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*Tsuruya is, as always, cheerful to everybody, but there's a bit of a wistful edge to it as of late. She's been a little quieter too, less boisterous. Still, she's not a moper, and for the most part she keeps herself entertained.

She seems to have remembered her caligraphy lessons; here she is in front of some paper, an ink well and brush at hand. But she seems to be having a bit of writers block. At least, you think that's why she's staring off blankly into the distance. Maybe you can provide the cheerleader some cheerleading of your own.

Or ask if she knows how to write "penis" in calligraphy. You mature person you.*
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[The feed's a little jerky, and there's a sound from below, like Ken's hitting something periodically with his feet.]

I regained another memory today. It's mysterious, how out of order recall seems. My parents' names and faces are still unclear.

But I remembered something from my daily life! I'm a striker for the local soccer club. That's a position that mostly handles offense. Wormmon's never seen me play, but he says he'd heard I was pretty good!

Did anyone else used to play a sport?

[He actually sounds like he's almost laughing.

For those in the general area of the Ermis Suites, Ken's in the park across the way, kicking a soccer ball around with Wormmon and generally having a good ole time. He has a hobby! He has a hobby and a nice, normal life somewhere!]

[[ooc: Ken finally redeemed some of his cave adventure anemoi! 1% on his soccer club. Thread made for Yuta, but all are welcome~]]
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WHO: NPC stuffed penguins, active members of the Justice League, and anybody else in for the ride.
WHERE: The streets of Sirocco.
WARNING: Do not try this at home.

Keeping the streets of Sirocco... safe? )
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[Perhaps you felt the ground shaking under the weight of the fuzzy colossus striding towards the apartments. Perhaps you heard the loud, rumbling squealing of the terridorable titan. Perhaps you looked out the third story windows and came eye to eye with the beast itself. In any case, you are now aware that Sirocco's resident tiny chipper mascot has had a twelve-meter growth spurt.]



[She's causing one hell of a traffic jam, but she doesn't seem to be intentionally rampaging! Wait, what's that she's holding….?!]

[Yelling and flailing around frantically while held in Mokona's grasp is none other than Ruby! Poor Ruby, he wanted to be the one capturing Mokona, not being captured himself!]

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So I've been asking around, and it turns out this Thanksgiving thing is in real need of some turkeys. Incidentally, guess what's really expensive? But then I think, why pay for something we can get ourselves?

Just in case no one's interested, I still plan on going out and seeing if I can find something. And if I come back empty-handed, hell, I tried. But I figured I'd extend an invitation in case someone else thought it'd be fun.

[later; locked to Ruby]

Hey, Ruby. It was a pain in the ass, but I think I've got a working prototype for you. Swing by my room later.
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Lessee, we gots this many people in the Hotel now, and we can reasonably assume they're gonna need to eat about this much food, hmm...

*Tsuruya is hard at work on something! She's got a bunch of food flyers, and some paper, and a calculator, and she's taking notes.*

...this is gonna be megas hard to pull off. I wonder if there's some other jobs I can takes to pull in a little more money for this? It'll be a lotta fun for folks, but if I can't feeds 'em all proper...
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I'm curious. Of all the slow trickle of memories we've been recovering, who among us has remembered his or her parents? Aside from a strange dream I've been having lately, the first thing that came back to me was what kind of man my father was. Not a name or anything of the sort, just that I admired him a great deal... I wanted to carry out his dream for him, not caring that he had failed to grasp it himself. I suppose such naivete is natural for a child. Ideals, even those that are possible, can't simply be inherited.

...Excuse me. I shouldn't treat these communications as a diary. Still, the question stands; perhaps it's information we could bond over, as long as we're trapped together.
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[action 1; backdated to right after the Doomtrain came through]

[Well that sure was weird, huh, guys? Booster is now wearing a nice green tux with a red hat and is understandably looking pretty confused.]

That... That really just happened, didn't it?

[action 2; afternoon of the 1st]

[Booster can be found on the streets of Sirocco today, headed in the direction of the Ermis Suites. (Yes, he's dressed normally today.) In and of itself, this is a very non-notable, everyday occurrence. But today, he's carrying a giant stuffed beetle in his arms. ...Wait, what?]

Man, he really did cart this thing all over town.
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The area just outside the hotel is a memorable area, if only due to the frequency one sees it. On one corner of the intersection is the hotel itself. Across the street houses the Public Gardens. Across the other street, shops. The fourth corner, rarely mentioned, is a small park the size of a thin city block. Overlooking the intersection is a statue of some now-unknown local hero.

Tonight, however, it is a different statue. Now it is a classic, a man sitting down looking thoughtful, resting his chin in his hand. Under the statue is a plaque:


[[OOC: In layman's terms, have characters who are curious comment here and you'll find out what happens at the appointed time.]]
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WHO: Tsuruya and anybody who so chooses to join her.
WHAT: Lost in the Woods.
WHEN: Halloween.
WHERE: These woods you could've sworn was a neighborhood five seconds ago.
NOTE: Coincides with the candy handouts. Next time, follow the LETTER of the law instead of just the spirit, Tsuruya.

The densely wooded area of... downtown Sirocco? )
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[Catherine's been wandering about all day, checking on various things. Showers. Faucets. Water fountains. Each time running a Geiger counter through the water stream, then watching expectantly... only to remain disappointed and wander off again.

Eventually, around noon, she stopped checking, opting instead to sit on a park bench across from a pond. She's just sitting there, staring at it with a bottle of Coke in her hand.] that's it, huh. what?
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So this is how the mortal world ends. [ A soft spoken voice accompanied by a gentle sigh afterward. ] Well, that's what I would prefer to believe. That this is the after-life because how could a person forget everything about themselves? I'm scared.. because what if I can never recover what's been lost? I want to know about my parents, my friends, my life.. What did I enjoy doing at school and was I ever in love... yes, those are the memories I need to remember right away.

[ Lifting one of her arms in the view of the camera briefly, she looks over the bandages that are covered in her blood. ]

Oh. [ The realization hits her quick and she hides her arm again. ] Could you put my mind at ease and maybe tell me what you have remembered?

[ Later in the evening as the sun begins to set, Caren can be found wandering along one of the harbors aimlessly. It seems she has no real goal in her steps as they often change paths. It doesn't appear as though she's exploring much of anything though, golden eyes staring off at something in the distance. ]


Oct. 16th, 2011 07:42 pm
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[After about a week of trying to tinker on his own, Ruby finally gives up on his attempt at recreating something.]

Hey, does anyone out there know how to make things? Like somewhat complicated tech things. I can't find what I'm looking for in town and have no idea what I'm doing trying to make my own.
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[If you're anywhere near the commons, you might be hearing a racket - the sounds of various silverware, plates, dishes, and even books slamming into large junk targets. In the center of all this commotion is Catherine, wielding a modified leaf blower connected to parts of a vacuum cleaner strapped to her back.

Of course, she's not alone. There's a table set up with the guts of her phone/Pip-Boy combination spilled out so that she could show the rest of you exactly what she's doing.]

So, fellow exiles! Because it sounds better than "new arrivals" or whatever. We've all been told that there's a good deal of anemoi located outside through those teleporters, and I don't know about you, but it sure as hell beats working for them day in day out. But, and you've probably ran into this problem skirting the west edge of the city, there's those creatures to deal with. Now, how are you going to defend yourself?

If you didn't have a clear answer to that question, don't worry, because I do! This baby here is called the Rock-It Launcher! Not the most accurate of guns, but it makes up with one major bonus. [She takes the time to fire more junk out of the weapon.] If it can fit inside this leaf blower, you can use it as ammo! Plates! Silverware! Paperweights! Books! Trust me, even the small things are packing a punch!

No training necessary, just point and shoot! Well, maybe adjust for an arc, but that's it! If you're looking at going out for anemoi but you don't have a good way to defend yourself, just call 362-4360 and we'll see about setting you up!

[Feel free to bug her before or after her video, or call her!]
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1) [Catherine's been pacing by the entrance again, but this time it's not in fear. It's... restlessness. She's been hiding inside for days, but nothing's connected here, she can't go anywhere, do anything. But this is conflicting with agoraphobia. Back and forth she goes, before-]

Oh, fuck it.

[Aaaaand out she goes, shielding her eyes against the sun.]

2) [While out on this journey of hers, she remembers something! And is completely dumbfounded by it.]

Hey. On a scale of "Einstein" to "fucking retarded," how bright would you say building a town next to a nuke sounds?

3) [Was her journey done or just starting? She got everything she needed. Some bottled water, a few snacks, some .44 caliber bullets...

Maybe you're near the habitation border. Maybe you're trying to get a group together. Here comes Catherine! ...and there goes Catherine, crossing the line without so much as blinking. The only noticeable difference is there's now a revolver in her hand.]

[ 01 ]

Sep. 28th, 2011 04:24 pm
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[ The camera focuses on the ground for a second before Homura adjusts it to focus on her face. She looks blankly into it before a bit of curiosity edges its way into her expression. Her voice is quiet but audible. ]

I don't know anything. ... all I can do is believe what I am told.

How did I get here?

What really is this place?

Who am I?

I have a lot of questions with no answers. All I can do is listen to what these people tell me, and believe.

I think that my name is Homura. It is a pleasure to meet you all. I am new here. [ She bows deeply. ] ... I don't know where I learned to bow, how to speak, or where this name comes from. I simply know it, perhaps as well as I know how to breathe. It's a peculiar thing, but I have no choice but to accept it. It feels like the truth.

... I have a few questions for anyone listening. For anyone who has the time to answer.

Who are you?

Do you have any theories on what this place is?

And... do you want to remember?
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[Once the distraction of the theme park was over and all the adorable stuffed animals put in various places in his room, Ruby started to go through all of his things that were on him when he arrived. In the bag there were various looking berries, a complete, large sewing kit, a small first aid kit, a couple of changes of clothes, and two pairs of glasses.

In his pocket, however, were some strange tiny balls. He spent some time examining them, as they were familiar as all hell to him, but he couldn't quite place it. Then suddenly Ruby knows exactly what they were and, more importantly, just who were inside.]

Nana, Coco, Zuzu! Mimi, Ruru, Popo! I'm so sorry I forgot about you all!

[As their names are called Ruby tosses out the balls and immediately hugs the varied creatures they appeared. And as they are in the apartment, lots of noise can be heard around the room.]
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*Kotetsu's a pretty fun-loving guy, and the theme park had been a blast. But all good things have to come to an end eventually, and without the park to distract him, all he's got right now is an empty past and a bitter awareness of the huge gaps in his personal knowledge that his arrival to this place had brought. Not that he'd ever admit it to anybody, but the loss of memories had hit him hard. There was a lot he had done in his life, he's certain of it, and the size of the hole is palpable.

He sighs, flopping onto the couch, holding his hat on his head. A little something would be nice. Just a morsel.

And it's about this point that he notices the ring sitting on the coffee table.

He frowns, reaching towards it. He knows this ring, he realizes in a flash. A brief memory runs through his head of a marriage ceremony, and a beautiful woman with long dark hair standing next to him, cutting cake. The name comes to him unbidden: Tomoe.

He has a wife. She's waiting for him.

He smiles, slipping the ring onto his finger. Only with it back on does he register how much it had been missing, the familiar cool metal against his skin. Well then. He's got more reason than ever to get his memories back, and to find a way home. She's waiting for him, after all.*

All right... Wait for me, Tomoe. I'll get back to you soon enough.

*Re-energized, he gets up. Time for a walk around the compound, he thinks. Which is... probably where you're going to run into him, humming a little tune to himself.*
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1) [It's early afternoon, and crashing sounds are coming out of room 319. The door is wide open, but it may not be patently obvious what's going on - Catherine bought herself some tools after remembering her aptitude for making repairs and is taking apart her Pip-Boy to make a few upgrades. Also she is swearing loudly.]

Fucking goddamn it all to hell, I knew I should've bought a flashlight!

2) [Later in the evening, Catherine remembered some more - though what, she's not saying immediately. She's taken to pacing the first and third floors, taking the stairs, walking around, but freezing up at doors before scurrying backwards.]

Outside. Outside. Oh god oh god oh god I'm really outside...

✿ 001

Sep. 24th, 2011 08:43 pm
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[It's a little confusing to wake up in a strange town, your memories almost completely erased... and then a theme park springs up, seemingly out of nowhere, as if to celebrate your arrival. Yeah, that's definitely not normal.]

Am I the only one who finds all of this a little... um, weird?

[Lyon's taking it all in stride, though. Amusement parks are a foreign concept to her, but it's fun to experience new things, right? The food doesn't look too bad, though the cotton candy is especially delicious. The games are fun; she wouldn't mind winning one of those cute stuffed animals to bring home. And the rides... well... she just stares up at those uncertainly, like she wants to try them out but can't decide if it's a good idea or not.]


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