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Because of the moon falling, Mokona's a little late with the job board this time! For everyone new, this is Mokona's job. Mokona finds out "irregular" things that people want done and then tells everybody else. Some of them are hard, but some of them are things that everyone can do.

Helping People Jobs

- There's a lot of snow around now! It's not very exciting, but we need people to sweep it up off the sidewalks and driveways. We also need people to sweep it off roofs so they don't fall in, which is a little more exciting, but easier to get hurt doing.

- Someone's wedding ring fell in the sewer! Pretty gross, huh? Anyway, they need someone small with a bad sense of smell to go in and get it for them. Most of the drains where it might be are big enough for someone short to stand up in, but anyone big would have to crawl. If you really need money, you can do it, but it could be really gross.

Scary Jobs

- The bears were getting pretty worked up a while back. A few of them even chased a boy up a tree. It's cold enough for bears to start going to sleep, which is good. But one of them decided that the best place to sleep in the winter is Farmer Murphy's goat shed, which isn't so good, because now the goats are too scared to go inside.

- A gang of peg-legged penguins with swords came and stole Mr. Yamanaka's beautiful prize tropical fish. He wants his fish back and the thieves punished. This might be a job for the "heroes" but he's worried enough about his fish that he's okay with going "freelance".

Big Jobs

- We really are getting a lot of weird monsters around! Someone in town wants to put together a helpful book about them, but some of them are trouble and she says she's too busy to do everything herself.

There's a lot of monsters and animals, so the pay depends on how much "info" you can bring back.
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[ Sitting outside on a busy street is one Caren with a crudely painted sign propped up by her side:


[ Caren herself is dressed in more revealing clothes than usual (minus the red cloth) and is without emotion on her face. Yes, she seems more focused in ringing the loud bell in her hand for attention. ]
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[Valvatorez, out and looming dramatically at night, suddenly finds his attention focused on the swollen moon. A memory stirs...]

The moon... is...

[He suddenly drops to all fours, eyes widening in momentary panic.]

This... I've seen it before! But how? What is this?!

[The memory grows more and more jumbled. The moon... no... the Earth growing larger in the sky?]

No... this makes no sense! This isn't the Netherworld I remembered!

So why is this all so familiar...!


[Having regained his composure, Valvatorez clears his throat.]

I think it's about time we all accepted the very real possibility that the moon is, in fact, falling.

Do we have any sort of countermeasure available to stop it?
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Before I arrived here, I was an active member of the church. [ Non-capitalized because she hasn't quite regained that much of her memory. ] Seeing as this is the season most popular for the church, I've decided to get involved. Since you've all been worthless leeches to this city for the past few weeks, you should donate as much as you can to the church.

[ Without a change in her features, she continues. ]

By the church, I mean me. As an active agent of the church, I have a headache from all of the bells ringing and that song where a boy who's yet to reach adolescence sings about wanting me. This is for your own good.

Refusal will result in me following you around constantly reminding you that you're a heathen. Don't act as though I will be unable to locate you. I've been watching all this time. [ With that, she gives a light smile. ] Plus, the Lord will guide me to the sinners.

Please make checks payable to 'the Magnificent and Ever-so-Gracious Caren'.
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[The screen flickers in and out before focusing on a close up of someone's eye. The person finally pulls back, the face of a young Chinese looking girl looks a bit annoyed and unimpressed stares back at the phone. The girl's face scrunches up as she tries to figure out what to say.]

Aiya, is this working? So... Shampoo... yes, that's my name... Shampoo gets that we working government but that it? We get anemoi only working with them? No other way?

[Viewers might notice the way she trails off, eyebrows twitching as something familiar tries to resurface... something about washing hair? But that's stupid... she shakes her head, the faint sounds of bells jingle through the system.]

Either way, I want memories back. Don't care if dangerous, will take out opposition. Oh! Found my new room...


[Those who happen to be on the third floor of the Ermis Suites might notice the sounds of something crashing through dry wall and wood and concrete. It seems Shampoo decided to take a different route into her new place. Basically, Room 318 has a new doorway courtesy of this strange woman.]

Ni hao!
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Okay, so. I just remembered some more stuff and...I think I was a--a superhero back home! Or, uh, something like that.

Wow, this sounds ridiculous.

I mean...I don't know what else you'd call flying around beating up bad guys with green energy beams. [Danny shifts, his gaze moving to the corner of the room off-screen. He fidgets and looks significantly more awkward than a supposed superhero ought to be.] Not like that makes it any less weird. Dead people beating up bad guys is always going to be weird.

So! Uh...does anyone else come from a place where superheroes aren't totally fictional, or is it just me?

((OOC: 1% on fighting mooks and bad guys throughout Reign Storm, as well as public perception of him afterwards. 3.5% remaining, 4.5% total memory regain.
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*Already the whole situation seems like some sort of a bad reality television show; he just shows up there with no memories, and is somehow expected to buy the idea that memories can be just extracted from little green jewels. And he's not even given any opportunity to verify this for himself personally, since they won't allow him to work in the lab for his anemoi. So here this boy is, in his black school uniform and his long white scarf, flicking through the smartphone options.*

There has to be a library around here somewhere. If they're not going to give me the specifics on how anything works here, I'll find them myself.


I suppose it's custom to introduce myself according to the techs, so. My name's Hiroshi. And that's all I have. I have to say this whole anemoi thing sounds terribly unscientific, but I guess I don't have much of a choice other than to roll with it. For now, anyway.

Also, is there a "Palom?" I guess I'm his roommate.
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I'm curious. Of all the slow trickle of memories we've been recovering, who among us has remembered his or her parents? Aside from a strange dream I've been having lately, the first thing that came back to me was what kind of man my father was. Not a name or anything of the sort, just that I admired him a great deal... I wanted to carry out his dream for him, not caring that he had failed to grasp it himself. I suppose such naivete is natural for a child. Ideals, even those that are possible, can't simply be inherited.

...Excuse me. I shouldn't treat these communications as a diary. Still, the question stands; perhaps it's information we could bond over, as long as we're trapped together.
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I've recovered more of my memories, and they've given me much to think about. However, in addition to memories of my personal life, I've also recalled some more techniques for fighting.

Thinking about locations to practice, though, gave me an idea. What I, and I'm sure many of you, might benefit from is a specific place where we can practice the techniques that we've learned and remembered in our time here. A place like the park certainly has open space, but it isn't intended for practicing martial arts.

What I'm proposing is that a small group of us pool our money together, buy a building currently for sale, and convert it into a dojo or something similar with the specific purpose of training ourselves in the various styles of combat we know. Would anyone else here be interested in such a proposition?

[Ky has remembered his position as Commander of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights, Ride the Lightning, Sacred Edge, and Greed Sever. 4% spent.]
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Your attention please, everybody! This latest deluge of memories are of utmost importance for us all.

Sardines are an excellent source of vitamin B12 and tryptophan. In addition to these, they also contain omega-3 fatty acids, and are a good way to get your daily intake of selenium, vitamin D, phosphorous, and even plain old protein! As if that wasn't enough, you can add calcium and niacin to the list as well. Backed by the unparalleled set of perks of this nutritional powerhouse, eating sardines daily can strengthen your bones, keep your heart running at full power, and even make you grow taller!

Vitamin D, of which a single serving of sardines can provide over 50% of your daily needs, is an important nutrient in the area of preventing such conditions as...

[He's not shutting up any time soon.]

[[2% spent on sardine nutritional facts.]]
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While I admit the quality of this dress is up to par with my expectations, the cut is severely lacking in style. I wish for my original dress back immediately!

[She wasn't originally dressed up for Halloween, but she's now wearing an even more scantily clad dress.]
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I have been absolutely bored lately. There is only so much television that one can watch or books that can be read before one cannot stand to do either anymore. I believe that this calls for an excursion on the outskirts of the city, as I have not fully explored there yet.

But, as I am a lady, I am in need of an escort. It would not be proper for me to be out by myself. So who would like to accompany me?

[[OOC: The plan is for Rozalin to have a perfectly pleasant stroll while whoever goes with her is plagued with nature. Not necessarily monsters, but normal creatures like birds or other mostly harmless things. More than one person is welcome too!]]
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[Axel has some day-old bruises and bandages marring his beautiful face, but that's no excuse not to show it off. He has important business to discuss, and what kind of loser uses words to convey his ideas? He tries to keep a conversational tone instead of seeming angry or nervous.]

Hey, so! If anybody else has any crazy accusations about felonies a spectacular guy named Axel may or may not have committed before contracting a tragic case of amnesia, let's all agree to settle whatever grievances there are in a nonviolent way. Please?

Ow my eyebrow...

In better news, though, it's all starting to come back to me! That's right, you're looking at a regular prodigy at recovering from weird memory afflictions. But of course, what else could be expected from...


[Yeah, that was a backflip and a dramatic pose on camera.]

I just knew I was intedimensionally famous before I came here. Some things are engraved on a demon's soul! That's technically all I've remembered for now, but as I'm sure some of my legions of adoring fans are in this lousy city, I'll be considerate enough to keep you all updated. Especially when I remember what a Dark Hero does! Axel out!

[1% memories spent, 99% remaining.]
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Well, that is not a very fond memory that I just regained. I swear that if I ever see that stupid looking, loudmouth blond again I shall make him suffer beyond belief.

[1% on Axel kidnapping Hanako and Taro.]
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Exiles, I request your attention once again! A particularly important memory has resurfaced in my mind.

[To the video screen, Valvatorez presents... a nice, shiny kitchen blender.]

What you see here was once an ordinary blender. However, following some recent investigation by myself, it is now a level 10 blender; it cuts faster, blends sharper, and I think it might be more energy efficient, too.

This was accomplished by entering and fighting my way through ten floors of the blender's Item World. Nearly every item small enough to be carried has an Item World of its own, and can be similarly improved. While this can be quite useful, it is also extremely dangerous. The deeper you travel into an Item World, the more dangerous of foes you may face - and high-grade items will have powerful monsters in their Item Worlds from the very beginning. Furthermore, you'll only have a chance to leave every ten floors, unless you bring a Mr. Gency's exit with you - I acquired one on my trip through this blender, and will gladly give it to someone who aims to practice some caution.

If anybody wishes to traverse the Item World, talk to me and I'll happily teach you how to enter them. However, this should not be attempted by the weak of power or soft of heart, nor would I advise going in alone if it can be avoided.

...Unrelatedly, I learned that my previous job title was "Prinny Instructor". A fine profession, although it changed to "Janitor" when I took on a new job this morning.

[[1% spent on the Item World, 1% spent on how to access his status screen. Item World lessons will be off-screened, as the game is extremely vague about how it works. Contact me if you have more questions about how all this zaniness works.]]
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[After this memory, Valvatorez does NOT go straight to post about it. Instead, he goes... to the grocery store.]

[Oh, Hades. The feeling of sinking your teeth into them. The taste, the texture... how could he forget this ecstasy?]

[He stops long enough to leave a brief, desperate message:]


That is all.
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[It was no surprise to anyone, least of all himself, to find that he was perfectly at home within a library. He had spent most of his time there, reading up on various subjects to try and trigger some memories. When he finally remembered something, it was bittersweet at best - he was a mage, and supposedly an adept one, but how to actually cast was still beyond his reach.

Going out on hunts with the others would have to wait. In the meanwhile, it might not hurt to find employment... and what better place than where he was currently sitting?]

Ha... if magic is supposed to be my forte, why is it I cannot remember how?

[He's currently off for the afternoon, which means... nope, he's still going to be in the library, patrolling shelves, looking for books. He's found a few he recognizes as magical theory, but nothing has triggered anything.]
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[Action A; backdated to Saturday evening; for Gintoki]

[After a long day at the amusement park, even the excessive amounts of cotton candy Jr. had eaten were wearing off. Sleep was sounding like a really good idea, so he headed to his room to rest... only to find that he wasn't alone anymore.]

Oh you have got to be kidding me.

[Action B; video]

Gaignun Kukai Jr., huh? And I'm the son of the director of some place called the Kukai Foundation. Wish I could remember what kind of place it is...

Anybody else remember anything neat?

[Action C; outside somewhere]

[Now that the amusement park had faded and taken its exciting distractions along with it, Jr. was anxious to try out the lovely twin pistols he had arrived with. He's not stupid enough to actually fire them, but he can't resist twirling them and posing like a total dork.]
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1) [It's early afternoon, and crashing sounds are coming out of room 319. The door is wide open, but it may not be patently obvious what's going on - Catherine bought herself some tools after remembering her aptitude for making repairs and is taking apart her Pip-Boy to make a few upgrades. Also she is swearing loudly.]

Fucking goddamn it all to hell, I knew I should've bought a flashlight!

2) [Later in the evening, Catherine remembered some more - though what, she's not saying immediately. She's taken to pacing the first and third floors, taking the stairs, walking around, but freezing up at doors before scurrying backwards.]

Outside. Outside. Oh god oh god oh god I'm really outside...
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[Carnivals!  Roller coasters!  Cotton candy!  Exposure to too many foreign sights was overwhelming his brain; though Lawfer assumed it had something to do with the memory loss at first, careful observation of the others' reactions to the spectacles convinced him otherwise.  'Theme park' wasn't even in his vocabulary; asking someone to define it for him had resulted in nothing more than a brief spurt of laughter.

Either he had lost far more memory than the others, or he was simply from a vastly different place.  Either way, though he could grudgingly admit the park was enjoyable at some points, it was far too much to handle in a single day.  He looked forward to the comfort of a bed and a cold bath.]

[A: The first challenge: the elevator.  Anyone walking into the lobby will find a man pulling at two stubborn doors that refuse to budge, despite being assured that they would lead straight to his room on the 3rd floor.  He could only imagine that the stairs were behind them.  If only they would open.  Banging, kicking, and trying to force them apart with all his might leads only to strained shoulder muscles.]

I have clearly been directed to the wrong location.  Where are the rooms I have been assigned?

[B: The second challenge.  At some point, a wild yell will be heard from Lawfer's room, after which he barrels out the door as quickly as possible.]

Demons!  Demons!  Inside a box!  Do you hear their voices?!  The room is accursed!  Quickly, call for an exorcist, a priest; they may take material form at any moment!

[Astute listeners will notice that the television is on.]

[C: The third challenge.  After the business with the demon-possessed television is cleared up, Lawfer will be knocking at your door, largely devoid of clothes, and well... Let's say medieval knights don't usually shower that often.]

My apologies for the intrusion, but I cannot locate the communal bathing area.  Where is the well from which the water is drawn?


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