Nov. 1st, 2011 11:10 pm
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[It's still Halloween, and there's a trick that's been happening all over town! Mysteriously, people's clothing have been disappearing right out of their closets. Only the most boring clothing is stolen, anything in vibrant primary colors is left behind. If one was quick enough, they might catch a glimpse of a blue super hero and a pink magical girl diving out their window with a giant bag, trailing bits of clothing behind them... and laughing like it's going out of style.]

[[OOC: Note! You don't have to participate in this. Only those that reply to the post will be stolen from. Catch them in the act, or run into them later on in the streets! Also, for those curious, this all started here!]]
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Who: All children and teens welcome.
What: The house made of sweets is begging to be eaten explored...
When: Halloween night!
Where: Only five minutes' walk into the woods...

Once upon a time, a very poor woodcutter lived in a tiny cottage in the forest with his two children, Hansel and Gretel.  And everyone knows how that turned out.  Their story is concluded.  This is the story of a group of children who, alone, amnesic, and weary, wander into the woods chasing a wisp on the darkest night of the year, searching for a glimmer of excitement to light their hearts.  This is the story of a group of children, who, if lost, would never be missed, not even by a poor woodcutter. Who mourns those with no past or future?

[Feel free to start posting!]
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Look, look~

It's time for more special jobs!

Helping People Jobs

- A bird stole somebody's favorite hat and then lost it! It's a floppy white hat with spikes on the end and a big circle on the brim. There was a lot of running and chasing after the theft, so it could be anywhere.

- There's a holiday about candy this time of the month! The town wants more people to go out and give sweet things to people in costumes for the sake of holiday spirit! Candy will be provided, unless you want to make your own!

Scary Jobs

- A lot of weird bugs have moved into the Sugarcrunch Bakery basement! Getting ingredients down there is really creepy, and they keep eating all the tasty things, too! They're making things for an important party, so take care of this one fast, okay?

- Something weird is sneaking around the apartment laundry! It keeps chewing on underthings and mixing colors together, so if anyone's clothes are looking a little pinker, that's the reason why. Nice underthings are expensive, so let's fix the problem before it gets worse, huh?

Big Jobs

- There's another house that's going to be a nice place to live. It's a very big house. Winter is coming and since it's a very big house, it's important to fix up the roof before snow falls and makes it crash in. There's a lot of junk and broken things in it, but there's some nice stuff, too. So if you don't like roofs, there's something for that kind of person. This is another job that lots of people can work on.

((OOC: When you complete a mission, link to the relevant post/thread/log in order to get paid! If the mission's objective-based, link back when it's done, and if it's more general, like the "clean shit up" ones, just link when you've done something related to it. If an objective-based mission's running long and close to the deadline,

I wasn't particularly clear on this the first time, so if you've got a job you're just sitting on, you can backdate it! After this, I'll just assume that unreported jobs went unfinished and there will be hilarious IC consequences, possibly involving imps breeding in the washing machines.

Once again, if you've got any questions, commentary, or ideas, speak right the hell up! I'm still streamlining the process and feedback is excellent. I'm probably going to fiddle with the RNG aspect and make anemoi less likely to appear for characters who snagged some last time and more likely for characters who haven't had much luck in that area lately.))
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[Does anyone remember this curly haired man with sunglasses? It's okay if you don't, after all he did disappear for almost a month.

Sakamoto looks quite apologetic...in a goofy sort of way.]

Ah, My apologies for disappearing. You see after a night of drinking I ended up getting lost on my way back to my apartment. The whole ordeal was a big mess even more so after I realized I left my phone at the bar! So if you can, please forget I ever disappeared. I'd like to forget it ever happened myself. Hahahahahahahaha.

So, what did I miss? Anythin' interesting happen while I was gone?
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[Keith comes into focus. His manner is a little odd at first, as if he doesn't quite know how to feel about whatever is on his mind.]

Hello! I know many people have been recovering memories, and I wanted to let the group know that I've recovered one as well. I have a dog! Well, at home, I have a dog-- his name is John. I think he must have been what I was missing in the park, since I remembered us running together. Now that I remember it, I miss it more. No offense to my running partners. You're excellent companions. Thank you!

Also, speaking with a new friend helped me to decide what I'll do for a job. I will be working as a police officer in the city. Everyone I've had to deal with so far has been very helpful and understanding. I'll probably be walking a beat, so I'm sure I'll see many of you around town. I'm looking forward to enforcing the laws and assisting as many people as I can!

Thank you!
[Keith throws the camera a parting salute.]
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[Oh look it's this jerk again. He's lounging on the couch again, this time without beer. For the time being anyway. He has the most smug grin on his face imaginable right now.]

Listen up, citizens of Sirocco! Lots of you doubted the awesomeness of I, Gilbert Beilschmidt! Yes, that's right, I have recalled my full name! Isn't it the coolest name ever? Kesesesese~ Befitting someone as incredible as myself, I'd say!

But anyway! Those of you who doubted how awesome I am? In your face! I remembered more than just my name! I remembered a grand battle, in which I led a massive army and beat the crap out of some sissy in glasses! It was incredible how skilled I was, barking orders and trampling the foe into the ground! Bet none of you are that strong and respected! Kesesese~

[After quite some time of smug gloating, he suddenly pouts.]

Also, whoever decided that this Alfred guy should live with me is a jerk, I want my suite to myself back. ...At least Alfred is a pretty cool guy, though, so it could be worse. He's not as cool as me, but that's to be expected.

{Gilbert is remembering a battle from the War of Austrian Succession. Also feel free to mock him for not having a suite to himself anymore.}


Oct. 10th, 2011 08:48 pm
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...There it goes, okay. [pokes the camera a bit before sitting back, satisfied that it's actually working] Hn.

Well, it's not like I have anything better to do with these memories than blab about them like most people seem to be doing, so why not just lay it all out on the table. It all came to me a little over a week ago, and I was hoping that all of the rest of my past would just slide on in not long after, but... Guess this is all I've got for now.

Not sure if I've ever kept a diary, but I feel like this might be the most important one I've kept. What if I lose it all again, after all? Hmphf.

So, here goes.

The huge white dog that keeps following me around? "Sadaharu." Ah-- By the way, apologies if you've run into him on the roof and got chewed on. I'm not taking responsibility if you don't know how to stay away from large, potentially dangerous beasts, though, got it?

Next was... Well, forget about that one. [nonchalant wave of his hand]

The last piece I could recall was something about a birthday I guess.

Mine, or something.

Oh, it's today. My birthday's today? Huh.

[Private to Jr.]

Finally made that thing a doghouse. Dear lord, did our apartment just grow a few extra square yards?!

[[ OOC: after Gintoki's Gintoki's adventures with being chased around by his world item he brought with him, a 5-foot-tall white fluffy frisky canine, he built a doghouse for the huge thing, up on the apartment roof. You can reply to this post to interact with Sadaharu if your character has a reason to go to the roof, but be warned - he is huge, and he does just have the innocent and rowdy nature of a normal dog. It tends to show love by eating people's heads. ]]
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[ With a straight face, there's a young person peering at the screen. From their appearance, it's fairly tough to guess a gender. They do not smile, yet do not frown, and when they speak it's in a neutral voice. ]

I am called Kyubei. And I have just arrived here, it seems. I do not currently remember my purpose, however that does not make it any less important. I will assist in any ways that I can, provided I can determine my specific skills.

In that note, are there any places one can practice with weaponry or exercise? My body is physically fit... I'd like to keep it that way.

[ Kyubei adjusts their eyepatch, almost hesitantly. Then flips the feed off. ]

001 - Video

Oct. 3rd, 2011 04:37 pm
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[If you're watching this video, you'll see a white haired guy with a big goofy grin on his face, lounging on the couch in his suite, a mug of beer in hand.]

Okay, so let me get this straight. We were all brought here from wherever we all come from, which we don't remember, in order to help this lame city that can't keep itself populated. We're given a job just like that and all we have to do is fight monsters or whatever, and doing so will help us find gems that give us our memories back? This is so dumb, but whatever! At least there are fun things to do in the city, and I, the Awesome Gilbert, am good at fighting!

Also I have this whole apartment suite to myself! Sweet! Sucks to be you, losers who have to share!!! Kesesesese!!!!!!


Sep. 30th, 2011 07:21 pm
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[Action // Backdated to the 25th]
[No matter where you are in the park...chances are you will most likely come crossed Sakamoto. Feel free to run into him.]

Does...anyone else feel like they're forgetting something very important?

((OOC: I am so sorry for being late again and for the short post. Real life hit me like a ton of bricks so tags will be a little slow, but hopefully not as slow as it took me to actually make the first post.))
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[Action A; backdated to Saturday evening; for Gintoki]

[After a long day at the amusement park, even the excessive amounts of cotton candy Jr. had eaten were wearing off. Sleep was sounding like a really good idea, so he headed to his room to rest... only to find that he wasn't alone anymore.]

Oh you have got to be kidding me.

[Action B; video]

Gaignun Kukai Jr., huh? And I'm the son of the director of some place called the Kukai Foundation. Wish I could remember what kind of place it is...

Anybody else remember anything neat?

[Action C; outside somewhere]

[Now that the amusement park had faded and taken its exciting distractions along with it, Jr. was anxious to try out the lovely twin pistols he had arrived with. He's not stupid enough to actually fire them, but he can't resist twirling them and posing like a total dork.]
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[A man with curly white hair and bored-looking eyes, wearing a white kimono hanging off one shoulder and black high-collar shirt and black pants and boots, leaves the Lab with his new smartphone, fiddling with it and turning it on when all of the sudden--]

. . .

I can smell dog breath.

Why do I smell-- Oh, my head's inside of something's mouth. That would explain the lack of light, and also the teeth digging into my shoulders.

Wait... Why dog breath? Dogs aren't this big. Not even wolves are this big, or this heavy. Eh? What is this? This can't be a dog.

[After another pause, he screams bloody murder.

The connection cuts out.

...But later that same day, Gintoki can be seen running through the theme park, followed close behind by a gigantic 660 pound, 5 1/2 feet tall white fuzzy dog, tongue flying out its mouth and white tail swishing behind it like it's having the best time of its life.

The man is not.]


[He tries hiding behind tents and booths but the thing always finds him, giving a cute little "BARK" whenever he catches up. Gintoki will likely run out of steam after a couple hours and just give up trying to escape, at which point he simply continues wandering the theme park, large dog following behind him like it's afraid to let him out of its sight.

The man seems to be trying out all the games and trying all the food as if searching for something. He stands in front of the rollercoasters and watches people riding them, but doesn't get on, himself.]
. . .

[[ OOC NOTE:: dunno what I was thinking not saying something when I was first posting this haha-- JUST FYI, this big dog is basically a huge...dog in every way, and it has a hobby of eating peoples' heads and arms and things sometimes sort of. You are all its chew toys. The characters in Gintama are never permanently harmed due to it, but if your character is a meatier, stronger type, Sadaharu might play rougher because YOU CAN PUT UP WITH SOME BLOOD LOSS AND DEAL, RIGHT? RIGHT? So, small children and people who can't deal with extremely strong and rowdy pets might want to keep a short physical distance - that doesn't mean you shouldn't tag though~! Gintoki can keep him at bay for ya as long as you keep yer head on.]]


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