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I've recovered more of my memories, and they've given me much to think about. However, in addition to memories of my personal life, I've also recalled some more techniques for fighting.

Thinking about locations to practice, though, gave me an idea. What I, and I'm sure many of you, might benefit from is a specific place where we can practice the techniques that we've learned and remembered in our time here. A place like the park certainly has open space, but it isn't intended for practicing martial arts.

What I'm proposing is that a small group of us pool our money together, buy a building currently for sale, and convert it into a dojo or something similar with the specific purpose of training ourselves in the various styles of combat we know. Would anyone else here be interested in such a proposition?

[Ky has remembered his position as Commander of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights, Ride the Lightning, Sacred Edge, and Greed Sever. 4% spent.]
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While I admit the quality of this dress is up to par with my expectations, the cut is severely lacking in style. I wish for my original dress back immediately!

[She wasn't originally dressed up for Halloween, but she's now wearing an even more scantily clad dress.]
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I'm not buying this load of crap one bit! Someone here decided to kidnap me, didn't they?! And they must have hit me on the head so I'd get amnesia! I'm super adorable and probably a princess or something, so they thought they'd get a ton of money for my safe return, but I obviously outsmarted them and escaped, and now I'm wandering around lost without any idea how to get home!

I'm on to you, you evil kidnappers!

[After calming down a bit, Relm discovers that she has a sketchpad and paints with her. Naturally, she can't resist trying them out. She draws the first few things that come to her mind - an impressive-looking red dragon, a large black dog, and some sort of giant raccoon. As she sits back to admire her work, there is a bright flash of light, and suddenly the things on the page are right before her eyes - very real, very alive, and very angry.]

Whooooooaaaa! How did that happen?!
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[Axel has some day-old bruises and bandages marring his beautiful face, but that's no excuse not to show it off. He has important business to discuss, and what kind of loser uses words to convey his ideas? He tries to keep a conversational tone instead of seeming angry or nervous.]

Hey, so! If anybody else has any crazy accusations about felonies a spectacular guy named Axel may or may not have committed before contracting a tragic case of amnesia, let's all agree to settle whatever grievances there are in a nonviolent way. Please?

Ow my eyebrow...

In better news, though, it's all starting to come back to me! That's right, you're looking at a regular prodigy at recovering from weird memory afflictions. But of course, what else could be expected from...


[Yeah, that was a backflip and a dramatic pose on camera.]

I just knew I was intedimensionally famous before I came here. Some things are engraved on a demon's soul! That's technically all I've remembered for now, but as I'm sure some of my legions of adoring fans are in this lousy city, I'll be considerate enough to keep you all updated. Especially when I remember what a Dark Hero does! Axel out!

[1% memories spent, 99% remaining.]
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[ » » VIDEO ]

[ Bam! The video turns on to show one bodacious blonde bombshell. She seems pretty chill despite being a brand new arrival and dealing with all that entails. ]

Weeell! This is one hangover for the record books. I've woken up in strange places--or at least I assume I have; it sounds like something I'd do! I think--but waking up in a strange world sure is a new one. Er, at least, I assume it's a new one. For all I know I might do this for a living! Wouldn't that be awesome? Sliding from one world to another, probably solving peoples' problems in the span of a convenient thirty-minute time slot before traveling to another.

[ She seems to have excited herself and is now a bit bouncy, in several meanings of the word. ]

Hmm~~ I think I'll assume that's what I do until I get proven otherwise. Better than drunkenly stumbling into another dimension, anyways.


Who's gonna offer to help show a lady around? The name's Excellen (I think) and I'm apparently a smoking hot babe (which I am a-okay with), so hurry it up and help out a lovely damsel. First come, first serve, ladies and gentlemen, so please be courteous and form a line!

[ As if to prove her logic with evidence, she winks at the camera and shakes her hips for the audience. ]


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