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*Hiroshi does not want to talk about what happened back there. At all. As if he didn't have enough body horror nightmares on his own without adding to the pack thanks. And that's not the only thing that's been rather upsetting about the whole mess...*


Anybody seen Mr. Rudolph around at all? I've been wanting to get back to work but I haven't seen him around.

If not... I don't suppose anybody has any research they need done? I think I need something to relax.

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*By now, word is pretty much out about the nanites in the air. Hell, Montfort had apparently been hit by the effect, which had required him to find a new tank to replace his old one. The little guy might be more capable of being out of water than the average octopus, but he's still an octopus.

Hiroshi, however, has been on edge ever since the word got out. People and creatures, transforming into monsters. Talk about hitting too close to home. He's been trying to distract himself with work, but he's clearly pretty agitated about the situation.

And then, one day looking up information, it happens. A sharp, sudden pain shoots through his whole system like a lance. He grips himself, feeling panic welling. No no no no no...*

S-someone! Anyone! H-help me...!
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*The memories had swapped back, leaving Hiroshi saddled with yet another nightmare scenario. This one made even less sense than the previous ones; he didn't even LOOK like himself. He'd swear it wasn't him at all if people weren't calling him by name, and if Takuro (damnit, Takuro, why do you keep dying) hadn't been there at all. But the monsters were there, and those little recurring details.

The bait-and-switch has left him feeling drained. He seems like he's not paying much attention to anything as a result, almost going through the motions of things more than anything else. He's beginning to wonder what sort of genocides he pulled off in a past life to deserve this sort of a situation.

Either way, even if he's trying not to act it, he is visibly depressed.*



No, forget it. I just...


Sorry. It's not important.

*He disconnects. What was THAT about?*


Jun. 4th, 2012 09:34 pm
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I knew it!  I knew I was incredible!  I can fly!  I can fly! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

[Well that was disturbing.  Someone stop Palom before he leaps off the top of the apartment buildings.  Luckily, he seems to be taking some time looking extraordinarily constipated intense as he tries to summon up the gigantic storms he remembers conjuring to, uh, save his life from a planet filled with... burning oil?  Whatever.  The point was, he could fly!

No really someone stop him he's about to jump.]

Aero!!  Aeroraga!  AERORAROGA!!! Why isn't this working?!

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Just when my memories were starting to make some sense, I remember some pretty absurd things. Well, I want it on the record that if there are any alligators here, I intend to boil them alive before they can think of doing the same to me!!

[ Huffy and just as classy as usual. Rin intends to deliver as she carries on in her higher-pitched bitchfest fit. ]

Also geez, I really though I would handle death a lot better than I did. Why would I kick a sword? Furthermore, why would I let it send me flying? I'm starting to think that I really dislike swords. They're usually associated with jerks.

... Er, no offense to those of you here that use them. [ Spoken in a tone that's not apologetic in the slightest. ] Ugh, are we still ending up with memories we shouldn't have? I don't really recall speaking that way, so it must belong to someone else.

So right. One of you unlucky jerks has a dead brother. I think it was your brother. It might have been your father. Well, do what you will with that information.

OOC: Backdated to June 2. Also with Dave Strider's memories.

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[Hector had one of those literal 'catapulting out of bed' nightmares, something powerful that won't stay down, friends screaming.... It takes a while for him to work up the nerve to ask, but when he does - he tries to put on a detached air, but it's clear from the look in his eyes that he's been shaken pretty badly]

Uh - does anyone know anything about some sort of... ugly, blue creatures? That... Sorry, just. trying to. make. sense of -

[He gestured uselessly]

(Hiroshi's memories)
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*So one minute, Hiroshi is hit by a train thingy. A rather familiar train thingy, so he's not surprised he's unharmed afterwards, but a train thingy regardless.

Then he remembered something. And holy crap, what a something.*


I'd just like to say I'd like to offer my services as a doctor to anybody and anyone that needs it. It seems I managed to become quite the doctor at a young age, so I think I can help out anybody who's injured.

...ho ho ho.

((OOC: Guess who got Mordin's medical repetoire?))
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[The video feed clicks on to reveal a relieved John. He's surprised that he found it so quickly. This kid makes losing communication devices into a fine art form. He's actually lucky it was still in his room and not flung haphazardly out a window. The angle is a bit strange though, as he seems to be in the process of pulling the communicater out from the depths of his closet.]

Finally! I thought I'd lost this thing.

[Leaving it on, he moves to sit down on his bed.]

Hi guys! I haven't checked out the network in a few days now. Did I miss anything cool?
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[Lillith had been washing her clothes religiously until she got a stipend and is out shopping! After staring at the cars and traffic lights until someone finally tells her how to use a crosswalk.

She has to be a practical girl - save some for food, and other necessities. It's amazing there's massive ready-made clothes, and they seem to have some label to help with sizing, they must have some really advance spinning jennies to do something that neat!

Funny how she remembers silly things like that and not her full name. She's currently in a clothing shop, looking at a dress close to the style that she wears, and drops the price tag, letting out an audible squeak]

Eeps! Why is it so expensive?!

[Anyone want to break it to her? Or just hang out for a shopping trip]

((ooc: 1% on remember general tech-level of her world))
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*He starts awake. He's gotten familiar enough with his method of remembering things at this point to figure out that the dream he just had was a memory. And again, it makes no sense.

He walks out of his room, and looks briefly into Palom's. No sense bothering the poor kid about it. He's pretty sure he wouldn't fully understand anyway. And he doesn't want the kid thinking more about the unfairness and horror of the universe than he strictly needs to. But he needs to talk to SOMEONE.

So he walks out into the hallway. Carefully and quietly walking along, he eventually locates the right room, and knocks on the door. He just hopes Gordon isn't too put out by this.*


*Mind, the lack of sleep does kinda get to him. So forgive him if you seem him nodding off while working for Rudy, or in the library, or at lunch, or...

Yeah, he's not so good at the sleep deprivation thing.*

((3% on the totality of Ao Oni 2.0-4.0.))
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[On one hand, Yuta was smart enough to figure he probably shouldn't leave his room too much today for the sake of his sanity!

On the other, he totally forgot he left his phone on because it's just no fun otherwise. The video portion is pointed at the ceiling, but it's not that hard to make out what Yuta's saying. After all, no point in fighting the urge to talk if no one's around to hear, right?

Just what the heck was up with that memory? It was so weird, it had to be a dream. Dead rabbits and people turning into plants?

...Ugh. Talk about a troublesome guy. And he tried so hard to kill his own daughter and son...


Even I couldn't kill anybody in the end. And it's better that way.

[There's a creaking and a thud. Sounds like he just flopped on his bed.]

I can't stop thinking about that stupid Taisuke either. Geeze! It felt safer when I was with him, but I can take care of myself here just fine.


Hope he's okay, back at home. It was a long time ago, but if there's still Comrades like me around, there might have been others still trying to attack him...

((OOC: 10% on the rabbit illusion incident.))
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Looks like I'm going to be blurting out everything I remembered just like the rest of you idiots.

I come from the continent of Tellius. There were normal people like me there, but there were also stinking half-beasts we called sub-humans. Well, some people called them laguz. I guess that's the proper word. Anyway, they were half-animal, half-human, and they could take full animal forms to fight. Complete savages, basically.

Here's the confusing part. I was fighting alongside these smelly freaks as part of some Laguz Alliance. I don't get why. I must have been blackmailed or pressured into it. It's like some kind of stupid joke that this is the first thing I remember. It almost makes me sick to my stomach.

Something a little better--I learned that I'm a master archer. Probably the best on the continent. I always knew I was the best at something, but it feels good to figure out what, exactly.

((2% spent on sparse knowledge of Tellius, the laguz, and his fighting role in the Laguz Alliance.))
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[users may find several beeps and strange noises coming from their phones as Lillith plays with it, trying to figure how it works. There's an imagine of the floor and someone's mary janes]

Is this on? I'm Lillith and I'm afraid I don't really know much else. Uhm... except, when I went to bathe earlier I... found several scars on my body. Maybe I was in a bad accident and, oh zounds I'm rambling on! I'm sorry!
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[He'd been trying not to show it after that mission to the tower, but Gordon was still a little shaken up. That pale bloated... thing, still haunted his mind, along with the dull remembrance headache of the psychic shockwave it sent through them all at the top of the tower. What the hell was it? Why did the name Advisor spring to his mind so quickly? God, and that thing escaped too. That means it's OUT there somewhere. Who would be able to stand up to it? Even with all their firepower, it still had all of them totally at its mercy. In fact, if it hadn't been for Samus, than Hiroshi would have been...]

[Video, to Hiroshi]

Hey, kid... You doing okay?

[Video, to Samus]

Hey. Thanks again for saving Hiroshi from that Ad--from that overgrown grub back there. You seemed to know what you were doing in that tower better than any one of us. Some of it... ring familiar to you, I guess?

[Video, to Sirocco]

Anyone here ever get the feeling that they might NOT want all their memories back after all?
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Who: Samus, Gordon, Rudolph, Shirou, and Hiroshi.
What: Battling aliens and color puzzles.
Warnings: Spooky aliens.
Your rate for collecting items was: 2%.

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*Seems like it's not only the heroes who have been paying attention to the string of events. Hiroshi's at the library today, but as a bit of a break from all the reading, he's pulled out a map he bought of Sirocco, and currently has it spread on a table. He flits with his phone a bit, nodding, before adding small marker points all around the map.*

Hmm... so the last one was here, but the one before was way over there. It's almost like they're deliberately as scattered as possible. Curious...
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Hello everyone! [ Not only is Rin Tohsaka cheerful, but she's got a strange outfit on. Yes, those are cat ears. ] Kaleido-Ruby here to inform you that everything is going to be alright! I'm going to go kill all of the monsters that invade these lands and bring back enough Anemoi for everyone to remember! There's one thing you have to remember though in return!

[ Just going to wink at the camera now. ]

I'm the cutest hero you've ever seen! Time to go save the day!!

[ After that video call, "Kaleido-Ruby" can be found making wild proclamations of justice throughout the streets, as well as arguing with her weapon. Don't worry, her weapon talks back. Often with wittier remarks than the girl herself. ]
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*So apparently he's not ALWAYS a bookish shut-in. Hiroshi is actually out and about today! To... get library books, okay, fine. But he's also at the pet store today, looking into octopus chow. Montfort's adorable, to be sure, and shockingly easier to take care of than what he's read about, but darned if he doesn't need a lot of love and care. Which is hard when you have a roommate that you have to constantly keep an eye on to make sure he's not either trying to feed it bad things or turn it into something NOT an octopus.

If he's not there, he's out in one of the parks, writing in a journal and looking at books. There might be a few psychology texts in there...*


Mar. 26th, 2012 07:41 pm
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The screen shows... what looks like some kind of ranch behind a familiar Peacock. Said Peacock is clad in not only his usual robes but a giant canvas jacket and a hat.

"Hullo, everyone. I discovered something noteworthy at to-day's job." The camera pans to the side and up, showing a sign reading HONEST CID'S CHOCOBO RANCH AND COMPUTER REPAIR. Then it pans down a little, displaying footage of rather a lot of birds a bit larger than he is. Then it pans back to Shen. "These animals are called 'Chocobos' and I'm told they tolerate being ridden by humans, rather like horses and, even more interestingly, I'm told they are able to scare off monsters, though I haven't gotten anything more specific than that, yet. I thought this might be of interest to the next anemoi-hunting expedi--" He's broken off as one of the Chocobos has sauntered right up to him and now headbutts his shoulder in a decidedly friendly manner.

"Ah-eh... they're... friendly...." The Chocobo headbutts him again, and then snuggles him.

"Hooo-eee," a voice behind Shen exclaims. "Whah, Ah think she lahkes yew, there, Sean!"

"Shen. My name is Sh--DO YOU MIND!?" The Chocobo has now worked its head under his jacket and is attempting to get into his robes.

"Yew'd better be keerful, it's matin' season, yanno!" the rancher chortles. The Chocobo continues attempting to molest Shen, to his increasingly frantic protests. Eventually the rancher, a hayseed-looking human, wanders over and tugs at the Chocobo's feather crest, distracting her. "Okay, okay, Beulah, Ah know he's purteh, but he's got work ta dew. G'wan, git!" He gives her a light swat and she wanders off, emitting a sharp WARK! as she goes.

Shen is ruffled and humiliated and the rancher thinks that's the funniest damn thing he's seen all day.

"Hey, whyncher tell them freinds'a yewrs ta come on down! Get half-off a Chocobo with ev'ry compewter repair!"
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Okay, so, lemme get this straight.

I don't know where I am, I don't know who I am, and I'm supposed to just sit here in this nice stupid room and ...what?

Just deal?

No. Nope, I'm outie, yo. This place can't hold me in and it sure isn't givin' me the answers I want.



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