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cut for memory regain and brooding )

[What on Earth is Ken carrying around the apartment building? Whatever it is, it seems quite happy in his arms, and is listening to a rather excited Ken give a rather meager tour.]

...and the elevator is here, Wormmon, if we ever get separated. Ask someone for help if you can't reach the button.

[[ooc: 3% holiday regain + 2% hail regain = 5% spent on remembering Wormmon & that they're partners (but nothing about their adventures or the Digital World). Wormmon's memory has also been wiped.]]


Dec. 26th, 2011 03:47 pm
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Happy Christmas's Eve or whatever! It sounds a lot like a certain troll holid8y, 8ut not enough that I'd exactly s8y they're the s8me thing.

Anyw8y, I guess I got some memories as part of your holid8y???????? I remem8ered my lusus! ::::O
I know humans don't have lusii, 8ut the idea is pretty similar to your human parents. Your lusus protects you and takes c8re of you as you grow up, 8ecause a troll kid without a lusus is pretty much just asking to 8e culled.

Normally this would 8e a nice happy memory, 8ut apparently my lusus was a total asshole! Alw8ys so hungry, eating all the time. Not even doing most of the stuff a lusus is supposed to do! I just had to keep feeding her, or she'd die.

Pretty fucking l8me!!!!!!!!
I wonder if any troll had a lusus as high m8intenance as mine? I DOU8T it.

[[3% spent on Spidermom and her eating habits.]]
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[The video clicks on, and is dark for a moment until it's adjusted right. Terezi is visible for a few moments, contemplating it the screen. She's in the shadow of a building, out among the streets.

Then, she holds up a piece of paper to the screen.

Can anyone read this?

[It's upside down.

She brings the paper back down. She reaches to turn off the feed, then stops, and sniffs at the paper. And licks it, experimentally.

She brings the paper back up to the screen. This time, it's the right direction. "Ermis Suites, Room 418".


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