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[Maybe it's because of the recent memory she got... Or maybe it's just her normal practice when it comes to work. At any rate, Marona is helping out with multiple jobs around town. One minute, she's leading a rhino and a pair of ferrets back to the zoo. A little later in the evening, she might be found sweeping up trash off of the streets.]

-Oh, I'm sorry! Was I in your way?
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Someone said the memories we're getting back aren't really ours, right? Because... I just remembered a lot of very strange things. Getting turned into a pig... getting arrested... and I think my mom acted badly at a big party? And somehow, I was a boy.

...This is really confusing.
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Mokona was away being kidnapped this month, but Mokona's back safe now!

Mokona got turned into a bad guy and beat up some superheroes, but they won and fixed her in the end. Did Mokona miss anything fun?
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[The video starts out focused on Danny's face--that same black-haired kid that popped up a while ago screaming about not being dead. Right now, he looks particularly worried.]

So, uh. Does anyone know anything about cats? Because...I think mine might be dying.

[He turns the video around to focus on his cat--actually, Kyon's cat, Shamisen, from before he left--on the floor, trying to cough up a hairball with little success thus far.]

He's never done anything like this before, and I--I don't know what it is, or how to fix it, or anything!

[After a long, long hiatus absence from the skies, Danny Phantom returns to night patrol! He does the usual stuff--flying around, watching out for trouble, standing on rooftops looking somewhat mysterious (he hopes)...

...And also flying through a whole group of birds without realizing it until they become a squawking mass of angry beak-attacks.

Interrupt/watch/laugh at him?]
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[Marona looks unusually subdued today. Though her hands aren't visible in the video, judging by the movements of her arms, she's fidgeting somewhat.

Okay, deep breath. While she doesn't particularly want to talk about it, she can't help but think that it's only fair for the others to know.

I... remembered some things about home.

[Another pause. It's now or never.]

I think... most people didn't like me there very much. I have a power, Chartreuse Gale, and it lets me see and talk to Phantoms. But people don't understand it, so they think I'm possessed, and that the Phantoms are just telling me what to do so I can trick them.

[She hangs her head.]

That's... that's not true at all, though! There are very nice Phantoms out there. But normal people can't see them, so they don't understand.

[She falls into an uncomfortable silence for a moment.]

That's all I wanted to say. Um, if you think it's creepy, then... That's okay, too. I just wanted everyone to know.

[She quickly ends the feed.]

((OOC: 4% on her daily life.))
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[Action; at the greenhouse]


[Is throwing garden shears at a villain too violent, when Rosalia just wants him out of the greenhouse until somebody who's supposed to deal with this stuff gets here? One of the drawbacks of being confined at home from age eight is that the third-grade lessons on stranger danger tend to fade away even without the amnesia. Never mind, Rosalia's got a hose and she's not afraid to use it. The villain in question is dressed like a starfish and why on earth any starfish villain wants to break into a greenhouse is beyond her, but he should be able to take it.]

Just stop it already and go away! You're not even scary.

[And okay that's a lie, she is scared, but she's also angry.]

The ocean is that way. Okay?

[Text; a while later]

Hey Palom, can I ask you something?

And to everyone else, if you know how to fight or do anything else like that - why did you learn? It's something I've been thinking about for a little while now.

(4% spent on early life after adoption. Move on, nothing notable here.)
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Everyone's out and about and fighting strange people~

Mokona's going to stay safe indoors. Except not really, because Mokona ran out of popcorn and needs to go shopping later, and the weather's been super nice out. But mostly, Mokona is being responsible and staying safe.

Yesterday, Mokona learned how to play a game called "Mad Libs" from a bad guy named "The Mad Libber"! It's really fun. Mokona's been making her own so she can play them with friends. And Mokona's version doesn't have cutting up things with axes, it's just a fun word game. Mokona's not good at a lot of popular physical games, even though she's really good at jumping. In Twister, Mokona can only fit on one dot at a time, so it's no good unless she's the one with the spinner. But that's okay, since Mokona likes to watch and tell people what to do.

Anyone who wants to come play games with Mokona and Marona should come and do that! Games are always fun with a lot of people.
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[Action at the park]

[Much like everyone else, Marona has run into some trouble with the local super villains! Today's offender is an older woman in a red mask and a very flamboyant stage outfit. All Marona has to defend herself with is... a flower?]

Mwahahahaha! That's right little girl; run while you can! The Madame de Masque will show you no mercy!

Please... can't we just talk this out?

Madame de Masque has no need for talk! Have at you!

[The woman charges at Marona, who gives a short yelp as she holds out the flower. As if that would help, right?

As a matter of fact, it does. Because just before the woman can reach the young girl, she is swept up by a short gust of wind filled with flower petals. The spell drops her on the ground in a daze, and Marona peers over her flower at the woman.

...Did that do it?

((OOC: 2% on item skills!))
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*The park is a scene of chaos today! A man in a fox suit cackles madly! With... a lot of confused animals milling about.*

"TODAY! TODAY IS THE DAY THE ANIMALS REVOLT! Fear us, humans! I, The Red Fox, have come to liberate all of animal-kind from the oppressive forces of humanity! Soon, you shall face our wrath! Go, my animal companions!"


"You dare defy me?! I speak for the good of all of us! This is our shining moment! I -- whooooooa! Is that a female fox I see before me? You are a shining beacon of foxiness! What say you and I get together and go wild, eh? We can rule over these humans together!


*From pretty much everywhere in the park, you hear a sound that's something along the lines of "P-chyuuuun!"*


*Ran sits on a picnic blanket, sipping tea peacefully. There's the smell of slightly charred fake fox fur coming from a man sitting rather sheepishly nearby, nursing a cup of tea.*

Now, see? Isn't it much better to act civil?
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I finally remembered something! There was a man who visited me - I think it must have been at my house. He said he was part of something called Human Activists for Rare Monsters, and he wanted me to help protect a rare monster for him called a Putty.

It was really cute! But we ran into a lot of monsters when we followed it... We had no choice but to fight. ...Did I normally do that?

There was a large monster that attacked it, and I remember we were able to rescue Putty, but... I don't remember what happened after that. I hope he's safe...

((OOC: 4% on the majority of Chapter III: Meeting Putty.))
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Oh man, guys, I never thought I'd be saying this, but the library's got the greatest stuff!

I know how it looks, but this book-- [he holds up this book] --is really great. It's got this action hero traveling through time and taking on all these adventures, and he falls in love with this woman, even though he knows it can't last! And they're both keeping secrets from each other, trying not to hurt each other but they're really just making it worse in the long run. Just listen to it:

[He opens the book to a random page and reads.]
"She walked across the room and picked up her towel, still wet with shower water. “Torolf,” she said softly, “there’s something I have to tell you…”
But her bed was empty.
Torolf was gone, escaped out the bedroom window. In the distance, Hilda heard the fading sound of galloping abs."


[Wait, no, he's getting too excited. That's seriously uncool. He puts on a grumpier face, to make it look like he's not actually that interested.]

...It's way more exciting than anything going on around here, anyway.

((OOC: 1% on El Amor De La Pasion Del Amor, and his love of shitty Spanish soap operas and trashy romance.))
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[Somewhat near the lab is a very confused looking girl! She was told to go to the lab, but with that dragon... snake... thing there, it's kind of difficult.]

What should I do...? Nobody said anything about this.

[Give her a hand? Misdirect her? It's a newbie who doesn't actually know what to do for once! Anything is possible!]


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