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[Shampoo pops up from the bottom of the camera with a wide smile stuck on her face. It's a bit of a surprise to see her with make-up on and in a Mandarin Gown instead of her normal martial art outfit but it's no surprise when you see the background. Behind her, the small building with the sign Cat Cafe has a banner with the words GRAND OPENING and balloons in front.

She closes her fan with a flick of her wrist and points directly at the camera.]

Nǐ hǎo ma? Are you hungry for the best noodle dishes? Fried rice with shrimp? Wonton soup or chicken feet? Szechuan mapo tofu or Hong Kong style congee?

Then lái-lái, lái-lái! Come in to Cat Cafe! Come in! Our doors are open! Where the chef and workers are pretty to look at and food tastes delicious. Today's grand opening so all prices are half off!


[It's a bit mind-boggling to see how many people came and stop by to the small building. The lines are thankfully short but tables are packed, forcing some groups of people to sit with strangers they might not know.

The 17 year old girl is running around taking orders and serving food but the majority of the time, she's in the back kitchen putting on a small cooking show. With fire and throwing knives! Best duck when one of them comes flying a bit too close to your personal space.

((ooc: A mix-and-mingle post, feel free to tag other people in the restaurant. In addition, Barnaby gets 2% for his pay.))
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Terrific news! I've remembered some things about my past! It seems I owned a tea shop in the great city of Ba Sing Se.

There was a boy working there with a scar on his face who called me uncle. He always seemed on edge about something. Maybe he didn't like the wall hangings...

[2% spent on the memories described above.]
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[Audio -- Filtered from Kaguya]

I'm sorry, but I have...a matter that I've been dwelling on for the past three weeks, and I still haven't been able to figure it out. I would appreciate it if someone, particularly someone who is well versed in these sorts of issues, could help me resolve it.

You see, a good friend of mine here...asked me out on a date. On Valentine's Day. One that she seemed to enjoy very much. And due to, er...circumstances regarding said date, I ended up promising her a second date to a location of my choosing.

Thus, I am...trying to sort out my own feelings on this issue. I believe she has feelings for me based on her actions, and I need to determine how I feel about her so I can resolve the matter, one way or another. Would anyone have any advice on what to look for or how to interpret it?

[Audio -- Filtered to Kaguya]

Kaguya, I have found the restaurant I would like to take you to. Is there any particular day that you would like to go?


Feb. 28th, 2012 10:54 am
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Iroh found his way to the Ermis Suits easily enough. He didn't really have any possessions beyond the clothes on his back and the video phone that he had shoved in his pocket after a cursory examination (He'd look closer at that later.) so moving in wasn't any kind of ordeal. The only thing left to do was meet the neighbors.

So there's a fat, old, balding man wandering about the Ermis Suites with a smile on his face. On running into you, he says "Hello! I'm Iroh...and apparently that's about all I can tell you. I'm still kind of figuring things out here, you see."

Or something to that effect.


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