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[There's Klaxons ringing everywhere in the only functioning Jail in the city, as the surviving police station, and even the Justice League HQ got the calls:

Prisoner Escape. Criminal Known as The Joker has blown a hole in the prison wall, the Warden is also missing. Evidence so far concludes the Warden left with The Joker willing.

Anyone who passes by the Jail will get a huge man-shaped hole in the wall, rubble, many other criminals being made to sit in the courtyard with other prison officers watching them as police officers scurry over the scene with equipment.]
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*Kotetsu makes it there after some fumbling and flailing to get himself ready. He's still in a really bad mood because of that lingering memory -- and a bit of a lingering hangover after his post-memory self-medication -- but he manages to make it there eventually, fully suited and rather annoyed.*

Okay, so seriously, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE?
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[Said with about the same exact tone, timing and inflection as Gordon's; see below. He glances over to Kotetsu.]

All right, how're we going to do this? The guards'll probably need some help keeping the prisoners in line; they'll start to get creative soon. We need someone to start asking around to see if anyone saw what happened, too.
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I guess I can babysit. You're probably smarter than me on this crap anyway.
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[He starts to say something that seems like a protest, but changes it to a sigh and a fidget of his glasses.]

Yeah, sure. Can you ask some of the inmates what happened while you're at it? They're unreliable sources but all of 'em together might paint a better picture.
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No promises. I probably put a few too many of 'em behind bars for them to be too open with me.
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Hey, you never know. Maybe one of them will get it in their head that you'll lighten their sentence if they talk.

[Is that an observation, or a suggestion?]
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Geez, like I have any control over that. Eh, whatever.

*He saunters over to them.*

Nice day, eh boys? Kind of a crazy turn of events though!
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[Whelp, so much for that. Off he goes to divine just how a human body punches a hole through two and a half inches of mortared brick. Wish him luck.]
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[Gordon had extracted himself from the Labs as soon as he heard the PA system: "PAGING DOCTOR FREEMAN, URGENT MESSAGE FROM JUSTICE LEAGUE HQ." He didn't even bother to take his suit off, because chances were he was going to need it. His memories were still a little pockmarked with the stolen memories of dead friends and curses and family, but once he'd found out the weren't really his he--well, they were still distracting, but he was better able to push them aside enough to get back to his work at JLS.]

[Especially when faced with the cryptic image of a person-shaped outline in a solid wall.]

What in the hell happened here? [That's mostly rhetorical, but he was planning on finding out.]
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[He gets as close as the scene tape, peering.]

Hell, looks like he used himself as a wrecking ball... Or someone else. Either way that's a crapload of force we're talking about. [Yes, "crapload" is a technical term.]

Any idea what he used? Explosives, maybe? Naw, there'd be carbon-scoring somewhere. Plus there wouldn't be much left of the body to smash through the wall...
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late? Of course I'm not late!

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[When Danny makes it over, he flies in through the hole in the wall then settles on the ground and turns back to look at it.]

Wow. A hole shaped just like him? That's...actually kind of impressive.
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Surprised he didn't liquefy on impact, actually.

[Gordon chimes in, studying the thing from outside the cordoning police tape. Oh Gordon. You're still dealing in real-world physics. How cute.]

Hey Danny, you see anything in there he could have used to blast his way out? Just... anything strange?
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Jumping into a wall can liquefy you? Wow.

[Danny shakes his head.] I didn't see anything though. Wasn't really looking, to be honest, but all I see is...a very impressively shaped hole in the wall.
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Well yeah, I mean besides that. It takes a lot of momentum to even break down a wall in the first place. Something had to help him blast his way out.
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I guess so. Unless he has some sort of superpower that helped him get out.
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If that were the case, he wouldn't have waited so long to break out. No, he was building something to help him escape. And if the stuff we saw at the casino warehouse is any indication, that clown's got a head on him for technology and chemistry.

[He skirts the tape, trying to avoid disturbing the scene, but his suit makes him a few inches wider than normal. After knocking over a standing cone he decides to hell with it and just trudges through.]
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...Oh. Uh. Okay.

[yeeeaaaahhhh, Danny's never really done his research on any of his villains to inform him of what to do next. He's more the 'barge in, fuck all the shit up, cleverly fix it last minute' first, research later type.]
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My point is, if he's got a new toy to play with, we need to know about it.
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Oh! Okay.

But how would he have gotten one in the first place?
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Good question; I want to know that too. Chances are good he built it himself while inside, but from what? You can't exactly smuggle a jet engine inside a cake...