if they don't get anemoi they will at least get a nifty bonus item. What Mokona says doesn't necessarily mean that there absolutely will be or won't be anemoi attached to a particular job. It is a wonderful grab bag of memories and fun.

Some jobs have a Mod NPC associated with them! In this case, the ghost and the goat assignments do. The bird is a feral chocobo and can be NPCed by players.

As stated by Mokona, if you want your character to request a job, go for it! Heck, if you yourself just want a certain job up there, just PM or Plurk at me! I'm gonna be doing like twelve of these per month, I am always up for new material and I rarely bite.

And if there are any further questions, ask away! Also feel free to plan OOCly in here for now although if things get huge enough I'll probably start putting up a separate post for that sort of thing.))
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I'm never going to kick another bird again in my life.

[ Don't ask why she kicked one in the first place. It's a very long story and she doesn't seem up to telling it by how short this message is. ]

Hey, is everyone doing alright after that? I know it was pretty stressful, but I'm just going to worry about you otherwise. You don't want to leave me with such unnecessary flab on my mind, right?

[ After an eventful time in a strange world, Rin has spent the rest of her day freshening up. Even with fresh bruises, she can be seen walking down the hallway to a [ profile] wontdieifkilled's room. Knocking on the door, she waits expectantly for an answer! ]
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[Action; available only for Archer (if he's awake)]

[It's the dead of night, and Shirou is tossing and turning. He's got a pained expression on his face, and he's breaking out in a cold sweat. He's pretty clearly having a vivid nightmare.

...And is he muttering a word?]




[Audio; after waking up]

I have a question for anyone who got memories back. Did you get any that came in your sleep? Like dreams?
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[After this memory, Valvatorez does NOT go straight to post about it. Instead, he goes... to the grocery store.]

[Oh, Hades. The feeling of sinking your teeth into them. The taste, the texture... how could he forget this ecstasy?]

[He stops long enough to leave a brief, desperate message:]


That is all.
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[As Lawfer is heading back to his room one day after idly spending an afternoon doing nothing in particular, he stops dead in his tracks right in the middle of the 3rd floor hallway.  The shout is probably loud enough to be heard by anyone in their rooms.]

I'm... dead?!

I have a theory to propose about the truth behind this place.  It is the world of spirits.  We are each of us deceased, awaiting the judgment of Hel.  ...Tell me why I am wrong.
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[There's a new arrival. He's wandering around a small portion of the city -- mainly in and near the labs and the apartment building. He's looking around as if seeing everything for the first time, so it's clear he isn't one of the natives. Eventually he returns to his room in the apartment and pulls out the smartphone that was given to him upon his arrival.]


Hey, I'm new here, and I've got a question. How many people here showed up without their memories and were given a job by the local government?


Sep. 25th, 2011 07:26 pm
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[When he makes the post, Valvatorez is standing on top of the ferris wheel, cape blowing dramatically in the wind, overlooking the city of Scirocco, at night.]

[Hey, even if you have no memories, some habits are built into the blood.]

It would appear that I have lost all my memories and been transported here. It would also appear that I'm far from the first person this has happened to.

However! I'm not going to let something this mundane get me down. What's the point? The problem won't go away just because I'm fretting about it. Therefore instead of wasting my time contemplating my dilemma, I shall introduce myself!

I am Valvatorez.


You know, introductions have a lot less impact when you don't remember anything other than your name.
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[A man with curly white hair and bored-looking eyes, wearing a white kimono hanging off one shoulder and black high-collar shirt and black pants and boots, leaves the Lab with his new smartphone, fiddling with it and turning it on when all of the sudden--]

. . .

I can smell dog breath.

Why do I smell-- Oh, my head's inside of something's mouth. That would explain the lack of light, and also the teeth digging into my shoulders.

Wait... Why dog breath? Dogs aren't this big. Not even wolves are this big, or this heavy. Eh? What is this? This can't be a dog.

[After another pause, he screams bloody murder.

The connection cuts out.

...But later that same day, Gintoki can be seen running through the theme park, followed close behind by a gigantic 660 pound, 5 1/2 feet tall white fuzzy dog, tongue flying out its mouth and white tail swishing behind it like it's having the best time of its life.

The man is not.]


[He tries hiding behind tents and booths but the thing always finds him, giving a cute little "BARK" whenever he catches up. Gintoki will likely run out of steam after a couple hours and just give up trying to escape, at which point he simply continues wandering the theme park, large dog following behind him like it's afraid to let him out of its sight.

The man seems to be trying out all the games and trying all the food as if searching for something. He stands in front of the rollercoasters and watches people riding them, but doesn't get on, himself.]
. . .

[[ OOC NOTE:: dunno what I was thinking not saying something when I was first posting this haha-- JUST FYI, this big dog is basically a in every way, and it has a hobby of eating peoples' heads and arms and things sometimes sort of. You are all its chew toys. The characters in Gintama are never permanently harmed due to it, but if your character is a meatier, stronger type, Sadaharu might play rougher because YOU CAN PUT UP WITH SOME BLOOD LOSS AND DEAL, RIGHT? RIGHT? So, small children and people who can't deal with extremely strong and rowdy pets might want to keep a short physical distance - that doesn't mean you shouldn't tag though~! Gintoki can keep him at bay for ya as long as you keep yer head on.]]
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[Somewhere nearby, assuming you are in the amusement park, a crash. Suspicious noise to hear in a mysterious magical temporary park, perhaps? But a quick look around just shows an imploded concessions stand.

In the center of it, lying on and partially covered with rubble, shifting very quickly from a bewildered expression to a bored, vaguely annoyed one, is a man.]

...That felt like a landing. I wonder if I was in the air? Nothing seems to be coming back to me...

Hey. You. I have a very important question: did I have to pay for a ticket to be here? I don't seem to have one.

[Let's just play the real things we're wondering about close to the chest.]


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