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[ A new video starts, which surprises none, except that a strange white haired, red eyed girl dressed with this appears on the screen.

And, of course, she doesn't seem to happy about this. ]

Such disgrace, to think that it comes to suffer the same that all of you..! I want information about how to get my memories faster. Is that clear?! [ She crosses her arms under her chest, her anger still present. ] My name is Satan so you better remember it, understood?!

[ With a loud yell, she ends the feed. For those curious, she's still walking to the Suites and pissed off. ]
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[This time Satori is a little less careful with the camera, because she's starting to get used to the stares and the questions on the street about the eye on her chest, so it's in full view.

The eye, although anyone who appears in the camera will likely be out of its range, stares unblinkingly into it.

No, really. No matter how long you watch it, it doesn't blink.


I don't suppose any of you know anything about a Palace of the Earth Spirits?

[She leaves it at that and doesn't mention why she's asking, though.]
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[Satori flips on the phone and angles the camera so her third eye is hidden from view. However, the yellow tendril attached to the side of her head is clearly visible. Also visible is the pet store behind her.

Without bothering to introduce herself (WHAT ARE SOCIAL SKILLS), she asks in a flat tone:]

Are pets allowed at the hotel?


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