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When the local government distributed these phones to us, I doubt their intention was for them to be used as some sort of personal announcement service.

[...Is that it? Apparently.]

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Oct. 28th, 2011 02:48 pm
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[ The feed turns on to a close-up of Haruhi's face, who's grinning ear to ear. However, she backs up slightly, folding her arms as she yells out loud (and if you're in her apartment or live near her, you'll be able to hear): ]


This is Suzumiya Haruhi speaking. [ Of course, she still doesn't 'technically' remember her last name, but she trusts Kyon's judgement when he told her so... she'll be using it. Besides, it's not like amnesiacs would lie, right? Right. ] Anyway, I remembered something really amazing! Apparently- I was right! I'm a really important person, a brigade leader in fact!

And what brigade is that, you ask? [ As she asks that question, she says it with a detective's intonation, as if she's trying to make you curious. ] It's the ultra-special, super-cool, S.O.S Brigade!

Which is short for "Spreading Excitement all Over the World with Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade"! Now then, what does this brigade do? [ Pause... ] I don't remember! But, that doesn't matter! Until I figure out what the brigade is truly for, I'll be using this brigade in order to have fun, find aliens, time travelers, espers, and sliders-- and make life really exciting!

Also: Kyon, right? You're a part of this brigade, and I don't care if you don't remember- you're still an official member, and I'm keeping it that way!!

For everyone else, just meet me outside of the apartments if you'd like to join! I'm sure it'll be really exciting!

[OOC: Regained the SOS Brigade's name in full, plus the end of Endless Eight, leaving her memory regain in total to be 1.2%. Write up is here, as usual.]
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So this is how the mortal world ends. [ A soft spoken voice accompanied by a gentle sigh afterward. ] Well, that's what I would prefer to believe. That this is the after-life because how could a person forget everything about themselves? I'm scared.. because what if I can never recover what's been lost? I want to know about my parents, my friends, my life.. What did I enjoy doing at school and was I ever in love... yes, those are the memories I need to remember right away.

[ Lifting one of her arms in the view of the camera briefly, she looks over the bandages that are covered in her blood. ]

Oh. [ The realization hits her quick and she hides her arm again. ] Could you put my mind at ease and maybe tell me what you have remembered?

[ Later in the evening as the sun begins to set, Caren can be found wandering along one of the harbors aimlessly. It seems she has no real goal in her steps as they often change paths. It doesn't appear as though she's exploring much of anything though, golden eyes staring off at something in the distance. ]
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i just remembered something that wasn't about the most awesome dude in the history of awesome dudes.
oh fuck this is weird
i am a father!
my daughter is named casey and i don't remember who her mother is :(
it's very upsetting!!
but i remembered that i love her very much, so i hope she's doing okay without me around.
maybe her mom is taking care of her! i sure hope so........

[1% => OMG NICK CAGE I LOVE HIM, 2% => sweet loving daughter Casey, but not that she's a giant yellow salamander. Also he doesn't remember he uses blue, so it's black for a while!]

[ooc: HI GUYS I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING LATE WITH THESE TAGS ;A; if y'all don't wanna back tag this, that's fine, I understand completely ;;]


Oct. 25th, 2011 02:07 pm
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[ Those that happen to be paying attention to their phone today will be greeted by a rather odd looking fellow. Dark skin, bushy hair, and... what the hell is that covering his face? It actually covers his entire body but it's not like he's going to show that off right now so... ]

Yo, this thing on?

[ He'll give a few taps to the screen. He isn't even really sure what the hell he's doing. He's never even seen one of these things before. At least, he doesn't remember if he has. Not that he really remembers much, but that's aside from the point. Well, it looks like it's working, so he'll continue. ]

So, from what I gathered, everyone's pretty much in the same sad position, huh? That sucks. But, y'know. I don't think I really give a damn about who I was. Or what the hell these people actually want me to do. I mean, seriously? Risking your life to fight some stupid ass monsters to regain some shitty memories doesn't really sound like any fun to me. What if the memories you get back are terrible ones? What if you hate yourself for remembering them? Yeah, doesn't sound too thrillin' now, does it? So while ya'll are out there, doing whatever the hell it is you do, I'm gonna be here having real fun.

[ A momentary pause. His facial expression changes from that of a cocky child to, well, one that actually looks sorta perplexed. ]

Uh, so... what the hell do you guys do around here for fun, anyways?


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