Jun. 28th, 2012 08:09 am
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[There's a man-sized caterpillar prowling around the Ermis Suites today. It's not doing much of note - mostly crawling about and munching on plants, and anyone who first encounters it from a distance will find...nothing of note. Just a big caterpillar-EVO doing regular caterpillar things.

Get too close or even just linger, however, and people may find that the world becomes a little different. A little more interesting.

Because that's when the voices start.]

(Note: Auditory hallucinations are go. Feel free to hear whatever you want!)
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I'm sure some of you out there aren't doing so well with this infestation of monsters, so I have some good news. I have experience fighting beasts, see? And where I'm from, I was one of the greatest mercenaries alive.

Now, if anyone is interested in my services, I am willing to help. Just make me an offer. Make sure it's a good one, though. There better be anemoi involved, or else you're just wasting my time.

((Old 3% spent on archery skills and memory of fighting feral laguz.))
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This is what I get for daring to mention I was bored, isn't it?

Hey Justice League, there's a bunch of giant monsters rampaging around, furiously humping buildings into rubble. This is supposed to be your thing, isn't it? Get out there and save some fleeing citizens.
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*It happens without warning. She'd just been doing her normal thing, working in the restaurant. One of the patrons had looked ill, so she went to see if he was okay -- and he'd changed then. Suddenly, what was once the kindly old man who always ordered meatloaf once a week now is a huge, slavering beast.

People are screaming. Tsuruya backs up, startled. The creature howls, and swings a terrible claw at her, and hits...


Tsuruya had reacted without thinking about it, jumping several feet away. She grabs the first thing she can find -- a plate -- and slings it at the thing. It makes a shocking degree of impact.

She could question how it is she's suddenly acting faster and stronger than she did before -- but now's not really the time, is it?*


Jun. 15th, 2012 12:40 pm
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Dave was strolling along when a poorly formatted but colorful flyer caught his eye:

dance club

Is looking for a new DJ!!!!!!!

Previous DJ got lost in a shed, sense of direction a must. Previous experience a plus.

if your interested call Steve


As he stopped to look at it, a thoughtful look spread over his face.
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I finally remembered the rest of what happened with that Rasputin fellow. Or most of it, at least! I'm still not entirely sure what was up with that fellow. Some sort of demon cult nonsense that got out of hand, I suppose. The important part is that he didn't get to destroy the world. Sure, he wasn't the only one trying to do it, but I'm not that worried about what's happening back home. If Yuri and the rest of them are still around, humanity's in good hands!

Shame about that big castle of his crumbling, though. It was pretty nice, aside from all the screaming oozy monsters everywhere. And that layout with all the switches... Sure, it slowed us down and all, but I can't imagine living there! It wasn't actually that nice, but it flew, so I'm giving him points for style at least.

And speaking of style, has anybody seen a crocodile lying around? It's about three meters long, not counting the tail. And it's dressed like a pirate. It's pretty hard to miss, just call me or text me if you see it around!

((OOC: The crocodile, while stuffed, is currently animate due to mysterious circumstances. It will be threadjacking and/or hanging around in goofy poses in the comments.))
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Who: Joachim, Hector, Dave, Danny -- and Misery
Where: A swampy ruins
When: Friday, June 8
What: Someone's beaten our party to the ruins -- and they're not very friendly.
Note: All participants received 1% worth of Anemoi per person.

Prepare for trouble, and make it double. Or something.
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Just when my memories were starting to make some sense, I remember some pretty absurd things. Well, I want it on the record that if there are any alligators here, I intend to boil them alive before they can think of doing the same to me!!

[ Huffy and just as classy as usual. Rin intends to deliver as she carries on in her higher-pitched bitchfest fit. ]

Also geez, I really though I would handle death a lot better than I did. Why would I kick a sword? Furthermore, why would I let it send me flying? I'm starting to think that I really dislike swords. They're usually associated with jerks.

... Er, no offense to those of you here that use them. [ Spoken in a tone that's not apologetic in the slightest. ] Ugh, are we still ending up with memories we shouldn't have? I don't really recall speaking that way, so it must belong to someone else.

So right. One of you unlucky jerks has a dead brother. I think it was your brother. It might have been your father. Well, do what you will with that information.

OOC: Backdated to June 2. Also with Dave Strider's memories.

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okay, so i just remembered a whole bunch of stuff.
if they're actually my memories, then i think my family was really weird.
and also my hometown was haunted or something.
but that's not really important right now.
because i keep hearing people talking about getting back other peoples' memories.
but if that's a thing that can happen, then how do we know that ANY of the memories we've gotten back are legit?
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So...I guess I'm a painter? Huge murals. Also I don't like hugs.

This is stupid. These obviously aren't my memories. Rin, I think this is relevant to you so pay attention.
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[Hector had one of those literal 'catapulting out of bed' nightmares, something powerful that won't stay down, friends screaming.... It takes a while for him to work up the nerve to ask, but when he does - he tries to put on a detached air, but it's clear from the look in his eyes that he's been shaken pretty badly]

Uh - does anyone know anything about some sort of... ugly, blue creatures? That... Sorry, just. trying to. make. sense of -

[He gestured uselessly]

(Hiroshi's memories)
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I have made an incredible discovery. You might want to sit down before hearing this one. Are you sitting down? I can't tell because I am recording this, so I am going to assume you are sitting down now.

I am actually a mighty warrior.

It's true. Back at some point in the past I fought and defeated an obviously evil blonde guy. There was a lot of shouting and a lot of swords, and it was very exciting.

Must have lost my arms in battle, and became artist after. Or something. Still sorting out details.
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Hello - I would like to make a small request. Those of you going out into the field for combat, if you are beset by hostile creatures and fell them - If it isn't too dangerous, or too difficult, could you bring back the body? I would like to be able to analyze the body structure and what native weaponry it has so that I can properly document it for future reference.
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Hey. Someone out there is some kinda crazy sword guy, right? All balancing on a bamboo shoot while contemplating the mysteries of a single drop of rain sliding down your sword blade or some shit, right?

Or I dunno, maybe you just like to hit things. Whatever. I need to try something.

[Remembered a bunch of the training he got from Bro Strider. Specifically the bits focusing on sweet ninja swords forged by old stoic asian dudes and definitely not bought online on eBay for $20.]
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[The video feed clicks on to reveal a relieved John. He's surprised that he found it so quickly. This kid makes losing communication devices into a fine art form. He's actually lucky it was still in his room and not flung haphazardly out a window. The angle is a bit strange though, as he seems to be in the process of pulling the communicater out from the depths of his closet.]

Finally! I thought I'd lost this thing.

[Leaving it on, he moves to sit down on his bed.]

Hi guys! I haven't checked out the network in a few days now. Did I miss anything cool?
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Mokona was away being kidnapped this month, but Mokona's back safe now!

Mokona got turned into a bad guy and beat up some superheroes, but they won and fixed her in the end. Did Mokona miss anything fun?


May. 9th, 2012 12:24 am
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-ith extra cheese and-


Just bumped a timetable. What's today's date?
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[ Today, Irisviel can be found wearing some nice kimonos for the screen. It seems someone went up shopping before and bought many of them. Perhaps the Japanese-style house around here is what she convinced her at the end or it is just Irisviel being Irisviel.

She gives the camera a smile when she looks at it. ]

I'm so happy that they were in sale! I could bought many to share. Aren't they really nice to wear? I think this is my first time wearing something like this. It matches with the house, right? [ *SOBS* SHE'S LIKE A CHILD LET HER BE. ]

Though when I was buying them, some strange man tried to break into the store. It was strange, dressing and talking in such ways I didn't fully understand. [ No Iri, crazy bad guys that are not Kotomine are strange for you. ] Hopefully, I could use something I last remembered!

I remembered part of my magic! Now I can be of help with it in the battles around here. [ Irisviel extends her arm and shows a strange bird much smaller than that one that comes to rest on it. ] I keep practicing it to improve it, so I will do my best to assist in the battlefield now.

[ And then, a black smoke appears on the screen. Irisviel quickly looks horrified before standing up and going to the kitchen, shouting something about the food she was preparing. The feed goes for a bit more before ending. ]


Apr. 2nd, 2012 06:29 pm
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[Action 1]

[Rin seems to be involved in some kind of undertaking! It involves her paintings. She is spending most of today in the long, cumbersome task of moving her paintings somewhere outside of the apartments. This would be a fair amount of hassle even normally, and Rin's missing limbs is not making it any easier.]

[Assist y/n?]

[Action 2]

[That night. Rin is out behind the apartments, where she has apparently assembled a smallish fire. Not of the arson kind, it's nice and constrained and not going to hurt anybody. She's watching it blankly, back against the wall as she sits on the ground, with a cigarette in her mouth. The fire seems to have been kindled with old newspapers, mainly consists of firewood, and... there's something else in there, too.]

[As it dies down a bit, Rin drags another painting onto the fire.]

[[OOC: Pleace specify which prompt you are tagging! Would like to have a couple people max in prompt #2, and only people who already have CR with Rin.]]
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heeeeeyyyyy ne1 wanna c somthing awsom????
if u do.........
AND U DO!!!!!!
go 2 the park and look 4 me
ill b wating~~~ :)

((Translation: "Hey, anyone want to see something awesome? If you do... and you do! Go to the park and look for me, the amazing super talented Relm! I'll be waiting!"
Relm has remembered her Sketch ability! When successful, this lets her draw a copy of her target and use one of their abilities as if it were her own. For RP funtimes, I'm going to say that Relm can use an ability her target hasn't remembered yet, provided it's okay with the character/mun in question.
Just let me know what she can use when she Sketches her target!
Also, I should clarify: if your character shows up in the park, this will be action, so no more eye-watering rainbow text. Promise.))


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