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[Hey, everyone. It's Theta Sigma again. He looks a bit... annoyed.]

'Allo. I've got a question.

[He hefts a little brown and white kitten into view.]

Anyone want a cat? I can't handle this animal, I just can't--

"That's 'cuz you're a wuss!" [Yes, that tiny voice came from the kitten. It TALKS.]

You can see why, can't you?

"You just can't handle my sheer good looks and virility! You're threatened, human! Threate--oo!" [This last happens because he drops the kitten into a box.]

Otherwise, he's a perfectly normal kitty. Collar says his name's 'Mittens,' but I don't think it fits 'im. If you take 'im off my hands you can name him whatever you want.

"box box box box box box box box box...."
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Hey, a talking cat. Cool.
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Any proper magician needs some kinda familiar, and talking cat is classic material. Yep, this'll do nicely.
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[About a minute later, the door is flung open. What is this knocking thing everyone keeps talking about?]

Here to pick up one faithful familiar!
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[She takes the box, nods thanks, and is on her way again.]

Oh don't worry, I think we're going to be best friends.
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...How did that thing not turn back after we set off the signal?
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That signal should have changed everyone back... well, Rex DID mention that some of these EVOs will be incurable. Maybe Schrodinger here, is one of them.
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[He snorts a laugh.]

You and me both. You find anyone to take him in yet? Don't take that as an offer, by the way. M' not exactly a cat person.

[Especially not THAT cat.]
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It's the first time I see a talking cat. [ She does smile a little at that. ]