Jul. 5th, 2012 05:30 pm
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[Transmission is made from Mokona's bathroom. She's floating around in the sink with a Mokona-sized inner tube and a Mokona-sized glass of lemonade.]

Everyone's been having hard times for a while, haven't we?

Mokona thinks that everyone should do something fun, like a beach party! We can grill things to eat and swim and play games and hit watermelons with sticks. Mokona won't organize it all herself, because Mokona's too lazy and too small to carry a lot of watermelons, but Mokona will "get it rolling"!

...Those big crab monsters like to come up to the beach sometimes, so someone will have to make sure they stay far away. Or make sure that the ones who don't stay far away end up on the grill. They do that at some of the seaside restaurants. They taste good.
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Well I can see why those Superjocks get too big for their panties...

[Joker grins from ear to ear]

So how's the city? Enjoying the fun new You. I know I am! Just don't lose your head over it!

Mehwehahahaha HA HA HA!

[As he cackles, his head suddenly pops off, and he catches it with his hands before setting it back - dramatically "Screwing" it back on]

Whoopsies, guess I still got a few screws loose! Anyways, I think I'll go out and paint the town red!
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*Hiroshi does not want to talk about what happened back there. At all. As if he didn't have enough body horror nightmares on his own without adding to the pack thanks. And that's not the only thing that's been rather upsetting about the whole mess...*


Anybody seen Mr. Rudolph around at all? I've been wanting to get back to work but I haven't seen him around.

If not... I don't suppose anybody has any research they need done? I think I need something to relax.



Jun. 28th, 2012 08:09 am
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[There's a man-sized caterpillar prowling around the Ermis Suites today. It's not doing much of note - mostly crawling about and munching on plants, and anyone who first encounters it from a distance will find...nothing of note. Just a big caterpillar-EVO doing regular caterpillar things.

Get too close or even just linger, however, and people may find that the world becomes a little different. A little more interesting.

Because that's when the voices start.]

(Note: Auditory hallucinations are go. Feel free to hear whatever you want!)
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Okay, everyone stay calm! Good news, I know what's going on here with all the monsters.

Bad news, the monsters all around town--they're EVOs! I don't know how it could've happened, but there must be nanites here, inside everyone by now, probably. They don't normally do anything, but they can turn any normal person or animal or even a plant into these EVOs! They usually get turned into monsters who don't know what they're doing, but not always--it can pretty much be anything.

Long story short? If you're noticing anything new or weird about yourself now, chances are you're an EVO too.

The other good news is, I'm an EVO too--and I can cure other EVOs. I don't know if I can get every single one, or cure everyone before someone gets hurt...but that's not going to stop me from trying.

Just...whatever you do, don't kill anything--they could be your next door neighbor. And if you spot an EVO, take it down without killing it! I don't know how this started, but I'm going to put an end to it.
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--Oh! Oh is THAT how it works! It has an actual "on" button... That's kind of cute.

[The voice is light, female, accented in a way that can only be described as "Ukraine by way of Mars," and sounds as though it's run through some kind of filter... Though the last part makes perfect sense when one looks at the face--or rather, mask--accompanying it. Said mask peers into the camera curiously, two eyes JUST barely visible though the refractive glass.]

Those... scientists at the Lab told me that I should call the others and introduce myself. My name is Tali... aaand I don't know much more than that.

If you're wondering about the suit, it seems I can't take it off. The environment here is "hostile" for me... though I don't remember all the details of what they told me, exactly. That was a lot of information to take in when you're running a high fever. It's not as though it's uncomfortable I guess; in fact it feels like I've always worn it.

[She lets out a small breath, respirator lighting up.] I'm rambling. They've given me room 408 of Ermis Suites... wherever that is. I'm sure I'll be getting to know a few of you very soon.


[The top floor of Ermis Suites has rooms mostly uninhabited... with one of the empty ones now being paced about on the inside by the same blue-swathed girl as before. The strange articulation of her legs and two fingers to each tailored suit glove make it obvious that she isn't human, though other characteristics affirm that whatever she is, she's definitely female. The door is open, and she looks a little... overwhelmed.]

All this space, for just one person...?


Jun. 15th, 2012 12:40 pm
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Dave was strolling along when a poorly formatted but colorful flyer caught his eye:

dance club

Is looking for a new DJ!!!!!!!

Previous DJ got lost in a shed, sense of direction a must. Previous experience a plus.

if your interested call Steve


As he stopped to look at it, a thoughtful look spread over his face.
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[Karkat, after disappearing and reappearing, is for formality's sake being reprocessed through the labs just in case his memories have been stolen again. The staff tries to go through the script and repeatedly remind him that even if he remembers Sirocco, he might not recall everything and may be disoriented. He's been repeatedly telling them to shut up and leave him alone while being jostled around.

They knew this was coming. The pressure cooker just sprung a leak. He can be heard from the apartments easily.]


I fucking know! Anemoi! Jobs! Monsters! Apartments! My name is Karkat Vantas and I'm a troll from Alternia and I had several terrible friends and was an apalling failure! My symbol means "freak of nature who should be skewered full of arrows and burned alive for being awful garbage" and my lusus loved dead things that smelled like shit! My wriggling day is the twelfth bilunar perigee of the sixth dark season's equinox! I have an extensive collection of dumb romantic comedies on my grub drive! I remember all the pointless bullshit I rememered while I was in this dump and I remember all the new and inane memories I made with the amnesiac chump asshole brigade who lives here!

[He tears a calendar off the wall and begins kind of crumpling it up a little just for effect.]

How long was I even gone, anyway?!? Should I have aged or something? Was I in stasis? I can't fucking make sense of your bizarre so-called "human earth calendars!" What even is a "month?" Like four solar sweeps? Wonderful! The more time I missed in these zany human-infested behemoth leaving-grounds the less I can claim to have witnessed of the shittiest gathering of wiggler-fucking morons in probably all universes ever!

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okay, so i just remembered a whole bunch of stuff.
if they're actually my memories, then i think my family was really weird.
and also my hometown was haunted or something.
but that's not really important right now.
because i keep hearing people talking about getting back other peoples' memories.
but if that's a thing that can happen, then how do we know that ANY of the memories we've gotten back are legit?
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[The video feed clicks on to reveal a relieved John. He's surprised that he found it so quickly. This kid makes losing communication devices into a fine art form. He's actually lucky it was still in his room and not flung haphazardly out a window. The angle is a bit strange though, as he seems to be in the process of pulling the communicater out from the depths of his closet.]

Finally! I thought I'd lost this thing.

[Leaving it on, he moves to sit down on his bed.]

Hi guys! I haven't checked out the network in a few days now. Did I miss anything cool?
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[Palom comes onscreen with a mask.  He already had a cape all along so he is totally half of a supervillain-hero-whatever already.]


I am the great, uh... Fireball ... Fiend!  No wait that sounds super lame.  Sage of Stupendish...ness.  Superpendishness?  Stupendous!  Stupendous Sage of Superness!  I demand a lot of chocolate or else I'm going to turn you into a pig.  That's right!  You don't want to risk that, huh, do you?!  You'd better give me every last piece of chocolate you've got!

[Yeah no the Joker had nothing to do with this one.  Palom's just being Palom.]

[In practice, Palom is more interested in fighting supervillains than being one, which is why whenever anyone leaps out in a funny costume the next few days, they are immediately set on fire.]

Geez.  What kind of supervillain name is 'The Great Eayaaaaugh'?  I came up with something way cooler.  In my sleep.
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[The library. Again. Rudolph is peering at the screen with a serious expression]

Well - I figured out why I have the skills that I do. Or rather I remembered why. It seems besides my medical practice and research that -

[The man takes a breath]

I am a hunter of dark creatures such as Vampires and Malignant Therianthropes. I do not remember why, but only that it was extremely dangerous and had many close -

[There's a crash off-screen]

What in Ezra's name...?

(1% on remembering vampire hunting career, 1% on remembering Lambordia)
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[Salarians don't sleep a lot, only one hour a night. But sleep they do. Mordin woke up after only half an hour, got a notebook, and immediately started writing furiously.

About thirty pages later, he stopped and started going back over what he had written, then made a video post.]

Complete biological knowledge of Turian anatomy. Hmm. Was hoping first memory would be...useful in some form.

[hella backdated to when Mordin moved in]

[John Egbert! of room 413! There is a space alien in your room!]

[1% on medical knowledge of Turians.]


Mar. 28th, 2012 08:04 pm
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i guess it was bound to happen sooner or later
remembering family
good to know my family was just as fucked up as i am
i guess theres some kind of point to this or something
but im not sure what it is
before all of you get your panties in a twist over your burning desire to learn every detail of my personal life
i had an older brother
he was a fucking weirdo but in a cool way

[[3% remembering Bro Strider, in great detail. 9% left over.]]


Mar. 27th, 2012 05:23 pm
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Helloooooooo, humans!
Tod8y I have a question for you.
Have you ever heard of a g8me called SGRU8?
Or something like that. I don't know what they would call it on other planets.
Derse? Prospit? Skaia? The Incisisphere? Is any of this ringing a 8ell, or do I have to deal with 8eing more interesting than everyone else AGAIN???????

Katkart doesn't count, 8ecause he'd 8e a 8oring loser no matter what we had in common.
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Okay, so, lemme get this straight.

I don't know where I am, I don't know who I am, and I'm supposed to just sit here in this nice stupid room and ...what?

Just deal?

No. Nope, I'm outie, yo. This place can't hold me in and it sure isn't givin' me the answers I want.



Mar. 16th, 2012 07:51 pm
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so uh
i guess rin beat me to it but i might as well say it
i found a webcomic saved on my computer
i think i made them
theyre fucking awesome
and thats all there is to say about that

oh yeah you can read it here
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Hey guys!

I finally remembered something! Check this out.

[He reaches into... somewhere, and pulls out what looks like a strangely shaped can of shaving cream. Then he puts it away gain. A card seems to be involved somehow, but it's difficult to tell. He pulls out a few more random objects, a hat, a box of gushers, etc. And then puts them all back.]

Pretty cool, huh? I can't believe I forgot that I had one of these.

And look! I have a strife specibus too!

[He pulls out a hammer. It looks ridiculous. But he seems to like it...]

[Anywho, 2% spent on the use of his sylladex and strife specibus. 4% remaining.]


Mar. 3rd, 2012 01:17 am
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[Oh you know what he'd officially take the blue monster things over this. Karkat has no talent for not randomly experiencing misfortune in cases where misfortune happens to be amusing, and this is no exception. He has been unwillingly patrolling the hallways of the apartments pinball-style for fifteen minutes, and in a testament to the power of his superior alien whatever-trolls-have-for-lungs, he is only on his third distinct expletive.]

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[Dave has braved the rain of goo in his typical ironic rap-ninja fashion for a series of incomprehensible errands. He's gone to look at a super sleek motorcycle of some kind, Kotetsu's powersuit, A series of enormous, expensive speaker systems, and...toothbrushes?

After this he makes his way to the roof of the Ermis Suite, clears the slime off of it, and turns it on. He then goes on to produce a box of brightly colored, glowing toothbrushes that have a high speed motor that does unclear things while it's on and a built in sound system that plays music whenever you brush your teeth.]


Who wants a ridiculous, tricked out, high octane toothbrush?

((1% spent on how to use the Alchemiter))


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