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[video] I assume that google translate approximates the shittiness of Danny's Esperanto skills

[Remember this kid, from a while back? Yeah, Danny Phantom seems to have disappeared once he got cured and stopped being an acidic puddle, but in the meantime, this guy must have taken his place! How strange.]

Ĉu neniu alia scias esperanto? Mi ĵus rememoris paroli gxin!

Uh...heh, if you didn't get that, it was in Esperanto. I'm not totally fluent in it yet or anything, but I was learning it back home!

...Which is actually kinda weird now that I think about it, because I also remember failing every Spanish test I ever took in school...

((OOC: 0.3% on Wulf speaking Esperanto and starting to learn some from Tucker and also resources on the Internet. 30% total regain.))
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Esperanto? Huh, that's one you don't hear about every day. So who do you know that speaks it?
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That's what I figured. [With consistent failing grades in spanish, it would have to be a friend to make the kid learn something like esperanto.]

That the only other language you speak?
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So... what's with the failing test grades in Spanish, then?

[His voice carries more idle amusement, than Very-Dissapointed-in-you-Young-Man.]
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Don't sell yourself short, kid. You learned esperanto just to talk to a friend. People who aren't really smart don't do that.

I get the feeling, that there's a lot more to you than you wanna admit.
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I mean, there's a lot more going on upstairs than you want to say. Especially if you dismiss things by saying you're not smart. In fact, it sounds a little to me like you're trying to avoid facing something about yourself.

[Why is Gordon starting to feel like there's something big here that he's just not making the connection to..?]
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[ video ]

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.. Huh, Esperanto? [ give this girl a moment or two to blink. ]

What's that supposed to be all about?
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[ video ]

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I've never heard of this one before! Is it so not well-known that only a few people ever speak it?
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[ video ]

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[ She's thinking about whether that's a lot or not, but somehow she can't exactly decide, so instead she asks: ]

That's more people than there are here, right?
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[ video ]

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Then it's still pretty well-known, right? A really secret language would only have a few people who speak it!
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[ video ]

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But then I still don't really get it! Why would someone think up a language if it's not really used anywhere? Isn't that just pointless?
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[ video ]

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So were they going to make a new country to use it in..?
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[ video ]

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But it'd be so weird to suddenly change languages!

.. Hmm, maybe I should ask someone about it who knows a lot about it. It just seems really strange to me. There's no reason at all to suddenly change, I think, it'd just be difficult.
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[ video ]

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That's true.. But don't you think it's interesting to think about why it was made too? I'm curious now.