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[A particularly irritated turtle walks the streets of Sirocco. He looks around and sees... ape-like creatures. Nothing but ape-like creatures. A low growl escapes his fangs. Everything seemed too different for his tastes. He couldn't remember anything that happened before coming here, but he deep inside him that he's out of place. This irritates him.

On his way over to... well, he isn't even sure where he's going... he looks to his right and sees in glass his reflection. Horns, spiked turtle shells, fangs, claws... All of his features served to make him look nothing less than intimidating. He was, he had to admit, quite handsome. No doubt he could take some time to admire his reflection some more, but this image further emphasizes how... different he is.

He spends the rest of the day like this until he returns back to his apartment room. After unlocking his door, he squeezes himself in and... sees his roommate, Isaac.]

Rrgh... Terrific. Another ape. Figures my roommate would be another one of you.

... What're you waiting for? Show me where I'm supposed to get a shut-eye around here! I just got here and I'm not in the mood to stomp you for being stupid.

[He impatiently crosses his arms, waiting for you to do as the giant turtle monster says.]


... Is... Is this thing on?

[It's on, but he's not using it properly. In fact, all you really see is just his eye. Talk about a close-up.]

I nearly broke this thing when they first handed it to me. So all right, I'll bite. Anemoi's the stuff that's supposed to give us back our memories, right? Little rocks or jewels or whatever that's just lying around or given as hand-outs. What's stopping me from just snatching them right out of your hands?

Seems pretty easy when you guys're so puny.


Nov. 23rd, 2011 08:44 pm
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[It's been a wonderful Thanksgiving day. Good eats, watching television, however you've spent it. That evening, though, something strange happens. Maybe you were out on the town to come back and notice something's off about your room, things slightly rearranged... Maybe you came home in time to catch the two residential lunatics, dressed as a giant turkey (Isaac) and traditional pilgrim (Miria), stuffing something into a giant sack... Or perhaps you caught the tail end of the event, the two expert thieves sprinting down the street, their loot bag full to the brim...]

[[OOC: Again! Only those that comment will be stolen from, otherwise your room wasn't hit by this fiendish duo.]]
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Hello♪ A couple of people have mentioned Thanksgiving to me and I really didn't understand the last holiday.. um, I really don't understand holidays in general. You see, we didn't do things of that nature back home. In fact, I think we only partied when we had a reason to. [ A pause. ] Well no, that's not right at all. People partied even when they weren't really supposed to.

I mean though as a group! [ Sure is awkward now. ] Hehehe, I think I'm trying to ask if there's anyone out there who's willing to explain these things to me. I don't want to be an idiot and offend the other party unknowingly.

So that's it from me! Bye bye now!
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[Early in the day, Action]

[Walking down the street doing god knows what, Isaac and Miria suddenly stop. They stare into each other's eyes for a long moment before grabbing each other and wailing.]



[What a scene that they're causing with the crying. Also blocking traffic of all kinds with this display. Find out what's going on to solve the problem? Y/N?]

[Later in the day, PSA]

Good news, everybody!
Yeah! Thanksgiving is coming soon!
Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, so we're planning a specatcular heist, just for you!
We won't give you all the details, it's no fun that way!
But we will be taking all the unthankful things from you!

[And the video cuts off there, leaving everything annoyingly vague and their laughter echoing after them. Somehow. Try and convince them to talk?]

[[OOC: Memories of each other and that they are thieves. - 2% each]]


Nov. 15th, 2011 09:52 pm
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Hello again, humans!
Know what's 8oring as hell? Living in a lawnring full of total freaking str8ngers, that's what!
That's why I decided that we should all h8ng out and watch some of your terri8le human movies in some sort of human movie party!!!!!!!!
I picked this one out totally randomly to watch. I guess it's called "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"???????? Which is a really dum8 n8me for a movie, but hey! May8e there's a chance that the entire thing won't be awful. May8e there's some kind of tall, rugged manly human in it that I don't c8re about. I don't know anything about this stuff.

So who wants to do this thing?

[[1% spend on Street tough maverick with nothing to lose. She doesn't let many people into her room, but it's spending the next few weeks slowly getting populated with some fangirl tribute graffiti.]]

[So! Not sure on a time for this, but my tenative suggestion is Sunday, November 20th, some time in the latter half of the day. Feel free to suggest other times in the area, but I can't do Saturday.

Also a question is what format to use! This was questioned in the planning post, so let's discuss options:

LIVESTREAM: Easy to sync up! Only one person has to have the movie! Built-in chatroom!
AIM: Everyone has it! Easy to use! Everyone has to get the movie.
IRC: Same as AIM, but we can change our names and do /me action commands! Not everyone likes IRC.



Nov. 1st, 2011 11:10 pm
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[It's still Halloween, and there's a trick that's been happening all over town! Mysteriously, people's clothing have been disappearing right out of their closets. Only the most boring clothing is stolen, anything in vibrant primary colors is left behind. If one was quick enough, they might catch a glimpse of a blue super hero and a pink magical girl diving out their window with a giant bag, trailing bits of clothing behind them... and laughing like it's going out of style.]

[[OOC: Note! You don't have to participate in this. Only those that reply to the post will be stolen from. Catch them in the act, or run into them later on in the streets! Also, for those curious, this all started here!]]
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[Doomtrain has hit Miria in the hotel/apartments, causing her 50's poodle skirt and accessories to turn into This lovely dress.]
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When the local government distributed these phones to us, I doubt their intention was for them to be used as some sort of personal announcement service.

[...Is that it? Apparently.]
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[Somehow, the video is upside down and two figures can be seen. The girl is wearing a tank top, bright orange floral shorts, a florescent pink fanny pack, birkenstocks and socks, and Minie Mouse ears. The guy standing next to her is dressed equally tacky in horrible cargo shorts, an awful hawaiian shirt, tennis shoes with striped socks, big plastic sunglasess that were somehow too big for him, and a Goofy hat complete with hanging ears.]

This is so incredible! A theme park that manages to take your memories and gives you a bunch of stuff!

It's amazing! And I finally turned the 'smart phone' to 'off'!

That must make you extra smart to figure that out!

I bet I'm some sort of genius, I didn't even read the manual. Where do you want to go next?

Yeah, you must be! Ummm...I know! Let's go investigate the shops! For souveniers~.

Yes! That's what tourists do!

[Then they run off towards the stores with way too much enthusiasm. Feel free to have overheard and seen this conversation or run into them on their way to the store. Literally.]


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