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[private, hackable]

To think that I served in a Netherworld of such importance... extraordinary. The role of Prinny Instructor would have even more import than I thought in such a place.

With every memory, the story becomes more complicated.

[public, video]

Tell me, Exiles. What is it that you fear in this world?

[[2% spent on Hades and its relation to the human world.]]
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[The image that swims into view, if you're viewing, is a man's midsection. The man has a white t-shirt on and what looks to be an unbuttoned uniform shirt of some kind over it. There's a moment of muffled laughter as the camera adjusts to its subject's unusual orientation, and the field widens to reveal Keith. He's currently hovering in mid air, a blue glow outlining his body and shining in his already very blue eyes.
Sensing the camera has completed its adjustments, Keith runs a hand through his hair, which looks a little wind-blown, and tries not to grin so widely.]

Hello, everyone! Ah, I know I haven't seen some of you in a while. I've been working very hard at my job as an officer of the peace and spending time with a few new friends I've made here. I've been happy to hear about the things you've remembered, and I've remembered a few things myself. It's nice to know my full name-- Keith Goodman, it's nice to know that I like my eggs sunny-side-up, and it's nice to know that I seem to have some kind of power over the wind or the air! I mean, I can manipulate the wind to carry me-- if I want to, and I can fly, but not very fast, unless there's a high wind. I've been experimenting in an unpopulated area because I didn't want to frighten or injure anyone. But my control of the power is pretty fine. I can also direct the wind with gestures.
[At this point, Keith settles, feet on the ground. The blue glow diminishes.]

It's great being able to fly, of course! But I don't really know what I actually do with this power when I'm at home. I don't have any memory of that yet. I hope I remember that soon. In the meantime, now that you all know, you won't be surprised to see me in the air when I'm not on duty. Although I am going to talk to the Sergeant and ask if I can use my power on patrol. I think it might be useful!
Thank you!

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Nov. 15th, 2011 02:31 am
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Um… I know there have been complaints about using the phones for personal announcements… but I remembered some new information and I’m… I’m just so happy! I’ve remembered my home!

I lived in a place called Jinbocho. It was a neighborhood that specialized in book stores! There was a street of nothing but book shops for as far as the eye could see! The shop owners were all so nice… they certainly understood book enthusiasts! They would even set things aside for me if they received a book that they believed would catch my interest! And they would chat with me about new releases and were always so eager to know my opinions…

They were all wonderful people. I hope they’re all doing well…
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Okay, so. I just remembered some more stuff and...I think I was a--a superhero back home! Or, uh, something like that.

Wow, this sounds ridiculous.

I mean...I don't know what else you'd call flying around beating up bad guys with green energy beams. [Danny shifts, his gaze moving to the corner of the room off-screen. He fidgets and looks significantly more awkward than a supposed superhero ought to be.] Not like that makes it any less weird. Dead people beating up bad guys is always going to be weird.

So! Uh...does anyone else come from a place where superheroes aren't totally fictional, or is it just me?

((OOC: 1% on fighting mooks and bad guys throughout Reign Storm, as well as public perception of him afterwards. 3.5% remaining, 4.5% total memory regain.
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[action 1; backdated to right after the Doomtrain came through]

[Well that sure was weird, huh, guys? Booster is now wearing a nice green tux with a red hat and is understandably looking pretty confused.]

That... That really just happened, didn't it?

[action 2; afternoon of the 1st]

[Booster can be found on the streets of Sirocco today, headed in the direction of the Ermis Suites. (Yes, he's dressed normally today.) In and of itself, this is a very non-notable, everyday occurrence. But today, he's carrying a giant stuffed beetle in his arms. ...Wait, what?]

Man, he really did cart this thing all over town.


Nov. 1st, 2011 11:10 pm
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[It's still Halloween, and there's a trick that's been happening all over town! Mysteriously, people's clothing have been disappearing right out of their closets. Only the most boring clothing is stolen, anything in vibrant primary colors is left behind. If one was quick enough, they might catch a glimpse of a blue super hero and a pink magical girl diving out their window with a giant bag, trailing bits of clothing behind them... and laughing like it's going out of style.]

[[OOC: Note! You don't have to participate in this. Only those that reply to the post will be stolen from. Catch them in the act, or run into them later on in the streets! Also, for those curious, this all started here!]]
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The area just outside the hotel is a memorable area, if only due to the frequency one sees it. On one corner of the intersection is the hotel itself. Across the street houses the Public Gardens. Across the other street, shops. The fourth corner, rarely mentioned, is a small park the size of a thin city block. Overlooking the intersection is a statue of some now-unknown local hero.

Tonight, however, it is a different statue. Now it is a classic, a man sitting down looking thoughtful, resting his chin in his hand. Under the statue is a plaque:


[[OOC: In layman's terms, have characters who are curious comment here and you'll find out what happens at the appointed time.]]
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[Keith comes into focus. His manner is a little odd at first, as if he doesn't quite know how to feel about whatever is on his mind.]

Hello! I know many people have been recovering memories, and I wanted to let the group know that I've recovered one as well. I have a dog! Well, at home, I have a dog-- his name is John. I think he must have been what I was missing in the park, since I remembered us running together. Now that I remember it, I miss it more. No offense to my running partners. You're excellent companions. Thank you!

Also, speaking with a new friend helped me to decide what I'll do for a job. I will be working as a police officer in the city. Everyone I've had to deal with so far has been very helpful and understanding. I'll probably be walking a beat, so I'm sure I'll see many of you around town. I'm looking forward to enforcing the laws and assisting as many people as I can!

Thank you!
[Keith throws the camera a parting salute.]


Oct. 21st, 2011 11:20 pm
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[Rosalia looks elated when she appears on the screen, and when she speaks the excitement is evident in her voice.]

Hey, I've remembered something now! My family--I have a dad, and a big brother. I don't remember their names, but I remember they're my family. And I think I was really happy with them!

I wonder how they're doing now...if I'm here and they're not, are they going to think I'm gone? I didn't realize it until now, but I know if my brother went missing I'd be really worried. So am I making them worry now?

[She thinks for a moment, and shakes her head.]

But I don't know where they are, or really where we are now. So maybe the only way to get back is to remember more. That means I have to keep remembering...so I'll have to work hard. The apple picking is all done, so I'll have to find something else now. I guess I'll have to look around again now! But that's okay, it'll be fun.

[After that, Rosalia laughs and turns off the video with a smile.]

(1% memory used on Rosalia's family members.)
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[It's a beautiful day, somewhere on the outskirts of the park. After a quick pan, the tree-line comes into focus-- and so does Keith. He runs a hand through his hair, seeming a little ill at ease with the camera. He gives it an experimental smile, then a wave that resembles a salute. Then he sticks his hands in his pockets.]

Hello, I'm Keith!
[There's an awkward pause, Keith seems to glance down briefly.]

I haven't met very many of you yet, but I hope to meet you very soon! I'll do my best to be a good member of the group.

I thought I'd come to the park because-- well, I don't know why, it just seemed like a good idea. It's very nice here. This might the kind of thing I like to do normally, but I can't remember that yet, of course. I do feel like something is missing, but I guess that makes sense.

I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable by asking personal questions, but I was wondering-- does anyone like to run? I've tried going by myself, but I think it might be more fun and encouraging to go with a partner. If you are interested, please let me know.

[Keith pauses to glance down once more and the feed widens just enough to show him slipping a crumpled piece of paper into his pocket. He did practice his lines, but it's nice to have backup.]

I hope that you will all enjoy the rest of your day-- and thank you!


[Keith can be found loitering in the park, considering his plan of action for the day and enjoying the outdoors. Any and all random encounters in the park or its surrounds are welcome.]
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I'm not buying this load of crap one bit! Someone here decided to kidnap me, didn't they?! And they must have hit me on the head so I'd get amnesia! I'm super adorable and probably a princess or something, so they thought they'd get a ton of money for my safe return, but I obviously outsmarted them and escaped, and now I'm wandering around lost without any idea how to get home!

I'm on to you, you evil kidnappers!

[After calming down a bit, Relm discovers that she has a sketchpad and paints with her. Naturally, she can't resist trying them out. She draws the first few things that come to her mind - an impressive-looking red dragon, a large black dog, and some sort of giant raccoon. As she sits back to admire her work, there is a bright flash of light, and suddenly the things on the page are right before her eyes - very real, very alive, and very angry.]

Whooooooaaaa! How did that happen?!


Oct. 15th, 2011 10:41 pm
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[The video turns on and a girl appearing to be around her mid-teens can be seen onscreen, looking surprised for a second.]

Oh, so how that's how it works! Um, hey there! My name's Rosalia, and...well, I can't really say more much about myself because I don't remember anything right now.

[She looks a little anxious for a second, but quickly goes on.]

There's a lot of people going through the same thing, right? It's so strange, how people just come here and forget everything...but if we work hard, we start to remember, right?

[The camera angle shifts around as Rosalia begins toying with her phone before catching herself and adjusting it again.]

Oops, sorry about that. I was just thinking. I'll have to find a job, somehow...I don't know what I'm good at anymore, but there must be something I can do here! So, um, if anybody knows where to start could you give me some tips on that? Or anything else, too! If there's anyone out there seeing this, I'd like to meet you. And I think that's just about it, so--bye!


Oct. 10th, 2011 08:48 pm
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...There it goes, okay. [pokes the camera a bit before sitting back, satisfied that it's actually working] Hn.

Well, it's not like I have anything better to do with these memories than blab about them like most people seem to be doing, so why not just lay it all out on the table. It all came to me a little over a week ago, and I was hoping that all of the rest of my past would just slide on in not long after, but... Guess this is all I've got for now.

Not sure if I've ever kept a diary, but I feel like this might be the most important one I've kept. What if I lose it all again, after all? Hmphf.

So, here goes.

The huge white dog that keeps following me around? "Sadaharu." Ah-- By the way, apologies if you've run into him on the roof and got chewed on. I'm not taking responsibility if you don't know how to stay away from large, potentially dangerous beasts, though, got it?

Next was... Well, forget about that one. [nonchalant wave of his hand]

The last piece I could recall was something about a birthday I guess.

Mine, or something.

Oh, it's today. My birthday's today? Huh.

[Private to Jr.]

Finally made that thing a doghouse. Dear lord, did our apartment just grow a few extra square yards?!

[[ OOC: after Gintoki's Gintoki's adventures with being chased around by his world item he brought with him, a 5-foot-tall white fluffy frisky canine, he built a doghouse for the huge thing, up on the apartment roof. You can reply to this post to interact with Sadaharu if your character has a reason to go to the roof, but be warned - he is huge, and he does just have the innocent and rowdy nature of a normal dog. It tends to show love by eating people's heads. ]]

02 | audio

Oct. 10th, 2011 02:09 pm
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[There's the sudden sound of angry dogs - sounds like Jaime'd just gotten in a fight with one and LOST - before Jaime grabs the phone:] Sorry about that. One of the guys here kinda wouldn't take no for an answer.

But um... I have to ask since it sounds like some of us're slowly getting our memories back. Have you guys ever remembered something as weird as a girl just magically appearing out of nowhere? Seriously, she was hot, but she was on my car! My car that I'd fixed all by myself and she wanted me and my best friend to help her out with something.

Excluding the fact that I have a cool best friend who'll help me repair cars, I'm not really sure what to think. I mean, most people just can't appear from thin air... right?

[ooc | Jaime's regained 1% of his memories: mainly, how Paco's his best friend and his ability to repair cars. He also remembers how he met his canon girlfriend, Traci 13, but... not that they're dating.]
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☆ Video
[ Does Madoka look nervous? Good. Because she is. With a nervous smile that keeps trying to run off her face and unable to look straight ahead. She hesitates before finally deciding what to say, how to say it, and that she's brave enough to talk. ]

I- um.
My name is Madoka. Um... I just got here. I don't remember much else but uh I guess that's the point... I'm not sure how much of a help I'll be to everyone but I'll try.... I don't remember having any specific talents, though... so I don't know how much good I'll be at a job here or... anything else...

[ She sighs. The more she talks the more pathetic she feels. ]

But um! Sorry to bother you, I just wanted to say hello! And um... I'll do my best so... If you need anything... if you need anything, then please let me know! Th-thank you for your time!

[ and the feed cuts out. ]
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You know, I thought that getting a job here in town would be a way easier of way of getting those gems than wandering around in the wilderness and hoping to get lucky, but now that I'm actually looking into it, I've realized something.

I have no idea what kind of qualifications I have.


Oct. 7th, 2011 11:41 am
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You know, Mokona isn't the only Mokona in the world, since she grew up with another Mokona! Mokona and Mokona were raised by a guy who lived in a big house and a woman who lived in super cool shop. They liked each other very much, and liked to be drunk and argue almost as much.

Mokona's full name is Mokona Modoki, which means "Mock Mokona". Mokona Modoki is the name of Mokona's friend, too, so there must be other kinds of Mokona we've never met. Since Mokona and the other Mokona are "Modoki", there must be a difference.

Mokona has lots of special tricks, but she hasn't remembered them all yet. Maybe Mokona who are "Modoki" and Mokona who are not "Modoki" can do different things.
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I remember now... I have a brother. A twin brother. His name is... His name...

I can't remember it. [ the frustration can be heard in her voice ] It feels as though it's on the tip of my tongue, but I can't draw it forth.

001 ☆

Oct. 6th, 2011 04:34 pm
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[The video feed turns on to show a young teenage brunette, pouting angrily.]

This is ridiculous.

Anyway! If any of you guys know the name ‘Haruhi’ in any way, report to me immediately. I will accept no excuses. [She hesitates, but then gives a smirk-] But for those who do remember something, if you’re an alien, time traveler, or esper – or even anything amazing or super-cool, report as well!

… And I suppose everyone else should just introduce themselves.

That is all. [After a few seconds, the feed shuts off.]
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[The amusement park had been fantastic! Jaime didn't exactly know why he felt like a little kid amongst all the other people, but he'd felt right at home with the bumper cars and the ring-tosses and had even managed to come home with a couple of prizes. Except in retrospect, taking home a giant stuffed beetle may have not been the best option.

Cue Jaime attempting to take it out of the apartments... except it's a little unwieldy, even for him, especially since this thing's like five feet tall. Even for a "cute" stuffed beetle, it had its limits. Although Jaime plans on taking it to the local orphanage/shelter/goodwill, he didn't really bother to go look for a map before he left...

So he might be wandering all over town with this ridiculously oversized giant stuffed beetle that nearly blocks his face. Good grief, maybe he should've thought this one through.]

[AUDIO, made after the initial trek]

Hey guys. Sounds like most of us're in the same boat, so I'm going to outright admit that I'm one of y'all. Anyone planning on grabbing some anemoi anytime soon? I wanted to go explore and look, but I don't feel like doing it by myself.

If you want to meet me, just let me know! The more, the merrier, right? Oh right... I'm Jaime! I hope I'll see you guys around soon.


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