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*Hiroshi does not want to talk about what happened back there. At all. As if he didn't have enough body horror nightmares on his own without adding to the pack thanks. And that's not the only thing that's been rather upsetting about the whole mess...*


Anybody seen Mr. Rudolph around at all? I've been wanting to get back to work but I haven't seen him around.

If not... I don't suppose anybody has any research they need done? I think I need something to relax.

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[Gordon had heard about what happened through the network of gossip, although the source was unreliable at best. He's pretty sure Hiroshi didn't eat an entire building in one gulp, for instance. But he WAS sure the kid didn't appreciate being a horrible monster any more than Gordon did, so he's just not going to talk about it for a while.]

Rudolph's missing?
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Have you checked his phone? The apartment?
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...Maybe. Damn. I thought he was gonna stick around. [He sighs, plucking off his glasses for a moment and pinching the bridge of his nose.] First Jaime and then Samus... now him.

I know he meant a lot to you, Hiroshi. There's always a chance he'll come back, but I can't say anything for sure right now...
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...So... Do you plan on continuing his work?

[Yeah, it's a bombshell to drop. But Hiroshi's really the best one to do it, no matter how young he is.]
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[That earns a genuine smile.]

And I know you're going to do a helluva job.
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Hiroshi! Hiroshi, I need you to look up something for me, right now!
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How many frogs can I fit into a shoebox without all of them dying?
If I set the apartments on fire by accident, how much water do I need to put out four floors?
What kind of animal is a tiger and is it bad if I keep it in the room?

I need you to look up what happens when the flow of time is only stopped in one small area!

[Well at least it could be marginally interesting.]
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There's definitely presidents. I just did it last week.
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I didn't know it was going to happen. It was kind of a surprise.

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You do research to relax?

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Haha, not really. But it's not something you hear everyday either. Most people do fun things to relax.
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Hehe, calm down. Geez, everyone here is so defensive.

I was just wondering if you had any hobbies besides homework?
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Well, yeah.... But so are other things.

What kind of movies do you like?

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