Jul. 5th, 2012 05:30 pm
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[Transmission is made from Mokona's bathroom. She's floating around in the sink with a Mokona-sized inner tube and a Mokona-sized glass of lemonade.]

Everyone's been having hard times for a while, haven't we?

Mokona thinks that everyone should do something fun, like a beach party! We can grill things to eat and swim and play games and hit watermelons with sticks. Mokona won't organize it all herself, because Mokona's too lazy and too small to carry a lot of watermelons, but Mokona will "get it rolling"!

...Those big crab monsters like to come up to the beach sometimes, so someone will have to make sure they stay far away. Or make sure that the ones who don't stay far away end up on the grill. They do that at some of the seaside restaurants. They taste good.
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Marisa let the EVO-cat out of its box and into her room, which is a disaster area. Dirty plates, piles of overdue library books, dirty clothes on the floor, bed is a mess...The only part of the room that isn't hugely disorganized is a series of carefully labeled bottles of mushrooms collected from the woods.

"You expect me to live in THIS mess? I have standards you know!"

"Well, I guess it's a BIT confusing right now."

"Forget it! You can't keep me forever. The second your back is turned, I'm outta here!"

"Yeah yeah. Right. Hey, cats like cream, right?"

There was a moment of silence. "C-Cream?"

"Well I was gonna go get some groceries. But if you're just gonna scram, I guess I don't need to get any."

"Well, I suppose I could stay around for a LITTLE while..."

This was all said with the door open. Investigate?


Jun. 21st, 2012 12:25 am
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[Mokona is running through the streets, screaming at the top of her lungs. It is not a playful scream. She's being pursued by a swarm of... things. They look sort of like mosquitoes and sort of like severed human heads with oozy appendages all over. They're also about the size of human heads. In other words, twice the size of Mokona. She's pretty fast, but so are they.]

Kyaa~!! Mokona's really scared! Someone come save Mokona!
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So...anyone else here from Hong Kong? Just remembered that I used to live there--before Providence. It's kinda hazy, and I mostly only remember it from when I was there on Providence business a few years later, but it's a pretty cool city. After all, I was there, so it has to be cool. Pretty great place for food and street EVOs too.

[And, y'know, EVO gangs and manipulative backstabbing kids, but that's neither here nor there.]

That means if anyone ever needs Chinese-Spanish translations, I'm your guy. Not sure why you'd be translating that, but hey--if you need it, I can do it!


[Rex will be scarce for the rest of the day. The next several days, even. He's holed himself up in his room and is writing down all that he can remember, while he still can. About Sirocco, about home, about all the people he can remember. He doesn't know what it'll be like when he blanks out again, and he has no idea when it'll happen...but this is as close as he can get to controlling this inevitable situation, and he wants to be prepared.

When he is outside, however, he's using his smartphone to snap pictures of seemingly random things. The basketball hoop (and the balls strewn around town), some bears, the entrance to the apartment building, some trees, the barren edges of town... There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to the subjects of his photos, but he approaches the task with a relatively unusual amount of seriousness and intense focus.]

((OOC: 0.8% on Rabble. 18.9% total memory regain. 2.1% remaining.))
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[Maybe it's because of the recent memory she got... Or maybe it's just her normal practice when it comes to work. At any rate, Marona is helping out with multiple jobs around town. One minute, she's leading a rhino and a pair of ferrets back to the zoo. A little later in the evening, she might be found sweeping up trash off of the streets.]

-Oh, I'm sorry! Was I in your way?
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[Karkat, after disappearing and reappearing, is for formality's sake being reprocessed through the labs just in case his memories have been stolen again. The staff tries to go through the script and repeatedly remind him that even if he remembers Sirocco, he might not recall everything and may be disoriented. He's been repeatedly telling them to shut up and leave him alone while being jostled around.

They knew this was coming. The pressure cooker just sprung a leak. He can be heard from the apartments easily.]


I fucking know! Anemoi! Jobs! Monsters! Apartments! My name is Karkat Vantas and I'm a troll from Alternia and I had several terrible friends and was an apalling failure! My symbol means "freak of nature who should be skewered full of arrows and burned alive for being awful garbage" and my lusus loved dead things that smelled like shit! My wriggling day is the twelfth bilunar perigee of the sixth dark season's equinox! I have an extensive collection of dumb romantic comedies on my grub drive! I remember all the pointless bullshit I rememered while I was in this dump and I remember all the new and inane memories I made with the amnesiac chump asshole brigade who lives here!

[He tears a calendar off the wall and begins kind of crumpling it up a little just for effect.]

How long was I even gone, anyway?!? Should I have aged or something? Was I in stasis? I can't fucking make sense of your bizarre so-called "human earth calendars!" What even is a "month?" Like four solar sweeps? Wonderful! The more time I missed in these zany human-infested behemoth leaving-grounds the less I can claim to have witnessed of the shittiest gathering of wiggler-fucking morons in probably all universes ever!

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*Why, it's Ran! She's humming to herself cheerfully; observant folks might notice a familiar white meatbun lounging in her many, many tails as she walks over to the central notice board and begins posting something people may not have seen for a while.*

Return of the Job Board! )

*She looks at her work, satisfied.*

Well, Mokona? How does that look to you?

((OOC: Feel free to claim any of these jobs. If you claim one, start a log anytime you like. Upon completion of the log, report back to this thread; randomly, you may get anemoi, or you may just get something nice. These are just for fun and to help stimulate creativity, so have a blast!))


Jun. 9th, 2012 09:18 pm
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Proper memories regained. Most relaxing. Unnerving remembering being different species. No offense, Kiske.

Relatedly: Am qualified in medicine and surgery for humans as well as turians! Likely other species! Had diploma! Sadly, lost in parallel dimension, but immaterial. Don't worry, don't need to be human to understand human physiology. Need to establish clinic, possibly part time work for Sirroco Labs. Feel too much like I'm wasting time. Have to keep busy.

ALSO, four doses medigel. Wasn't sure what it was before now. No way to restock supplies, technology in Sirocco too primitive, but can be used to quickly heal most injuries. Useful, if limited.
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Mokona got some new memories, too!

Mokona was hoping for something exciting or some juicy secrets, but all Mokona remembers is hours and hours of searching through dumpsters. Mokona had hands and fingers in the memory, so it wasn't Mokona's. Not-Mokona looked for some shoes for a long long time, but not-Mokona found them eventually!

They weren't for not-Mokona, though. They were for a girl who'd lost them somehow. Not-Mokona said, "Don't lose them again!" in that kind of voice. Not-Mokona was pretty nice, even if they were all gruff in person!

[That "Don't lose them again" was a pitch-perfect copy of that Yuta kid you may or may not have previously spoken with.]
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So I thoughts I finally had me a REAL dramatic memory, see? Like, holy moly, out of a movie or something stuff! I remembered getting stuck in a burning building, and it was really megas scary and everything! But then I thought more about it, and it had something to do with some sorta thing called a Fire Rod, and, well, call me crazy, but it all smells wrong -- and I ain't talkin' about the smoke! I don't suppose anybody knows what a Fire Rod is, do they? 'Cause I think I mighta got one 'a yours by mistake -- memories, that is! Crazy!
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My last name is Sartre. I grew up with my father Albert and my brother Erhard in Maine. He's eight years older than me and was in college and already a surgeon when he was sixteen. He'd sometimes help my dad research something in my blood. I mostly just saw him during the summers, but I saw my dad every day. He'd help me with my homework if I needed it, and sometimes had bedtime stories. I went to Cumberland Elementary School until I was eight. My teacher's name was Mrs. Scherer. Then my dad quit working as a professor at Cumberland College and we moved to Mexico so that he could continue his research there, although my brother stayed in Maine for school.

Not bad for someone who supposedly can't remember anything before the age of 15, huh? Guess this place must've done something to reset my amnesia so I could remember everything instead of stuff only after showing up at Providence!
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I have made an incredible discovery. You might want to sit down before hearing this one. Are you sitting down? I can't tell because I am recording this, so I am going to assume you are sitting down now.

I am actually a mighty warrior.

It's true. Back at some point in the past I fought and defeated an obviously evil blonde guy. There was a lot of shouting and a lot of swords, and it was very exciting.

Must have lost my arms in battle, and became artist after. Or something. Still sorting out details.
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Does anyone want cake? I feel like making some tomorrow, but I can't eat a whole one by myself.


[Out by the side of the Ermis Suites? Then you might see Rosalia there, armed with a walking stick and a large pitcher of water, staring intently at a singed handkerchief lying in a patch of dirt.]

Hm, maybe I can make it a little bigger this time...

(2% spent on Rosalia's birthday and some headcanon-y childhood stuff.)
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Mokona was away being kidnapped this month, but Mokona's back safe now!

Mokona got turned into a bad guy and beat up some superheroes, but they won and fixed her in the end. Did Mokona miss anything fun?
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Who: Gordon Freeman, The Joker, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, Marisa Kirisame, Mokona, Supernova
What: Punching the snot out of the Joker and recovering Mokona
When: May 11th
Where: Joyce's Lucky Clubs, a defunct casino equipment manufacturer
Notes: Mixed in with the coinage from the slot machine are some anemoi; enough for 2% for everybody.

ITP: Not a whole lot of dignity.
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Everyone's out and about and fighting strange people~

Mokona's going to stay safe indoors. Except not really, because Mokona ran out of popcorn and needs to go shopping later, and the weather's been super nice out. But mostly, Mokona is being responsible and staying safe.

Yesterday, Mokona learned how to play a game called "Mad Libs" from a bad guy named "The Mad Libber"! It's really fun. Mokona's been making her own so she can play them with friends. And Mokona's version doesn't have cutting up things with axes, it's just a fun word game. Mokona's not good at a lot of popular physical games, even though she's really good at jumping. In Twister, Mokona can only fit on one dot at a time, so it's no good unless she's the one with the spinner. But that's okay, since Mokona likes to watch and tell people what to do.

Anyone who wants to come play games with Mokona and Marona should come and do that! Games are always fun with a lot of people.
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[There's a white van parked in front of a park, door open - no driver, and a box of candy inside. This is highly suspicious, but free candy.]


[A lanky man is juggling a cumbersomely wide box while checking his watch as he paces the street near the hotel and stops you]

Excuse me, do you know if a Mr. Mungo lives here - I need someone to buzz me in so I could deliver his candygram. Sorry to bother you about this.

((ooc: This is the IC kidnapping post, mention 1 or 2 if that's the method preferred. Even if you didn't sign up for kidnapping in the OOC post, you can still "sign up" by tagging here))
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[Action at the park]

[Much like everyone else, Marona has run into some trouble with the local super villains! Today's offender is an older woman in a red mask and a very flamboyant stage outfit. All Marona has to defend herself with is... a flower?]

Mwahahahaha! That's right little girl; run while you can! The Madame de Masque will show you no mercy!

Please... can't we just talk this out?

Madame de Masque has no need for talk! Have at you!

[The woman charges at Marona, who gives a short yelp as she holds out the flower. As if that would help, right?

As a matter of fact, it does. Because just before the woman can reach the young girl, she is swept up by a short gust of wind filled with flower petals. The spell drops her on the ground in a daze, and Marona peers over her flower at the woman.

...Did that do it?

((OOC: 2% on item skills!))


Mar. 28th, 2012 08:04 pm
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i guess it was bound to happen sooner or later
remembering family
good to know my family was just as fucked up as i am
i guess theres some kind of point to this or something
but im not sure what it is
before all of you get your panties in a twist over your burning desire to learn every detail of my personal life
i had an older brother
he was a fucking weirdo but in a cool way

[[3% remembering Bro Strider, in great detail. 9% left over.]]


Mar. 28th, 2012 06:28 pm
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So this is that hangover thing everyone keeps talking about.

Next time I drink that much, someone remind me to eat something, too. Will spend rest of today doing best imitation of dead person.


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