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Well I can see why those Superjocks get too big for their panties...

[Joker grins from ear to ear]

So how's the city? Enjoying the fun new You. I know I am! Just don't lose your head over it!

Mehwehahahaha HA HA HA!

[As he cackles, his head suddenly pops off, and he catches it with his hands before setting it back - dramatically "Screwing" it back on]

Whoopsies, guess I still got a few screws loose! Anyways, I think I'll go out and paint the town red!
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[He turns the phone off and pulls the blankets over his head. Ain't no way you're getting him out of the house to fight you, clown-boy.]
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Not you again! Not now!
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[He didn't mean to turn on the video button. But he did. So have this random kid staring at you with an expression mixed somewhere between horror, disgust, exhaustion, and confusion...

Before deciding N O P E

He has dealt with too much bullshit in the past week. Nope. Nope nope nope, not dealing with this.

He turns the phone off and flops face-down into his bed to groan.]
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okay no.

Rex takes one look at the broadcast and knows immediately that this can only end badly. And he's exhausted from the past week, but he still decides to pull himself out of his apartment and go search for this guy.

When Rex spots him from his position in mid-air above him, he un-builds his turbines and falls directly downwards, curing hand at the ready and aimed directly at Joker's detachable head.]
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Dude, that was awesome! Is that the power you got from those nano-thingies?
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Hehe, yeah that would have been pretty cool. Imagine all the pranks you could pull!

All I got was this weird thing where I could change color, which got old pretty fast. But that guy already cured it anyway.