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The area just outside the hotel is a memorable area, if only due to the frequency one sees it. On one corner of the intersection is the hotel itself. Across the street houses the Public Gardens. Across the other street, shops. The fourth corner, rarely mentioned, is a small park the size of a thin city block. Overlooking the intersection is a statue of some now-unknown local hero.

Tonight, however, it is a different statue. Now it is a classic, a man sitting down looking thoughtful, resting his chin in his hand. Under the statue is a plaque:


[[OOC: In layman's terms, have characters who are curious comment here and you'll find out what happens at the appointed time.]]


Oct. 24th, 2011 01:07 am
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Now that I think about it, I've been awfully tight-lipped when it comes to my memories. But I can't very well hold my tongue when it comes to this one! Maybe I shouldn't even be worrying, but a lot of us seem to have known each other in the past, and more new arrivals are showing up nearly every day.

It looks like I have some sort of nemesis back home, and like certain other villains, she's not above abducting young children. I wouldn't put it past her to follow me here, either. If anyone sees a blonde woman with a whip and a silly outfit, warn me as soon as you can. She went after my adopted siblings because our grandmother had treasure, so you kids should be safe as long as she doesn't think you have anything she wants.

Oh, and Yuri? This isn't the first time you've forgotten about me.

((OOC: 4% spent on most of the Bandit of Le Havre chapter. A few previous percents spent on fighting skills and geography trivia. Stealth edited to included Yuma and John.))
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Who: Ruby, Yuri, and Jr.
What: Catch that Chocobo!
Where: Near the old movie theater
When: Today!

Three against one ought to be easy... )
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Mokona's new job is running the Job board!

It goes up two times each month, so look out for it near the apartment doors!
If anyone ever wants a job done for them, just tell Mokona and she'll put it on the board!

This time, there are six jobs!

Helping People Jobs

- Farmer Murphy has lost a goat! She has floppy ears and a black patch on her nose and she loves eating petunias the best! He wants someone to find Maybell and bring her back soon!

- Farmer Carol's orchards are super full this year and she needs someone to help pick all the apples before they all get frozen! She'll take as many extra helpers as she can, and she says she'll throw in a bag of apples along with regular pay! She gave Mokona some for putting up the job; and they're really good!

Big Jobs

There's still a lot of wrecked buildings outside! It's safe, but there's no nice places to live yet. And that means that there's always a lot to do!

- The streets are really icky out there! They're covered in rubble and need to be cleaned! It's a long job, so it's good for someone without anything else to do! It's a really big job, so up to two people can do it. It's long and tough, so bring a friend to work and talk with! There might be anemoi in the rubble, and you can keep any you find!

- There's a big house near the walls that's dirty too! It needs to be cleaned up so people can do things with it. Again, it's a job for two people who really like housework and repairing things! You don't need to worry about water or lights yet, but everything needs to be clean and painted and not broken or rotten or anything.

Scary Jobs

- There's a big mean bird that keeps messing up gardens and scaring pets! Mokona's not walking home alone from now on, too! It's big and yellow and goes "WARK WARK WARK!!" It's not too good at flying, but it can jump high and runs really fast. People say it might be nesting near the old movie theater, since lots of feathers show up there.

- Sue Salvatore has a spooky ghost in her kitchen and it's really annoying her! If anyone is good with ghosts, they should go to her house at night and ask to see it!

((OOC: This is 100% mod-sanctioned; y'all, and you know what that means! FYI in this case it means memories. Or at least memories in some cases! It is pretty much like in RPGs where you collect all the chickens and you don't know whether you're getting rupees or an empty bottle or a basket full of live fish until you do it.

I'll be rolling out results via random number generator to remove bias, and even if they don't get anemoi they will at least get a nifty bonus item. What Mokona says doesn't necessarily mean that there absolutely will be or won't be anemoi attached to a particular job. It is a wonderful grab bag of memories and fun.

Some jobs have a Mod NPC associated with them! In this case, the ghost and the goat assignments do. The bird is a feral chocobo and can be NPCed by players.

As stated by Mokona, if you want your character to request a job, go for it! Heck, if you yourself just want a certain job up there, just PM or Plurk at me! I'm gonna be doing like twelve of these per month, I am always up for new material and I rarely bite.

And if there are any further questions, ask away! Also feel free to plan OOCly in here for now although if things get huge enough I'll probably start putting up a separate post for that sort of thing.))


Oct. 13th, 2011 08:55 pm
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[New person up ins the network, all having purple hair and making a video post!]

It's nice to meet you all!

Although until you reply, I haven't exactly met you, and until I introduce myself properly, you haven't exactly met me... so really, I shouldn't say that until...

...I think I'm making this too complicated. My name is Yuyuko, and - much like a great deal of you, I gather - I can't remember a thing aside from that name.
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Helloooooooo everyone! [ A youthful voice with vigor is loud and clear. Yet, the camera doesn't pick up anything besides the familiar ceiling of one of the apartments. ] I'm not quite sure what I'm doing or even how I arrived here in the first place. It's sort of one big mess, isn't it? Well, I should introduce myself just in case there's others out there like me. You know, who are lost and have no idea what to do or where to go or who to talk to. I don't think I'm a bad person, but since I lack memories telling me if I am or not, I apologize in advance if I am.

[ Then suddenly breasts. Well, they are pretty noticeable, but maybe the clueless expression on her face might attract more attention. ]

My name is Kaguya and I have nooooo idea about anything! [ Bringing her hand to wave. ] I think it's nice to meet you! Unless I'm some kind of wanted bounty hunter. In that case, could you not turn me in until I remember my crimes? I think I'd turn myself in if I was, but I never know! Oh! Does anyone else here think they might be associated with crime? Is it stupid of me to talk in this kind of manner when I might be? Sheesh, I don't think I'd make a good villain if I'm giving myself away so freely!

[ A blank look as though she's run out of things to talk about. Which is the truth. She has run out of ideas. ]

Um, so does anyone want to talk? I'm good at listening! I think. It's kind of hard to try to sell yourself to a crowd you can't see and especially if you can't remember anything! Take some pity on the girl and help her a bit, won't you please?
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[Action; available only for Archer (if he's awake)]

[It's the dead of night, and Shirou is tossing and turning. He's got a pained expression on his face, and he's breaking out in a cold sweat. He's pretty clearly having a vivid nightmare.

...And is he muttering a word?]




[Audio; after waking up]

I have a question for anyone who got memories back. Did you get any that came in your sleep? Like dreams?
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*Yuri -- and quite possibly anybody else in the apartments around the two -- will find themselves awoken by the most ungodly sounds of crashing and breaking things. Investigation quickly reveals the source in the apartment's kitchenette. The stove is broken, and the counter looks like a boulder crashed on it. And in the middle of it all, keeping his hands to himself? Kotetsu. Glowing blue like a bug zapper.*

...Hey, uh... what do you say we eat breakfast out today?


*And so, sometime after this little disaster -- with a now normal Kotetsu -- he's in a diner somewhere in town, a cup of coffee and a rather greasy breakfast in front of him, looking at his hands.*

Ah... I think I'm remembering now. Geez, what a way to remember that...

4% memory

Oct. 3rd, 2011 02:19 pm
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[Yuri had decided to do a few carnival games including several drawings. He never win these things, or so he thinks. So it was a big surprise to him when a Delivery man came a knocking. After several minutes of disbelief and arguing, he goes to ask a very important question]


Hey Guys. I just won a rock from that fair. What am I suppose to do with it?


[A little while later]


Does anyone have a spare Catapult lying around?
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Well I'm bored, and just slouching around town isn't going to solve anything.

Who wants to go help me find magic memory gems? C'mon, by working together I bet we can get a ton of them!
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Hey, uh. Did anybody else remember anything?


The very first memories I get are of a pet cat. Then, THAT SAME DAY, said cat shows up in my apartment. "Coincidence" doesn't even begin to cover this. This had to have been deliberate. They thought I'd need these memories so I could take care of the cat without confusing him by calling him another name.

...Or I could just be overthinking it. I do seem like I have that tendency.

[Kyon is in the living room of his and Danny's apartment. A calico is perched on his lap and purring contentedly as Kyon strokes him.]

Oh. Whoops. One more thing.

...I wonder if me forgetting that was just a lapse in short-term memory or this place at work.

No. Wait. Stop. Okay. I'm just. Making myself paranoid now.

[Audio - Filtered to Danny]

Hey, Danny? You...won't have a problem with a cat in our apartment, will you?
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*Kotetsu's a pretty fun-loving guy, and the theme park had been a blast. But all good things have to come to an end eventually, and without the park to distract him, all he's got right now is an empty past and a bitter awareness of the huge gaps in his personal knowledge that his arrival to this place had brought. Not that he'd ever admit it to anybody, but the loss of memories had hit him hard. There was a lot he had done in his life, he's certain of it, and the size of the hole is palpable.

He sighs, flopping onto the couch, holding his hat on his head. A little something would be nice. Just a morsel.

And it's about this point that he notices the ring sitting on the coffee table.

He frowns, reaching towards it. He knows this ring, he realizes in a flash. A brief memory runs through his head of a marriage ceremony, and a beautiful woman with long dark hair standing next to him, cutting cake. The name comes to him unbidden: Tomoe.

He has a wife. She's waiting for him.

He smiles, slipping the ring onto his finger. Only with it back on does he register how much it had been missing, the familiar cool metal against his skin. Well then. He's got more reason than ever to get his memories back, and to find a way home. She's waiting for him, after all.*

All right... Wait for me, Tomoe. I'll get back to you soon enough.

*Re-energized, he gets up. Time for a walk around the compound, he thinks. Which is... probably where you're going to run into him, humming a little tune to himself.*
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[Joachim, like many other new arrivals, was fairly unfamiliar with the modern concept of theme park, and even more unfamiliar with the concept of "basic safety protocol". Why would anyone want to ride inside the ferris wheel when they could be balanced on the car with the wind in their hair and the sun on their face? And what a view! Sure, it's a bit wobbly, but it's nothing he can't handle.

...That's odd, it's stopped for some reason. Doubtlessly no reason in any way related to some worried citizen pointing out the possibly suicidal man strolling about atop the wheel. Oh well, whatever it is, they'll get it sorted out sooner or later. And it is a fantastic view. Aaand now he's laughing up there. It's one of those booming, echoing laughs that stands a chance of drawing attention even in a noisy fairground.]

Well, if I don't know anything else, at least now I know I'm not afraid of heights!

✿ 001

Sep. 24th, 2011 08:43 pm
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[It's a little confusing to wake up in a strange town, your memories almost completely erased... and then a theme park springs up, seemingly out of nowhere, as if to celebrate your arrival. Yeah, that's definitely not normal.]

Am I the only one who finds all of this a little... um, weird?

[Lyon's taking it all in stride, though. Amusement parks are a foreign concept to her, but it's fun to experience new things, right? The food doesn't look too bad, though the cotton candy is especially delicious. The games are fun; she wouldn't mind winning one of those cute stuffed animals to bring home. And the rides... well... she just stares up at those uncertainly, like she wants to try them out but can't decide if it's a good idea or not.]
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[He's examining the rides with wide-eyed curiosity as he snacked on an ill-gotten pretzel and elephant's ear thanks to someone crashing into the food vendors earlier]

Far as places to get lost in, guess this isn't so bad. Food's decent.

[The man stops to stare up at a loop-de-loop, whistling at it's size]


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