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[Oh look it's this asshole again and he has a huge stupid grin on his face like usual.]

Listen up! I've just remembered something of great importance!

[Wait for it.]


[Wait for it.]


[Waaaaait for iiiiiit.]


I have the cutest little brother ever!

[After a moment his stupid grin diminishes a bit, though, as he changes the subject.]

Also I guess that roommate I had was lame after all, he just up and disappeared. Oh well, apartment to myself again~ It's more fun being alone, anyway! I'm not gonna miss him or anything, hahahaha...ha.

((ooc: 1% spent on teen!Germany (or Ludwig is the name Gil remembered). Wait until he remembers adult Germany. "OMG MY CUTE BROTHER GREW UP TO BE SO COOL" blah blah etc))


Nov. 13th, 2011 02:30 pm
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I'd been wondering what these funny little things were all about. It turns out they're genuine magic crests! Magic's never been my specialty, so I figured they were just cereal box prizes all this time. Most attack spells don't do anything I can't do just as well with a solid piece of wood, but it looks like most of what I can do with these is more about looks than anything else. This one can make light rays and shield against magic, and these two can make weapons glow, and hm, there's a Gathering spell on this, that could be pretty useful...

More importantly, I finally remembered my full name, Joachim Valentine! It's just one word, but I feel far more myself for having remembered it. I suppose this really does mean that the Lots weren't my blood family. I had a feeling that was the case, but having it confirmed makes me even more curious.

One more thing! There's a new invention where I come from, a huge metal ship that flies through the air. It's hard to swallow, I know, but do any of you remember anything like it?

((1% on the rest of the le Havre chapter, covering both his real name and Grand Papillon. 1% on the magic, 1% on the Bacon Jet yes that is really what it is called. 11% recalled, 2% left.))
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[ Rika has been very quiet as of late. She works when she can and is otherwise trying to keep a low profile. Not because she dislikes anyone or anything. Simply because she is having a bit of trouble coming to terms with one of her memories. But now, a few days after remembering, she decides to finally announce at least part of it. ]

[ Video ]
mi-.  Everyone, everyone! I went to bed one night and then woke up remembering! I have remembered some people I know! We were all having fun and playing games together, but I do not remember much about the places that we were playing. I do remember their faces, though. And they all had big big "Niiiiiiiii" smiles on them! I cannot wait to remember their names so that I may tell everyone about them properly.

Has anyone else remembered their friends from home yet? Please tell me about them! I am very eager to hear!

Also-. [ She hesitates. Her voice gets a tiny bit sad, if only for a moment. The hesitation lasts a second longer, before she just closes her eyes... and decides to keep that memory quiet for a while longer. ] ... mi-. Has everyone been doing their best at work? I have been considering maybe going to look for some Anemoi. I think it will be okay if I am careful. Would anyone want to come with me?

[ 1% spent on the faces of her Hinamizawa friends. 1% spent on a brief memory of her Meakeshi-hen end. 2% total.  ]
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Look, look~

It's time for more special jobs!

Helping People Jobs

- A bird stole somebody's favorite hat and then lost it! It's a floppy white hat with spikes on the end and a big circle on the brim. There was a lot of running and chasing after the theft, so it could be anywhere.

- There's a holiday about candy this time of the month! The town wants more people to go out and give sweet things to people in costumes for the sake of holiday spirit! Candy will be provided, unless you want to make your own!

Scary Jobs

- A lot of weird bugs have moved into the Sugarcrunch Bakery basement! Getting ingredients down there is really creepy, and they keep eating all the tasty things, too! They're making things for an important party, so take care of this one fast, okay?

- Something weird is sneaking around the apartment laundry! It keeps chewing on underthings and mixing colors together, so if anyone's clothes are looking a little pinker, that's the reason why. Nice underthings are expensive, so let's fix the problem before it gets worse, huh?

Big Jobs

- There's another house that's going to be a nice place to live. It's a very big house. Winter is coming and since it's a very big house, it's important to fix up the roof before snow falls and makes it crash in. There's a lot of junk and broken things in it, but there's some nice stuff, too. So if you don't like roofs, there's something for that kind of person. This is another job that lots of people can work on.

((OOC: When you complete a mission, link to the relevant post/thread/log in order to get paid! If the mission's objective-based, link back when it's done, and if it's more general, like the "clean shit up" ones, just link when you've done something related to it. If an objective-based mission's running long and close to the deadline,

I wasn't particularly clear on this the first time, so if you've got a job you're just sitting on, you can backdate it! After this, I'll just assume that unreported jobs went unfinished and there will be hilarious IC consequences, possibly involving imps breeding in the washing machines.

Once again, if you've got any questions, commentary, or ideas, speak right the hell up! I'm still streamlining the process and feedback is excellent. I'm probably going to fiddle with the RNG aspect and make anemoi less likely to appear for characters who snagged some last time and more likely for characters who haven't had much luck in that area lately.))

003 ☆

Oct. 28th, 2011 02:48 pm
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[ The feed turns on to a close-up of Haruhi's face, who's grinning ear to ear. However, she backs up slightly, folding her arms as she yells out loud (and if you're in her apartment or live near her, you'll be able to hear): ]


This is Suzumiya Haruhi speaking. [ Of course, she still doesn't 'technically' remember her last name, but she trusts Kyon's judgement when he told her so... she'll be using it. Besides, it's not like amnesiacs would lie, right? Right. ] Anyway, I remembered something really amazing! Apparently- I was right! I'm a really important person, a brigade leader in fact!

And what brigade is that, you ask? [ As she asks that question, she says it with a detective's intonation, as if she's trying to make you curious. ] It's the ultra-special, super-cool, S.O.S Brigade!

Which is short for "Spreading Excitement all Over the World with Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade"! Now then, what does this brigade do? [ Pause... ] I don't remember! But, that doesn't matter! Until I figure out what the brigade is truly for, I'll be using this brigade in order to have fun, find aliens, time travelers, espers, and sliders-- and make life really exciting!

Also: Kyon, right? You're a part of this brigade, and I don't care if you don't remember- you're still an official member, and I'm keeping it that way!!

For everyone else, just meet me outside of the apartments if you'd like to join! I'm sure it'll be really exciting!

[OOC: Regained the SOS Brigade's name in full, plus the end of Endless Eight, leaving her memory regain in total to be 1.2%. Write up is here, as usual.]
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Hey, think we can get new name tags? I just remembered my name and it's just too awesome not to show off!

[He wipes his forehead with the back of his hand, and now it's visible that he's standing next to the water and pretty shirtless.]

And, just so everyone knows, my full name's Alfred F. Jones, and I have no idea what the "F" stands for! [HE SEEMS ECSTATIC DESPITE THAT.]

Alllright, going for a swim, now. I bet I can beat any of you guys in a race!

[He probably can he's ridic in shape He grins and shuts off the feed, but not before waving at the camera! Can't say "bye" without waving, jeez.]

[1% memory regain, spent on his human name!]


Oct. 25th, 2011 02:07 pm
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[ Those that happen to be paying attention to their phone today will be greeted by a rather odd looking fellow. Dark skin, bushy hair, and... what the hell is that covering his face? It actually covers his entire body but it's not like he's going to show that off right now so... ]

Yo, this thing on?

[ He'll give a few taps to the screen. He isn't even really sure what the hell he's doing. He's never even seen one of these things before. At least, he doesn't remember if he has. Not that he really remembers much, but that's aside from the point. Well, it looks like it's working, so he'll continue. ]

So, from what I gathered, everyone's pretty much in the same sad position, huh? That sucks. But, y'know. I don't think I really give a damn about who I was. Or what the hell these people actually want me to do. I mean, seriously? Risking your life to fight some stupid ass monsters to regain some shitty memories doesn't really sound like any fun to me. What if the memories you get back are terrible ones? What if you hate yourself for remembering them? Yeah, doesn't sound too thrillin' now, does it? So while ya'll are out there, doing whatever the hell it is you do, I'm gonna be here having real fun.

[ A momentary pause. His facial expression changes from that of a cocky child to, well, one that actually looks sorta perplexed. ]

Uh, so... what the hell do you guys do around here for fun, anyways?
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Hey everyone! I just remembered some more stuff! In fact, I remembered something pretty awesome! There's this gal I know, Mikuru Asahina, from back home, and she's the cutest thing ever! She's also one of my megas best friends, isn't that great? We met in high school and we totally hit it off! Man, what a great thing to remember -- I can't wait to remember more stuff!

Oh, and Kyon, the farmer gotcha something extra nice! Wanna come by to get it?

((OOC: 3% spent on Mikuru and her friendship with her; 1% on some random side miscellanea.))


Oct. 22nd, 2011 01:42 am
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[Hei is not taking this amnesia thing very well. He takes his frustration out in private, though. For some time after he arrives, he explores the city. He gets acquainted with the geography, the landmarks and the general layout. He also takes time to think. His mind automatically directs him to consider advantages, explanations, solutions… and meaning. But too many of those things he can't get a solid grasp of. For Hei, it's a revolting feeling to be this lost and without control.

But, then, he's not alone here. He may not be in any kind of mood to interact with these people, but he needs to. And for that, he needs to put on a face. He won't be Hei--he'll be Li. The first name that comes to his mind.]


Ah, hello?

[The screen shows a partially flustered Hei, his face way too zoomed in. He pulls it back a bit to make the viewing more comfortable.]

Sorry. I suppose I'm not used to using models like this. Although, I guess there's no way to know for sure. [He laughs a little.]

My name is Li. It's nice to meet everyone. How are you doing? I just got here, and I do have one question I'd like to ask everybody. What have all of you been doing to get anemoi? At this point, I'm not sure what I'd be good at, so I thought it might be a good idea to ask around. I don't know if I'd be ready to leave the city, but I'm sure there are other options… right?

So, um, thanks in advance. Again, it's nice to meet everyone.

[He sort of nods/bows toward the camera, then the transmission ends.]
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[ Video ]
[ The camera shows a young blunette strolling through the streets of the city, her gaze flickering from the screen to the buildings are her every few seconds. She's quiet at first, until she finds a place off to the side to stand and decides what to say. Though her expression has been uneasy up until now she is quick to replace her uncertain frown with a big smile. ]
mi~i. I am sorry to have not introduced myself sooner. I have only just arrived and begun looking around. My name is Rika and I am among those that have lost their memories. Amnesia seems like a very scary scary thing, but I am sure we will be able to work hard and begin remembering. I look forward to learning about myself and everyone here. Let us do our best together. Fight-o Fight-o!


[ Action ]
[ As mentioned, Rika's already beginning to look around. If your character works in a building or is on the streets... or really, if they're anywhere that Rika may potentially go, she is likely to pop her head. The only thing stopping her are locked doors and people who tell her to shoo. ]


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