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So...I guess I'm a painter? Huge murals. Also I don't like hugs.

This is stupid. These obviously aren't my memories. Rin, I think this is relevant to you so pay attention.
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I have made an incredible discovery. You might want to sit down before hearing this one. Are you sitting down? I can't tell because I am recording this, so I am going to assume you are sitting down now.

I am actually a mighty warrior.

It's true. Back at some point in the past I fought and defeated an obviously evil blonde guy. There was a lot of shouting and a lot of swords, and it was very exciting.

Must have lost my arms in battle, and became artist after. Or something. Still sorting out details.
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I hope everybody is having a nice week. Last week I was kidnapped by a pirate, then rescued by a ghost. The experience would have put me off of miniature golf permanently, but I don't really think it's the game for me either way.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, thanks to whoever dealt with the whole comic book villainy thing that was happening, with the costumes and the rhyming couplet dialogue. I am okay with it not being a thing anymore.
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HEEEEEEEEY everybody! I am Tsuruya, and I come here with a list of demands! I hearby order everybody out there to give me the answers to the following megas important, life-or-death questions! You will not fail to give me these answers, because you can't not give me these answer! AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

And so, I demand the following out of all of you!

- Favorite color! (Green!)
- Favorite ice cream flavor! (Mine's mango!)
- Favorite animal! (I love cats!)
- Your biggest hope for the future! (I wanna be an idol, or a doctor, or an idol doctor! Hahaha!)
- Whatchya do in your free time! (Caligraphy, watching movies, and going shopping! Hooray!)
- What kinda guy or gal you'd wanna date! (I want one with a sense of humor, but with his feet firmly planted on the ground, and who listens to everything you say!)
- And finally, boxers, briefs, or none of the above? (Panties, of course! Hahahaha!)

And you are gonna tell me... NOW! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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Remembered thing. Probably very personal. Memory blurry, probably because entire bottle of cold medication was involved.

I remember talking about butterflies. And nice boy coming to visit room. And not having pants on. The rest is gone.

[Addendom, about a minute later.]

I wonder why I made a post about that. I guess it's just one of those days. Glad parents are not here, would be awkward. Probably awkward anyway.

Since apparently today is a day for talking about things all over the place, I attended a school for the disabled back home. It was called Yamaku. If I come up with anything else, I'll probably say it for no reason.


Apr. 22nd, 2012 01:49 pm
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[Sky video! Oh wait, no. Ceiling video. Also, acute observation may suggest that Rin is at least a little bit drunk. Again.]

[Long pause.]

I was looking at myself in the mirror and I thought,

reflections are creepy.

It's not just me, right? My reflection has eyes and moves around. If I look at it, it looks back. But it's not alive. What's up with that. It freaks me out.

I want an orange but they are hard to peel.


Apr. 2nd, 2012 06:29 pm
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[Action 1]

[Rin seems to be involved in some kind of undertaking! It involves her paintings. She is spending most of today in the long, cumbersome task of moving her paintings somewhere outside of the apartments. This would be a fair amount of hassle even normally, and Rin's missing limbs is not making it any easier.]

[Assist y/n?]

[Action 2]

[That night. Rin is out behind the apartments, where she has apparently assembled a smallish fire. Not of the arson kind, it's nice and constrained and not going to hurt anybody. She's watching it blankly, back against the wall as she sits on the ground, with a cigarette in her mouth. The fire seems to have been kindled with old newspapers, mainly consists of firewood, and... there's something else in there, too.]

[As it dies down a bit, Rin drags another painting onto the fire.]

[[OOC: Pleace specify which prompt you are tagging! Would like to have a couple people max in prompt #2, and only people who already have CR with Rin.]]


Mar. 28th, 2012 06:28 pm
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So this is that hangover thing everyone keeps talking about.

Next time I drink that much, someone remind me to eat something, too. Will spend rest of today doing best imitation of dead person.

☈ text;

Mar. 27th, 2012 09:30 pm
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I'm not too sure what the hell just happened. Then again I'm not too sure as to what has happened considering my memory is gone. Other people would probably have a million question as to what's next, but instead I've only got one.

Where can I get a drink?


Mar. 27th, 2012 05:28 pm
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[Skycam again! Looks like she's on the roof. However, something's off about her voice. It sounds... kind of slurred?]

Drinking age lower here than in Japan. This makes a happy Rin.

There is vodka and orange juice on roof. Join me.

[EDIT:] Unless you are children. That would be bad.


Mar. 21st, 2012 10:01 pm
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I got a bunch of paintings. Apparently I painted them. Don't remember.

I get a weird sense of vertigo looking at these. My mind created these, but I don't feel any personal connection to them. They were painted by someone else - that other person named Rin Tezuka whose memories I keep getting. Two strangers separated by time and memory. I look at my old paintings and I'm suddenly weirdly aware of how huge that gulf is. I don't think I'll ever be able to cross it, even if I remember everything. Maybe it's better if I don't remember anything at all.

I wonder what I should do with these.
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Who: Karkat Vantas, Rudolph van Richten, Rin Tezuka, Karkat Vantas, Danny Phantom, Yuta Takizawa, Karkat Vantas, Booster Gold, Mokona, Karkat Vantas, Dave Strider, Vriska Serket, Scrooge McDuck, Karkat Vantas, Shen, Gordon Freeman, Tsuruya, and Karkat Vantas
What: Cross-temporal real-time chatting gone horribly, horribly wrong.
When: Starting shortly before Rayquaza's appearance, thereabouts.
Where: A chat client, with some implied Danny's room

* CURRENT_carcinoGeneticist was kicked by FUTURE_carcinoGeneticist


Mar. 16th, 2012 11:54 am
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[Customary Rin pointless sky video (cloudy). Customary overly-long pause before saying anything.]

Birthday was last tuesday. Nineteen now.

I was going to say something about it at the time, but then I decided not to say anything instead.

Yup, that's it. Can't have something interesting to say all the time. I should probably move before it starts raining.
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[Rex's face shows up on the feed, front and center.]

So, I think we've all noticed how completely boring this place has been lately.

In light of that, I propose we have some... bear wrestling matches!! Last person and last bear standing go up against each other in a grueling battle of fists and claws! [He punctuates his commentary with energetic fistpumps and fake punches in front of the camera.]

So who's up for it? If you don't wanna chicken out, meet me by the edge of town, near the forest!


[Rex got impatient. He is no longer on the edge of town like he said he'd be. Instead, he's in the forest, already taking on a bear. However, he's not too far in, and he's making a good deal of noise, so he's easy to find.]

Take that, you giant fuzzball! That's for making me jump around the trees like a stupid little mico! Ha, bet you didn't see that one coming!

[For a fight that sounds so painful based on the noises of the attacks, Rex's banter is very...playful.]

((OOC: 0.5% on the EVO bunny from Operation: Wingman. 2.3% total memory regain, 12.7% remaining (jeez, how did that even happen).))


Mar. 7th, 2012 10:11 pm
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I'm the sky.

[That was sudden. There's a pause after it, too.]

Not really. I mean, maybe I am, but that's too metaphysical for me to puzzle out right now. It's something someone said to me once. I'm trying to remember who he was, or what he meant... it's like... every day, I'm a different person, but... something. I can almost remember it.

I wonder if he was right. And if he was, if I'm still the sky now, in the same way that I was then. It seems important.


[Hey, remember that wall Rin was staring at for a while? Well, she's back there again. Doing her fair share of staring, but she's actually making progress this time. Brush in foot, an occasional slow, deliberate line is laid onto the wall. The very nebulous structure of some kind of mural is emerging. Very slowly.]

[It's still early, so it's quite impossible to tell what any of it is actual pictures of. But it looks purposeful, at least. While painting, or while staring, Rin has a very faraway look to her, as if she's looking into some private world that only she can see.]
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[Dave has braved the rain of goo in his typical ironic rap-ninja fashion for a series of incomprehensible errands. He's gone to look at a super sleek motorcycle of some kind, Kotetsu's powersuit, A series of enormous, expensive speaker systems, and...toothbrushes?

After this he makes his way to the roof of the Ermis Suite, clears the slime off of it, and turns it on. He then goes on to produce a box of brightly colored, glowing toothbrushes that have a high speed motor that does unclear things while it's on and a built in sound system that plays music whenever you brush your teeth.]


Who wants a ridiculous, tricked out, high octane toothbrush?

((1% spent on how to use the Alchemiter))
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Was going to go shopping today. Instead, slime.

I am no good with slime. Nearly fell over investigating Dave's slime monster thing. This is much more slime. Can't go to roof anymore.

Who is good with slime? It would be great if they could get me some things. I need paper, and toothpaste, and carrots. And some other things. I forget. Fortunately, things you need are easy to remember when you forget them. If you can't remember at all, then it probably wasn't important.

Going to look out the window for a while.


Feb. 19th, 2012 10:32 pm
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I am pretty sure that now is a good time to not be outside the apartments so here I am. Don't know where big blue has shown up, but would rather not take chances. Mysterious mural project on hold.

[filtered to people who have had at least one conversation with Rin]
Congratulations. You get to listen to the extra-incoherent rambly bits, because I feel like it. Pretend that I am lying on a couch, and you are sitting on a chair next to it, frowning thoughtfully and taking notes and charging me huge amounts of money.

I don't know what I'm doing with my painting. It's like I'm trying to paint to get something that's inside of me out, but then I do it and I found out that there isn't anything inside me. I'm just full of holes, or something. Thought I should try painting to fill the holes, but I don't know how to do that. If I changed how I paint that much, I don't know if I'd be able to go back to the other way.

Will remembering change anything? Maybe it won't. Maybe it would just add more context for what I'm missing. Maybe I was always like this.

Got some charcoal, though. I think charcoal is OK, for some reason. Simpler.

If you are bored and talk to me, I will draw you. No charge, I am not a professional.

[filtered to Tohsaka]

Oh, almost forgot. Remembered eighteenth birthday. Nineteen next month. I win.
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I just remembered something.

Last Saturday was my seventeenth birthday. [ Who cares what else is going on - this girl had a birthday and no one remembered it, herself included. ] I also remembered Shirou is very good at running away.

I'll even let you get a head start this time.


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