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Marisa let the EVO-cat out of its box and into her room, which is a disaster area. Dirty plates, piles of overdue library books, dirty clothes on the floor, bed is a mess...The only part of the room that isn't hugely disorganized is a series of carefully labeled bottles of mushrooms collected from the woods.

"You expect me to live in THIS mess? I have standards you know!"

"Well, I guess it's a BIT confusing right now."

"Forget it! You can't keep me forever. The second your back is turned, I'm outta here!"

"Yeah yeah. Right. Hey, cats like cream, right?"

There was a moment of silence. "C-Cream?"

"Well I was gonna go get some groceries. But if you're just gonna scram, I guess I don't need to get any."

"Well, I suppose I could stay around for a LITTLE while..."

This was all said with the door open. Investigate?

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Uwaa. It's a new voice~ a new voice~!

[Who's that peeking around the door?]
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Really? Mokona could be a familiar, too!

...But she'd work for someone who pays in cake and beer, instead.
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That just means more cake and beer for Mokona.
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[Gosh Marisa, even if Mokona looks at you like this? ...Which is just her normal face. It's a hard life, being this cute all the time.]

Mittens is a cute name! But if Mittens wants a different one, he should start talking like Mokona does!
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[Mokona rolls around on the floor giggling. No dignity to be found here.]