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05❣❣ the life of magi

Is there anyone here who doesn't feel up to celebrating the holiday?

[ Her voice is soft, almost distant. Rin's never really had the opportunity to celebrate a holiday with loved ones. The memories she recalled recently told her that even as a child, she hardly spent any time at all with her family during the holidays. A younger girl often brought her stuff from the party as she hid away in a room upstairs to study. Was this the life of someone who used magic? Was this not a gift she was born with and instead one she had to work hard to achieve? ]

It's peculiar to think of celebrating when our family and friends aren't here. For example, a common theme in Christmas is to give gifts to those you are close to. How many of you have thought of gifts to give to people here? I find it a challenge to come up with ideas for gifts of people I hardly know. What if someone is allergic to this or they dislike that? Geez, it's too complicated!!


[ In the later parts of the evening, one Rin Tohsaka can be found outside in the cold practicing on a few trees. She'll lift her head to ensure she's alone before murmuring under her breath. A German incantation of sorts, but it has a different reaction through the body of this girl. Orbs of blue light form with the palm of her hand and when the chill gets to be too much for her, she'll throw them straight at the tree. Once they strike at it, the orbs explode into ice that creeps and grows along the entire trunk of the tree, leaving it encased fully. ]

Not bad, not bad at all.. [ A simple action still took a lot out of her, so she'll plop on her knees to catch her breath. Even though it was painful to do in the already frigid air. ] Just a bit more practice and I'll have this mastered.

OOC: As always, anemoi/memories are tracked here for Rin. 1% spent on childhood memories of studying, 2% spent on learning this ability.

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