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The Dave Signal!

This is what I get for daring to mention I was bored, isn't it?

Hey Justice League, there's a bunch of giant monsters rampaging around, furiously humping buildings into rubble. This is supposed to be your thing, isn't it? Get out there and save some fleeing citizens.
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[Shirou looks roughed up already. Seems he was aware, but...]

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...I almost don't want to know. Where are you?
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...All right. All right, I can do that. I'm coming.
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[Shirou is left gaping.]

...What in the world...
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[...Oh. That's right, he had a job to do.]

Trace, on.

[Shirou focused inwards, into the hill where all of his swords were. A dozen legendary swords appeared and flew at the monster.]
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[Okay, one of the swords in Shirou's mental world has to have some additional properties that will arise when properly wielded, rather than fired like a missile. He fairly quickly comes across one, since it had been inside the Gate of Babylon, and projects it. Letting the sword's experience flow into him, he takes an unfamiliar fighting stance, then unleashes an almighty swing at the monster. The sword never touches it, but the blast of light that erupts from the blade does.]
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[Hey, that wasn't a bad idea. Shirou repeats Dave's maneuver, sword and all -- though his lacks as much power.]
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Already on it!

[This said right before Gordon ducks a predatory dive, as what looks like a diseased dragonfly from hell streaks past him on a rooftop. He twists around and fires on the retreating twenty-foot arthropod with his pistol. That only seems to piss it off, however.]

Jeezus, I'm going to need a submachine gun just to take this thing down! Has anyone actually SEEN these things appear yet? Anyone know where they come from?
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[The video straightens as he stands up. The bug circles overhead and he glances down at the camera.] So many at once? Then something's funneling them here somehow. Could be... oh SHIT, hold on--

[There's an angry screech and a violent jostling of the camera and suddenly the roof he'd been standing on is not there anymore. The phone is quickly attached to his hip and can see the man clinging to the fourty-foot insect's legs. He draws up his pistol again and fires, this time at the powerful muscles behind one of the wings. The creature shrieks and goes into a tailspin, and all hell breaks loose in a crash-landing that leaves the camera staring up at the sky and one spasmodically-twitching wingtip.]

[There's a long silence, and then finally:]

...ugh, GOD that sucked...
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[The phone leaves the ground and Gordon is again front and center, this time splattered with greenish insect goo and trying to ignore this fact as hard as he can.]

You know, I wanted to talk to you about that. Misery, was her name? What was Joachim talking about when he mentioned people getting eaten? [Pause.] Wait, is the building-humper still there?
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[He shifts in his half-sprawl, the background shifting to include one sickly-twitching bug leg with segments the length of golf clubs.]

So... unconfirmed. Right. He also mentioned creating some kind of toaster-golem out of one of his own minions. You know, that sounded less insane in my head. You think that transformation might have something to do with this?
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[He casts a glance back over his soulder, ostensibly to the pestilent-looking bug he just beat up.]

Yeah, that's a pretty good way of putting it. It's probably not her then, but I can't believe this is all a coincidence.

[He takes off his glasses to look at the splatter, and considers...] I'll be right back. Gonna go collect a sample.

[And for the next few seconds, the camera looks away but he can hear some screeching and angry grumbling. It's probably better not to ask.]
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Yeah, thanks for the tip, already worki--

...Humping? I...can't tell if you're serious or just messing around.
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[Danny tries to formulate a response. It takes him a little while, and his mouth hangs open as he tries.]


[yeah that's the best he could do.]
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Yeah, if you manage to have any more lonely nights after this.
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I'm not going to--not when I'm working on taking down as many of these guys as I can!
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Tell me about it! I know I was bored but this is ridiculous....

[Perhaps your video feed is wonky. Maybe your contrast is off or something? Because John appears to be green right now.]

Does anyone know what the heck is going on?
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That sounds like the plot to every old sci-fi movie ever...

Although that would explain all the monsters....

[And possibly his new found 'skin condition.']