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Because of the moon falling, Mokona's a little late with the job board this time! For everyone new, this is Mokona's job. Mokona finds out "irregular" things that people want done and then tells everybody else. Some of them are hard, but some of them are things that everyone can do.

Helping People Jobs

- There's a lot of snow around now! It's not very exciting, but we need people to sweep it up off the sidewalks and driveways. We also need people to sweep it off roofs so they don't fall in, which is a little more exciting, but easier to get hurt doing.

- Someone's wedding ring fell in the sewer! Pretty gross, huh? Anyway, they need someone small with a bad sense of smell to go in and get it for them. Most of the drains where it might be are big enough for someone short to stand up in, but anyone big would have to crawl. If you really need money, you can do it, but it could be really gross.

Scary Jobs

- The bears were getting pretty worked up a while back. A few of them even chased a boy up a tree. It's cold enough for bears to start going to sleep, which is good. But one of them decided that the best place to sleep in the winter is Farmer Murphy's goat shed, which isn't so good, because now the goats are too scared to go inside.

- A gang of peg-legged penguins with swords came and stole Mr. Yamanaka's beautiful prize tropical fish. He wants his fish back and the thieves punished. This might be a job for the "heroes" but he's worried enough about his fish that he's okay with going "freelance".

Big Jobs

- We really are getting a lot of weird monsters around! Someone in town wants to put together a helpful book about them, but some of them are trouble and she says she's too busy to do everything herself.

There's a lot of monsters and animals, so the pay depends on how much "info" you can bring back.
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This is the time of year when everyone starts preparing for winter and making lots of good food, which means it's a time when extra jobs start to appear.

Helping People Jobs

- Ms. Li at Sirocco Elementary wants someone to make an inspirational film for her students. She'll lend out the equipment if nobody has any. This is a job for a lot of people, so let's all team up!

- It's getting to be time for winter, and that means it's time for winter fashion! The person in charge of K K Ace Designs seems to be in a rut and needs some outside help. People good at fashion or inspiration are best for this one, but someone with a good body for modeling might help too.

Scary Jobs

- More and more new monsters have been showing up! There's a few big ones with snappy claws around the far side of the harbor. The kitchen staff want to find out how they taste, so bring one back for us!

- There's a hungry bear foraging around right outside town. It's pretty cute, but if it starts getting into town and into garbage cans and pantries, it could cause a lot of trouble. It's not a very big for a bear, but it's still pretty big.

Big Jobs

- It looks like the new superhero headquarters needs some work done before it's in tip-top super shape! The building's pretty good, but it needs a few more things.

1. Electricity! It's already in the network, so this is mostly about hooking up all the stuff like computers and telephones and extra lights and coffee machines.
2. Security! It should have a sturdy fence, at least, or maybe a wall or a scary dog. EDIT TIME IT'S EDIT TIME~ Booster is afraid of dogs so that last one is no good. DOUBLE EDIT~ IGNORE THE LAST EDIT BECAUSE IT IS A SECRET!
3. Decoration! Nobody wants to work in a drab place, so spruce it up with nice wallpaper and that kind of thing. Some of the furniture isn't too good, so you can scavenge in the ruins for better things.
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Look, look~

It's time for more special jobs!

Helping People Jobs

- A bird stole somebody's favorite hat and then lost it! It's a floppy white hat with spikes on the end and a big circle on the brim. There was a lot of running and chasing after the theft, so it could be anywhere.

- There's a holiday about candy this time of the month! The town wants more people to go out and give sweet things to people in costumes for the sake of holiday spirit! Candy will be provided, unless you want to make your own!

Scary Jobs

- A lot of weird bugs have moved into the Sugarcrunch Bakery basement! Getting ingredients down there is really creepy, and they keep eating all the tasty things, too! They're making things for an important party, so take care of this one fast, okay?

- Something weird is sneaking around the apartment laundry! It keeps chewing on underthings and mixing colors together, so if anyone's clothes are looking a little pinker, that's the reason why. Nice underthings are expensive, so let's fix the problem before it gets worse, huh?

Big Jobs

- There's another house that's going to be a nice place to live. It's a very big house. Winter is coming and since it's a very big house, it's important to fix up the roof before snow falls and makes it crash in. There's a lot of junk and broken things in it, but there's some nice stuff, too. So if you don't like roofs, there's something for that kind of person. This is another job that lots of people can work on.

((OOC: When you complete a mission, link to the relevant post/thread/log in order to get paid! If the mission's objective-based, link back when it's done, and if it's more general, like the "clean shit up" ones, just link when you've done something related to it. If an objective-based mission's running long and close to the deadline,

I wasn't particularly clear on this the first time, so if you've got a job you're just sitting on, you can backdate it! After this, I'll just assume that unreported jobs went unfinished and there will be hilarious IC consequences, possibly involving imps breeding in the washing machines.

Once again, if you've got any questions, commentary, or ideas, speak right the hell up! I'm still streamlining the process and feedback is excellent. I'm probably going to fiddle with the RNG aspect and make anemoi less likely to appear for characters who snagged some last time and more likely for characters who haven't had much luck in that area lately.))
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Mokona's new job is running the Job board!

It goes up two times each month, so look out for it near the apartment doors!
If anyone ever wants a job done for them, just tell Mokona and she'll put it on the board!

This time, there are six jobs!

Helping People Jobs

- Farmer Murphy has lost a goat! She has floppy ears and a black patch on her nose and she loves eating petunias the best! He wants someone to find Maybell and bring her back soon!

- Farmer Carol's orchards are super full this year and she needs someone to help pick all the apples before they all get frozen! She'll take as many extra helpers as she can, and she says she'll throw in a bag of apples along with regular pay! She gave Mokona some for putting up the job; and they're really good!

Big Jobs

There's still a lot of wrecked buildings outside! It's safe, but there's no nice places to live yet. And that means that there's always a lot to do!

- The streets are really icky out there! They're covered in rubble and need to be cleaned! It's a long job, so it's good for someone without anything else to do! It's a really big job, so up to two people can do it. It's long and tough, so bring a friend to work and talk with! There might be anemoi in the rubble, and you can keep any you find!

- There's a big house near the walls that's dirty too! It needs to be cleaned up so people can do things with it. Again, it's a job for two people who really like housework and repairing things! You don't need to worry about water or lights yet, but everything needs to be clean and painted and not broken or rotten or anything.

Scary Jobs

- There's a big mean bird that keeps messing up gardens and scaring pets! Mokona's not walking home alone from now on, too! It's big and yellow and goes "WARK WARK WARK!!" It's not too good at flying, but it can jump high and runs really fast. People say it might be nesting near the old movie theater, since lots of feathers show up there.

- Sue Salvatore has a spooky ghost in her kitchen and it's really annoying her! If anyone is good with ghosts, they should go to her house at night and ask to see it!

((OOC: This is 100% mod-sanctioned; y'all, and you know what that means! FYI in this case it means memories. Or at least memories in some cases! It is pretty much like in RPGs where you collect all the chickens and you don't know whether you're getting rupees or an empty bottle or a basket full of live fish until you do it.

I'll be rolling out results via random number generator to remove bias, and even if they don't get anemoi they will at least get a nifty bonus item. What Mokona says doesn't necessarily mean that there absolutely will be or won't be anemoi attached to a particular job. It is a wonderful grab bag of memories and fun.

Some jobs have a Mod NPC associated with them! In this case, the ghost and the goat assignments do. The bird is a feral chocobo and can be NPCed by players.

As stated by Mokona, if you want your character to request a job, go for it! Heck, if you yourself just want a certain job up there, just PM or Plurk at me! I'm gonna be doing like twelve of these per month, I am always up for new material and I rarely bite.

And if there are any further questions, ask away! Also feel free to plan OOCly in here for now although if things get huge enough I'll probably start putting up a separate post for that sort of thing.))


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