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At the stroke of midnight tonight, the blare of a train siren can be heard as the Doomtrain passes over the Ermis Suites. Those who have been in Sirocco long enough may recognize the sound as the inevitable herald of Something Weird happening, but hmmm. Everything in Sirocco looks the same, and nobody feels any different. It seems as though the Doomtrain hasn't actually changed anything at all.

At least, it does until you try lying to someone.

((Doomtrain has decided to celebrate Honesty Day! Consequently, for the next 24 hours, everyone in Sirocco must tell the truth. Characters may also feel compelled to share secrets, if you wish, but it's not required. Characters also get a free 2% memories for participating in the event.))

Event End

Mar. 20th, 2012 12:41 am
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[There's Dr. Nichols again, looking somewhat more haggard but very, very relieved.]

Well. I don't know how she did it, but it's gone at last, ahahaha oh my god yes it's gone at last. Not an experience I'd care to repeat anytime soon, but nobody got eaten, even, and I'm not naming names, any complete lunatics who would have had it coming. And more relevant to your interests, I'm sure, it seems to have left behind a good amount of anemoi. We'll be open again this afternoon, but right now? We all just really need to go home and enjoy not being trapped by terrifying monsters. I'm sure you understand.

((Rayquaza had flown off from the hilltop by dawn's early light, leaving behind a mound of anemoi and a few half-eaten poffins at the lab doors. Apparently, it doesn't much like the yellow ones. 3% memory for all! And speaking of poffins, the berry blending machines haen't gone anywhere.))
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[Well, here's an odd sight on the phone network today. It's one of the Lab's scientists, looking pretty nervous about something. You've probably seen this guy before, but maybe not, he's one of several scientists who handle anemoi and related matters--Dr. Patrick Nichols, if you're particularly good at remembering names and faces.]

Ahhh, ahahaha, um, hello! Very sorry to bother you all so suddenly like this, I know we don't usually do that, but we've got ourselves a bit of a problem up here, and, well. You lot are rather proficient at problem-solving, right? Because, ahaha, it's kind of a big one! Here, take a look for yourselves.

[He inputs a few things into the phone and a nearby computer quickly, and the feed input soon changes to one of the Lab's security cameras. Specifically, one overlooking the Lab's entrance, where a large, green, serpentine creature is curled up. After a moment, the feed switches back to the phone's camera and Dr. Nichols.]

It's right in front of the door, which means none of us can get out, and, of course, aheh, none of you can get in, so it would be to our mutual benefit if you could get rid of it. Somehow. Before we all starve to death, if you would.

((That's right, there's now a Rayquaza parked right in front of the Lab, and it's up to you guys to get rid of it. How, you ask? Good question!

INCIDENTALLY, a couple of weird, new machines have appeared in the lobby area of the Ermis Suites. But I'm sure that's just a coincidence.))
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Clouds have been gathering in the sky once more tonight, and, perfectly on cue, it begins raining at midnight, a torrential downpour of... regular old rainwater? By dawn, the weird slime has all been washed away, leaving Sirocco sparkling clean. Ah, no, excuse me, that's not the sparkle of cleanliness, it's the glint of all those free anemoi the stuff left behind.

((Characters may collect up to 3% worth of anemoi from the event, any attempts to grab more than that will result in the extra anemoi dissolving into flubber and being washed away by the rain.))
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Clouds have been gathering this night. On the stroke of midnight, a thick green rain begins to fall. By morning, the streets, the roofs, the … every flat surface within sight of the town is covered in a thick film of rubbery slime. While it's not impossible to scoop up with effort, it's really goddamn stretchy and tends to stick to itself. Also, it's bouncy. Very bouncy. Walking on it is less walking and more wildly springing about, and if you start deliberately jumping around? Hoo boy. The good news is that it absorbs impact hella well too.

((OOC: In the tradition of fine Anemoi events that totally aren't vaguely ripping off anything else... Yeah I dunno where I'm going with this. Ask questions here and have a happy leap year!))

Final Day

Dec. 31st, 2011 11:54 pm
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The moon is officially taking up more room than the sky. The words "crash course" has never been more ideal to describe a situation. And no, seriously guys, as far as I know, the word Majora was just made up yesterday, I swear.

With a gigantic Moon of Damocles above your head... what will you do with your last ten minutes?

((Mention in bold at the top of your post what time your comment starts. Yes, something will happen at midnight. Maybe later, depending on how much attention I'm paying!))

Day Two

Dec. 30th, 2011 08:12 pm
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Okay, that's... that's problematic. The moon is definitely looming over Sirocco now. Some of the more panicky residents are talking about skipping town and taking their chances outside of the city; most are convinced it's just a trick of the eye, but getting uneasier with each passing hour.

Take your chances in the city, or hope getting far enough away will save you?

Tick tock. Time's a-wastin'.

Day One

Dec. 29th, 2011 09:50 am
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It was a particularly overcast night last night in Sirocco. Nearly pitch black, with no moonlight to speak of. Ordinarily, this would not be very noteworthy. Except when the morning came, the cloud cover had dissipated. The moon was still visible. And it was looking much larger than it had before.


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