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Because everything can be solved with a Big Scientific Machine )

[...THEN, he sends a phone broadcast.]


Huh, whaddiya know... We did it. We've sent out a signal that completely deactivated all active nanites in a twenty-mile radius! All those EVO's should now be reverting to normal! Now before anyone starts to celebrate remember that there are still damaged buildings and structures out there; make sure everyone is safe before you do anything else.

[Video to JLS]

Okay, guys. Just how bad is the damage this time around?


[The scientists are finally leaving the Labs, tired, shambling, and even more disheveled than usual. Gordon is among them, looking exhausted and pale himself but still standing a few inches taller than his wilted counterparts. Still, if anyone needs to speak to him about this whole thing, now's the time to do it.]

((This marks the end of the EVO event, but backtagging is encouraged! Have fun beating up monsters!))


Jun. 26th, 2012 04:10 pm
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Important announcement. Learned much about nanotech infection. Have created stopgap solution!

Have device

[He turns the camera so it focuses on something that looks like a big spike about a foot and a half long with a box about the size of a paperback book stuck on the blunt end.]

Should deliver current that disrupts nanites. Only problem, no effective method of delivery. Have to do it manually. Close quarters, dangerous, but should incapacitate EVO as long as battery holds out.
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["Delivery for Mister Shen..." A courier delivers a bizarrely-shaped package for the bird in question, who is still under observation at the Labs. This object turns out to be a Chinese lute.]

[He's festooned with sensors and still looking rather tired, but Shen finds a comfortable place to sit and stretches, cracking the knuckles... of his... feet.... That done, he picks up the lute and strikes a few chords on it, a wing pressing the frets and a foot strumming the strings. It's a somewhat contortionist style of playing, but appears to work. His playing is passable, even pleasant. His singing, on the other hand, is a bit... rusty.]

[For the next twenty minutes, Shen plucks at those strings and warbles in Chinese, his voice occasionally cracking in a truly avian keeeeOWW. Folks can understand the words, though the metaphors are pretty difficult to parse, seeing as he's probably the worst lyricist this side of the legendary Song So Poo, Court Composer for the Kantwin Dynasty.]

[Pity anyone stuck in the observation room with him.]

[EDIT: As though that weren't bad enough, he and Gordon are now singed, torn up, bruised, and twitching messes. While Shen may still be in the observation room, Gordon's in the lab at large. Oh, dear.]
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[Video broadcast]

[Gordon fidgets slightly in front of the camera, running a hand through his hair before he even speaks. He always hated doing this.]

Attention, Sirocco. It seems some... things have been suddenly popping out of nowhere in the town. Justice League members are already mobilized and trying to fight these creatures back as soon as they appear. Others who want to fight along with them are welcome to do so, but please be advised these mutants--or whatever they are--are extremely dangerous.

But in order to really stop them, I believe it's vital to first rind out what these things ARE and where they're coming from. If they look familiar to anyone, or if you happen to find a tissue sample of a downed creature, bring it into the Labs to be studied. Then maybe we can figure out what the hell's going on around here.

[Video, to Mordin]

Hey Mordin. You wouldn't happen to know a really good biologist I could bring in to help us out in this, would you?


[The Labs are in a productive uproar again, men in labcoats scrambling to keep up with one another. If you happen to be one of the ones bringing in a monster part--err, "sample," you'll find Gordon and a few others, willing to take it off your hands... some of the wimpier ones donning gloves and a mask first, of course.]


Jun. 9th, 2012 09:18 pm
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Proper memories regained. Most relaxing. Unnerving remembering being different species. No offense, Kiske.

Relatedly: Am qualified in medicine and surgery for humans as well as turians! Likely other species! Had diploma! Sadly, lost in parallel dimension, but immaterial. Don't worry, don't need to be human to understand human physiology. Need to establish clinic, possibly part time work for Sirroco Labs. Feel too much like I'm wasting time. Have to keep busy.

ALSO, four doses medigel. Wasn't sure what it was before now. No way to restock supplies, technology in Sirocco too primitive, but can be used to quickly heal most injuries. Useful, if limited.
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[The video feed shows a very disgusted-looking Ky. Something is sitting very poorly with him.]

I know for certain that these memories can't be mine. I remember a facility, deep below the New Mexico desert...a scientific research facility. A gigantic one; odds are good that these memories contain only a fraction of what's within. And the procedures...ugh, I barely even want to talk about them.

Let me just say that scenes such as this make me glad that the United Nations in my world has banned the further pursuit of physical science. Practices such as this should be thoroughly condemned.


May. 29th, 2012 11:14 am
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Memories not being unlocked from mind, actually downloaded into brain. Remembering things happening to other people. Only explanation. Should organize, find who has who's past.

Remember being human, fighting with electrified sword. Defeating human appearing woman with wings. A threat, enemy of mankind. Gave mercy, did not kill her, sent her into hiding. Sound familiar to anyone?
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So I thoughts I finally had me a REAL dramatic memory, see? Like, holy moly, out of a movie or something stuff! I remembered getting stuck in a burning building, and it was really megas scary and everything! But then I thought more about it, and it had something to do with some sorta thing called a Fire Rod, and, well, call me crazy, but it all smells wrong -- and I ain't talkin' about the smoke! I don't suppose anybody knows what a Fire Rod is, do they? 'Cause I think I mighta got one 'a yours by mistake -- memories, that is! Crazy!
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[Action, Sundollar Coffee]

[That damn train.]

[It's phantom hit-and-run with him had occurred in a cartoonish blur as he was setting out to grab some lunch. Exactly an hour and fifteen minutes later as he'd almost forgotten about it, but the crippling flash of red fire, blood, screams, a hawk ripping a sparrow to shreds, choking sobs, foul movements and the cackling hideous face of something he'd never seen before sent him slumping against the wall, the mug in his hand slipping out with a crash.]

[Video, a little later]

[Gordon's still a little pale even for him, his brow furrowed.]

Just... just when I thought all these damned memories couldn't get any more confusing. How there's demons thrown into the mix! Ugh, god, I didn't... how...

[He drags a hand over his face, still a little overwhelmed. You would be too, with what he's had to remember.]
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Confirm, am a doctor. Remember running small clinic on Omega.

Don't recall any medical knowledge for use on humans, though. Confidence without skill dangerous, will have to rectify this.

[Later, Mordin's at the library pouring through books on medicine and human anatomy, all the while taking extensive notes. Also, occasionally humming a few bars of The Major-General's Song.]
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HEEEEEEEEY everybody! I am Tsuruya, and I come here with a list of demands! I hearby order everybody out there to give me the answers to the following megas important, life-or-death questions! You will not fail to give me these answers, because you can't not give me these answer! AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

And so, I demand the following out of all of you!

- Favorite color! (Green!)
- Favorite ice cream flavor! (Mine's mango!)
- Favorite animal! (I love cats!)
- Your biggest hope for the future! (I wanna be an idol, or a doctor, or an idol doctor! Hahaha!)
- Whatchya do in your free time! (Caligraphy, watching movies, and going shopping! Hooray!)
- What kinda guy or gal you'd wanna date! (I want one with a sense of humor, but with his feet firmly planted on the ground, and who listens to everything you say!)
- And finally, boxers, briefs, or none of the above? (Panties, of course! Hahahaha!)

And you are gonna tell me... NOW! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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I am the very model of a Scientist Salarian
I've studied species turian, asari and batarian.
I'm quite good at genetics (as a subset of biology)
Because I am an expert (which I know is a tautology)

My xenoscience studies range from urban to agrarian,
I am the very model of a scientist salarian!


Hmm, apparently versed in Gilbert and Sullivan. Suddenly felt desire to share this. Wonder why.

[1% spent on the above.]
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[Audio recording. Just Mordin organizing his thoughts.]

Analysis of items on person at arrival.

Labcoat: Lots of pockets. One contained voice recorder. Nothing saved. Useful for keeping track of thoughts later. Lightly armored. Why armor a labcoat? Work in dangerous environments?

Shield Generator: Creates personal shield. Supports theory of dangerous field work. No known way to recharge battery. Will need to look into replacement.

Pistol: Also significantly more advanced than local technology. No source of replacing heat sink. May need to acquire local replacement for reliability of use. Must make time for practice at firing range. Perhaps muscle memory remains. Worth investigating.

Omni-tool: Requires periodic calibration, capable of making very in-depth scans. Installed programs include advanced scanning suite, neural shock, inciner-

"Sounds like some mighty big words, pencilneck. After I'm done pounding your skinny ass into a locker, you can tell your nerd friends that-AAAAUUUUGGHGHHH!!!!"

[There is a moment of silence.]

...Must take care in future. Omni-Tool programs dangerous. Need safe location for testing. Hopefully no lasting harm done.
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[Salarians don't sleep a lot, only one hour a night. But sleep they do. Mordin woke up after only half an hour, got a notebook, and immediately started writing furiously.

About thirty pages later, he stopped and started going back over what he had written, then made a video post.]

Complete biological knowledge of Turian anatomy. Hmm. Was hoping first memory would be...useful in some form.

[hella backdated to when Mordin moved in]

[John Egbert! of room 413! There is a space alien in your room!]

[1% on medical knowledge of Turians.]

Aliens +1

Mar. 23rd, 2012 09:51 pm
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[Whoever is making this post seems to mainly be thinking out loud and talking very quickly.]

Alien planet, clearly. Inhabited primarily by humans. Not Earth, too sparsely populated, one of the Alliance colonies? Technology level all wrong. Retrograde amnesia also concerning. Perhaps dietary contaminants? No no no, too imprecise. Would be more endemic. Less total. No drugs I know that cause this reaction in Humans and Salarians. Must be active interference. Radiation surgery? Nanotech treatment? Other, more esoteric process? Either way, amnesia used as weapon, method of control. Must secure cure as quickly as possible. Also, matter of anemoi. No idea what they are. Memories encoded within? Not possible, anemoi exchangeable. Possibly some kind of drug. Treatment. Need to look into process for using them.

Hmm, possible there is a pattern to those afflicted with amnesia. Tell me, who else is effected?


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