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For those who actually want to play the game, here be spoilers. )


*He wakes up, panting.

In some respects, he'd been expecting this ever since he'd started remembering them. A sick feeling in his stomach, warning him that their fates had not been kind. Perhaps she'd been the only one -- but somehow, he doubts it.

The paper he'd been taking notes on is damp with sweat; he rips the sheet off, but feels too ill to keep studying for now. He goes to check out what he's got and heads out, still feeling off center; those who see him on the streets might notice he seems a little pale, even as he tries not to show much emotion.

In all honesty, it would've been better if it WERE just a dream.*

((OOC: 1% on the fate of Mika, version 6.23.))
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Is there anyone here who doesn't feel up to celebrating the holiday?

[ Her voice is soft, almost distant. Rin's never really had the opportunity to celebrate a holiday with loved ones. The memories she recalled recently told her that even as a child, she hardly spent any time at all with her family during the holidays. A younger girl often brought her stuff from the party as she hid away in a room upstairs to study. Was this the life of someone who used magic? Was this not a gift she was born with and instead one she had to work hard to achieve? ]

It's peculiar to think of celebrating when our family and friends aren't here. For example, a common theme in Christmas is to give gifts to those you are close to. How many of you have thought of gifts to give to people here? I find it a challenge to come up with ideas for gifts of people I hardly know. What if someone is allergic to this or they dislike that? Geez, it's too complicated!!


[ In the later parts of the evening, one Rin Tohsaka can be found outside in the cold practicing on a few trees. She'll lift her head to ensure she's alone before murmuring under her breath. A German incantation of sorts, but it has a different reaction through the body of this girl. Orbs of blue light form with the palm of her hand and when the chill gets to be too much for her, she'll throw them straight at the tree. Once they strike at it, the orbs explode into ice that creeps and grows along the entire trunk of the tree, leaving it encased fully. ]

Not bad, not bad at all.. [ A simple action still took a lot out of her, so she'll plop on her knees to catch her breath. Even though it was painful to do in the already frigid air. ] Just a bit more practice and I'll have this mastered.

OOC: As always, anemoi/memories are tracked here for Rin. 1% spent on childhood memories of studying, 2% spent on learning this ability.

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Dec. 10th, 2011 01:39 pm
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[So Barnaby recently decided that since he's got himself a roommate, he should probably learn how to cook. He bought recipe books the other day, though for some reason, he's attracted to the fried rice recipes (as well as beef stroganoff and cabbage rolls), and just yesterday got the needed ingredients.

...so far, his attempt at cooking is not going so well, judging from the fact that there's a bit of wreckage in the kitchen. Like, say, a hole in the wall, and a broken jar.

And the perpetrator is already standing up, trying to get his bearings as he's glowing blue and adding up the cost in his head and wondering just how he's going to be able to pay for this. That, and he needs to find a way to keep this new power of his in check.]


[After the blue glow fades and he's sure he can't accidentally wreck something, he picks up the PDA and addresses the network.]

I have a question. Say you, ah, remembered that you have a particularly powerful ability at the wrong moment, and you activated your power by accident. What would you do if you accidentally destroyed part of your wall in the process?
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[Yuri has fully recovered his memory of the use of his powers, but there's something off, unsettling him, though he can't say what it is. He has only remembered small things lately, brief glimpses from his childhood: his parents' faces, a trip to the seashore, playing on the lawn outside the house, winning an essay competition at school.

None of these things are what has made him restless. He feels as if he's being pulled by an invisible force, like the ocean when the tide comes in.

That's why, tonight, for the first time, he's used his fire power to fly into the city. He is dressed rather differently than he usually is, his face fully covered by the mask he wears. One might see him flying, very quickly, propelled by bursts of blue fire.

At last, he comes to rest on the roof of one of the taller buildings and stands looking out over the city, wondering why he felt compelled to come here. The moon is waxing, and its light is bright.
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*Up to this point, he'd been looking forward to the memories; all the little memories of Tomoe, their marriage, their meeting, and so on. It had been spurring him on, knowing someone was waiting for him. Someone who loved him, who was waiting for him to come home.

The end of that illusion came, ironically, in a dream not long after the last batch of anemoi he got.

It was too vivid to be anything other than a memory. Images of her collapsing, then her in a hospital bed. And then... a phone call after a heroic rescue, a hurried rush home, and opening the doors to the sight of HER, tastefully laid out in the traditional style, a sheet covering her prone body.

He woke up, still confused; it was a dream, right? But then he reaches his cheeks, and feels the tears, and remembers. Six years ago, now.

Tomoe was dead.*


*Not that he shows it too much in public. He tries his best to be his usual cheerful self around others; only when he's by himself does he let the melancholy in. He doesn't need anybody worrying about him, after all.

But maybe you catch him in one of his down moments. Briefly. Do you approach?*


You know, I was thinking. A guy like me, hoarding all these memories for himself when other folks might want some! Seems kinda selfish, doesn't it? How about I just give some of you guys the ones I find instead? Just for a little while! Come on, what do you say?

((OOC: 3% on Tomoe's illness and death.)
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[A particularly irritated turtle walks the streets of Sirocco. He looks around and sees... ape-like creatures. Nothing but ape-like creatures. A low growl escapes his fangs. Everything seemed too different for his tastes. He couldn't remember anything that happened before coming here, but he deep inside him that he's out of place. This irritates him.

On his way over to... well, he isn't even sure where he's going... he looks to his right and sees in glass his reflection. Horns, spiked turtle shells, fangs, claws... All of his features served to make him look nothing less than intimidating. He was, he had to admit, quite handsome. No doubt he could take some time to admire his reflection some more, but this image further emphasizes how... different he is.

He spends the rest of the day like this until he returns back to his apartment room. After unlocking his door, he squeezes himself in and... sees his roommate, Isaac.]

Rrgh... Terrific. Another ape. Figures my roommate would be another one of you.

... What're you waiting for? Show me where I'm supposed to get a shut-eye around here! I just got here and I'm not in the mood to stomp you for being stupid.

[He impatiently crosses his arms, waiting for you to do as the giant turtle monster says.]


... Is... Is this thing on?

[It's on, but he's not using it properly. In fact, all you really see is just his eye. Talk about a close-up.]

I nearly broke this thing when they first handed it to me. So all right, I'll bite. Anemoi's the stuff that's supposed to give us back our memories, right? Little rocks or jewels or whatever that's just lying around or given as hand-outs. What's stopping me from just snatching them right out of your hands?

Seems pretty easy when you guys're so puny.
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[Saleh stands at the top of the large hill not too far from the lab. It's a fine spot to be watching the city from, but the view isn't what he's interested in today. This is just a place he's taken a liking to.

Both hands raised to chest level, at first glance, his posture may seem odd when a small cube appears out of thin air. It rotates slowly before vanishing as Saleh drops his hands back to his sides. He lets out a mirthful breath.

There are exceptions, after all.

[He brushes his fringe aside, only for the breeze to blow it right back in place. He smirks.]

The wind is especially good today.


Nov. 13th, 2011 02:30 pm
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I'd been wondering what these funny little things were all about. It turns out they're genuine magic crests! Magic's never been my specialty, so I figured they were just cereal box prizes all this time. Most attack spells don't do anything I can't do just as well with a solid piece of wood, but it looks like most of what I can do with these is more about looks than anything else. This one can make light rays and shield against magic, and these two can make weapons glow, and hm, there's a Gathering spell on this, that could be pretty useful...

More importantly, I finally remembered my full name, Joachim Valentine! It's just one word, but I feel far more myself for having remembered it. I suppose this really does mean that the Lots weren't my blood family. I had a feeling that was the case, but having it confirmed makes me even more curious.

One more thing! There's a new invention where I come from, a huge metal ship that flies through the air. It's hard to swallow, I know, but do any of you remember anything like it?

((1% on the rest of the le Havre chapter, covering both his real name and Grand Papillon. 1% on the magic, 1% on the Bacon Jet yes that is really what it is called. 11% recalled, 2% left.))
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Who: Anyone and everyone
What: The castle nearby means to teach visitors the meaning of fear.
Where: Unsafe zone
When: Halloween
Warnings: Mentions of dead animals

A youth once sought how to shudder at a castle. A haunted castle now lies just outside of Sirocco, awaiting unsuspecting visitors to claim in the name of fear.

Read more... )

( ooc: This is a free-for-all log, so make your own threads for wherever, whenever; multiple threads for one room is okay! Feel free to make up your own areas and things based on the story, this is just a starting point. It may be a good idea to label in the subject where the thread is taking place. )
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You know the most frustrating thing about slowly remembering things is that everything comes in snippets. I haven't really regained a full memory as of yet and it's starting to piss me off. I guess I'll have to do some work to uncover everything as quick as I can!

[ Her voice sounds uneven, almost as though she was shaken up over something. ]

I just have to know what's going on! I can't just sit back and think everything is fine when it's not. That girl.. who was she? I want to know what people have been doing when they remember things right now! [ Pausing to consider something. ] Those stones.. Anemoi? I can turn those in for memories, right? Where can I find more of them?

[ Around noon, Rin can be found leaving the lab with her satchel in hand. It seems to still be full of whatever she brought in with her, an annoyed look on her face. After chatting with the folks inside, she decided to keep her spare pieces for now, displeased with the answer to her questions. It was best to keep them for an emergency, wasn't it? Especially when there's no chance she'll remember more of something she recalled. Not up for the gamble of remembering another tragic thing, she can be found trudging back to the apartment building. ]

[ Later in the evening, she'll try another message... ]

Halloween is coming up pretty soon. I think it's childish, but I can't say no to free candy. Does anyone have any plans?
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[It's been a couple of days since the absence of a certain warrior. At this point, Saleh's convinced the boy in question wandered off into oblivion or, somehow, went back to that forsaken world of his. Not that Saleh cares -- there's only the tiniest bit of regret that he didn't get his fill of entertainment.

In the halls of the Ermis Suites, Saleh laughs. Perhaps he should've beheaded him, after all.

I never got to see what would become of you. It's a shame, Lawfer . . . All that awaits you is sure demise. But that's not such a bad thing, now, is it?

[Later, Saleh can be found at the tailor's, where the woman behind the counter argues with him in a futile attempt at keeping him there for a little extra profit. The loose threads at the end should be mended, she insists, but he's not interested. He'd just wanted that tear on the right side gone. He snatches the fixed cape from her grasp.]

That's enough, my dear. I didn't pay you to talk. Or is that too difficult for you to understand?

[With that, he leaves the workshop and fastens the collar of the cape around his neck. Much better.]
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*Kotetsu hums to himself as he works with a piece of material he'd picked up from the store. The money from all that random junk they'd picked up in the Item World had turned out to be more than sufficient to pay for the damages to the kitchenette, to his great satisfaction. And now a memory's returned, and somehow he feels like he needs something to accompany it. Something... familiar.

He finishes his work and holds it out in front of him. A little crude, but it'll do for the time being. Just a little bit of elastic banding and...*


*He stands up here, the familiar feeling of a mask around his eyes, his hands on his hips, looking out over the skyline.*

All right, Sirocco, listen up! You don't have to worry anymore! Crime, disaster, mayhem -- all of it! You've got a guy here who's going to take care of everything for you! For I am... Wild Tiger!

*Cue a dynamic set of moves!*

And evil is going to quaver at... my WILD ROAR!

*Pause. He relaxes, rubbing the back of his head, grinning.*

Ahhhh, that feels great! I can't believe I forgot all of that.

((OOC: 1% back to both his superhero name/gimmick and the rest of his full name. FINALLY.))
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[ V I D E O ]

Uh, hey there! [wave wave!] I just got read-in to this weirdo program--or something, but I think they're trying to help us out!--and wanted to know how everyone else started!

Because, I don't know about you guys, but I came equipped with some pret-ty funny pajamas. Ha ha, wonder why I'd need a hood just to go to bed! It's fun to play with, though.

[And all throughout this, John's been sporting unbearably wide grins and contemplative frowns, his buck teeth sometimes catching on his lip when he opens and closes his mouth. He's a pretty expressive 13-year-old!]

But yeah! How did you all get the swing of things around here? Or is that something I've got to figure out on my own?

[He's about to turn end the feed, but with a dramatic gasp he stops short.]

Oh man, forgot to tell you guys! I'm John!

Okay, now I can turn this thing o--

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Cut for introspection, depression, and fire. )

#1: [Anonymous Text]
Have any of you discovered that you possess unusual abilities you can't explain?

#2: [Video, some time later]
Hello. My name is Yuri Petrov, for those of you who don't know me. [He looks tired, but he smiles.] I happen to have an extra anemoi. [They pay him fairly well at his new job at the law firm, though they don't give him more than one or two anemoi a week.] if there are any of you here, especially children, who find yourself unable to gather the gems, I'd be happy to give you mine, and to contribute more in the future to those too young or otherwise unable to work or explore outside the city.
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Well, that is not a very fond memory that I just regained. I swear that if I ever see that stupid looking, loudmouth blond again I shall make him suffer beyond belief.

[1% on Axel kidnapping Hanako and Taro.]


Oct. 7th, 2011 11:41 am
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You know, Mokona isn't the only Mokona in the world, since she grew up with another Mokona! Mokona and Mokona were raised by a guy who lived in a big house and a woman who lived in super cool shop. They liked each other very much, and liked to be drunk and argue almost as much.

Mokona's full name is Mokona Modoki, which means "Mock Mokona". Mokona Modoki is the name of Mokona's friend, too, so there must be other kinds of Mokona we've never met. Since Mokona and the other Mokona are "Modoki", there must be a difference.

Mokona has lots of special tricks, but she hasn't remembered them all yet. Maybe Mokona who are "Modoki" and Mokona who are not "Modoki" can do different things.
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Who: Kotetsu, Valvatorez, Saleh
What: Action! Adventure! Anemoi acquisition!
Where: Ruins northwest of Sirrocco.
When: Monday-ish?
Warnings: Mild violence, cruelty to animals.

After some off-screen party banter... )
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[After this memory, Valvatorez does NOT go straight to post about it. Instead, he goes... to the grocery store.]

[Oh, Hades. The feeling of sinking your teeth into them. The taste, the texture... how could he forget this ecstasy?]

[He stops long enough to leave a brief, desperate message:]


That is all.
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*Yuri -- and quite possibly anybody else in the apartments around the two -- will find themselves awoken by the most ungodly sounds of crashing and breaking things. Investigation quickly reveals the source in the apartment's kitchenette. The stove is broken, and the counter looks like a boulder crashed on it. And in the middle of it all, keeping his hands to himself? Kotetsu. Glowing blue like a bug zapper.*

...Hey, uh... what do you say we eat breakfast out today?


*And so, sometime after this little disaster -- with a now normal Kotetsu -- he's in a diner somewhere in town, a cup of coffee and a rather greasy breakfast in front of him, looking at his hands.*

Ah... I think I'm remembering now. Geez, what a way to remember that...
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[As Lawfer is heading back to his room one day after idly spending an afternoon doing nothing in particular, he stops dead in his tracks right in the middle of the 3rd floor hallway.  The shout is probably loud enough to be heard by anyone in their rooms.]

I'm... dead?!

I have a theory to propose about the truth behind this place.  It is the world of spirits.  We are each of us deceased, awaiting the judgment of Hel.  ...Tell me why I am wrong.


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