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And we have our first PC monster

[After hearing about the monsters and witnessing Ran's pyrotechnics, Shen went on to see what all the hubbub was about. He's already encountered civilians screaming and running from horrible slime creatures and another one beating a giant bug senseless with an umbrella. In some ways, it looks like someone took 'normal day in Sirocco' and cranked it up to eleven.]

[He rounds the corner and passes a cafe with a giant hole in the wall and is nearly to the end of the block when the wave of dizziness hits him. He staggers and leans against a lamppost. Panting and nauseous, he has maybe a moment to wonder what the hell is happening to him before he blacks out.]

[Instead of falling to the sidewalk like any normal being, however, his senseless form twitches violently and, with a terrible wet cracking and a tearing of fabric, he changes, transforming into a ten-foot-tall monstrosity. Two pairs of sparse, pointy wings beat the air while a third pair curl inward, the claws at the end twitching. The feet develop foot-long talons, the legs bend unnaturally at two pairs of hips, the tail becomes a thrashing, barbed whip. Three glowing red eyes flick open and the beak opens, displaying row upon row of sharp teeth, emitting a horrific, multitoned squawk.]

[This creature that used to be Shen gouges at the sidewalk with its talons as people flee, screaming. Its wings snap outward and it takes to the air. Is it leaving the city?]

[No such luck. It folds its wings and dives, talons outstretched, into a crowd that attempts to scatter. Its shriek can be heard for nearly a mile.]
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The thing that was once Shen suddenly found itself blindsided by a giant heat-ray coming from the thing that was once Marisa. She had been turned into essentially a giant tube, which held itself up by many many hands that seemed to sprout directly from the main body. At the back end was some sort of huge array that was held up to the sun. At the front end was a significantly smaller lens. Her whole body was now a giant, organic laser that fired sunlight, and it was trundling down the street towards Shen, knocking people and cars aside!
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[The Marisa-beast squeals as one of its many hands is lopped off, but proves itself to be surprisingly flexible, rearing back like a cobra so it can get a better shot at the Shen-beast. It's "eye" starts glowing again.]
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[The laser fires a split second before Marisa gets hit, resulting in a continuous stream that starts on Shen but then swings wildly off to the side, setting a nearby storefront on fire as she twitches in agony.]
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[Well, it's not like it was hard to find them. They're kind of big, and causing quite the ruckus. Rex rushes over as quickly as he can. Thankfully, he's coming the opposite direction of the burning storefront.

As such, he bursts through the wall of the store across the street, giant mechanical feet first.]


[He immediately aims himself and his feet at Marisa, ready to knock the giant monster down with his momentum.]
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[The Marisa-Beast swings around to deal with this sudden other threat, but hasn't charged up enough juice to fire another laser yet.

So it gets a boot to the head, and is sent tumbling into the burning storefront.]
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[One monster down, one to go.

Rex doesn't dodge this attack, no. Instead, he too lunges forward, switching from mechanical feet to mechanical fists with his arms aimed squarely at the monster's face.]
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[Rex is too busy bracing himself with his giant fists from the tail to pay attention to its color scheme.

He thankfully manages to protect himself from any of the barbs, but the sheer force of the tail smacks him across the street and into a pile of rubble and debris from the burning storefront, making Rex look like the red-jacketed cherry on top of the disaster.]

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*Kotetsu has been feeling weirdly under the weather today, but that doesn't stop him from driving in to take care of the issue. Which... turns out to be a lot, LOT bigger than he expected.*

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*He scrambles backward awkwardly and without grace.*

All right, beaky, looks like we're gonna have to get wild here!

*He activates...*
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*Or tries to, anyway. All he really gets is a massive coughing fit.*

*COUGH COUGH* Wh-what the -- *COUGH* THAT'S never happened before!

*That's okay, Kotetsu, we're sure it happens to plenty of guys.*
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N-nice big bird! Can't we all just get a -- YEEOW!

*Getting time is go! Damnit, this is so humiliating!*
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*Kotetsu does NOT waste this opportunity. He dives into a convenient hiding spot.*

CrapcrapcrapcrapCRAP, come on, NEXT power, don't fail me now!

*Again he attempts to activate. Again he coughs.*

No -- *cough* -- no way...
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*If there's one place that's pretty terrible to be caught without any super powers at all, it's in the middle of a kaiju fight giant monster warzone. It doesn't help there's a lot of debris in the way, so now he can't really get out whether he likes it or not.

He pulls out his cell phone.*

OI! OII! I need backup! Like FIVE MINUTES AGO!
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Well, where are you? In the place with all the loud screeching and the crashing or the place with the... koala... er. I hope it's the first one!
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Re: Voice

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Well, you know, those drop bears can really cause some serious I'M IN THE FORMER WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK, DUMBASS?!
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Well, there's no need to yell about it!

I'm on my way! Try not to die!

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