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[Ken is making a post to the network! (On purpose and everything.) And what's more, he honestly looks happy. Maybe even relieved.]

Everyone, thank you. I'm truly grateful for all of the help I've received.

I'd like to introduce myself to you all again. Good afternoon.

My name is Ichijouji Ken. I'm eleven years old.

And I think.....

[He pauses. He didn't get that many memories back, after all: so this part is hazy, just a snapshot of a hallway, footsteps moving down it: his footsteps. A hand puts a key in a door: his hand. A sign by the door labels it as apartment 303 - "Ichijouji".

An apartment with a name on the door. A place he lives. What kind of place? He doesn't remember. But he can't have lived there all alone.]

....I think....I have a family.

[[First AC regain - 1% spent on surname and age, as remembered by staring at the address plaque outside his apartment.]]
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Christmas comes a little early this year. )


A DAUGHTER! Hey everybody! I just remembered! I have a daughter! Her name's Kaede, and she's the sweetest, most wonderful little girl ever! Well, I'm sure she is, anyway, since she's my daughter, but I can't remember everything yet. I guess that just means I gotta try and remember more stuff, right? Ah, if I only had a photo, I'd show her off! Isn't that a great memory?

((OOC: 1% on Kaede. It's about damn time.))

third hop

Dec. 10th, 2011 01:39 pm
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[So Barnaby recently decided that since he's got himself a roommate, he should probably learn how to cook. He bought recipe books the other day, though for some reason, he's attracted to the fried rice recipes (as well as beef stroganoff and cabbage rolls), and just yesterday got the needed ingredients.

...so far, his attempt at cooking is not going so well, judging from the fact that there's a bit of wreckage in the kitchen. Like, say, a hole in the wall, and a broken jar.

And the perpetrator is already standing up, trying to get his bearings as he's glowing blue and adding up the cost in his head and wondering just how he's going to be able to pay for this. That, and he needs to find a way to keep this new power of his in check.]


[After the blue glow fades and he's sure he can't accidentally wreck something, he picks up the PDA and addresses the network.]

I have a question. Say you, ah, remembered that you have a particularly powerful ability at the wrong moment, and you activated your power by accident. What would you do if you accidentally destroyed part of your wall in the process?
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WHO: Kotetsu, and other folks interested in seeing a darned inspiring Justice League Building.
WHAT: Getting this thing up and running!
WHEN: Various times.
NOTES: srsly you should probably help this guy.

Because otherwise he's doing this stuff himself, and that's no good for anybody. )
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[Yuri has fully recovered his memory of the use of his powers, but there's something off, unsettling him, though he can't say what it is. He has only remembered small things lately, brief glimpses from his childhood: his parents' faces, a trip to the seashore, playing on the lawn outside the house, winning an essay competition at school.

None of these things are what has made him restless. He feels as if he's being pulled by an invisible force, like the ocean when the tide comes in.

That's why, tonight, for the first time, he's used his fire power to fly into the city. He is dressed rather differently than he usually is, his face fully covered by the mask he wears. One might see him flying, very quickly, propelled by bursts of blue fire.

At last, he comes to rest on the roof of one of the taller buildings and stands looking out over the city, wondering why he felt compelled to come here. The moon is waxing, and its light is bright.
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[The video screen's fuzzy for a moment, then sharpens to - a jerky shot of the buildings and streets surrounding the lab. Someone doesn't know his feed is on.]


[A crinkling of paper as he consults some written instructions.]

Ermis Suites....Ermis Suites....

[If you're in the area, there's a boy with a rather blank expression on his face looking around in total confusion. He's distracted enough, both by looking for the building and by his own thoughts, that he might walk towards the road - or other pedestrians - without seeing them there.]
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WHO: Tsuruya, Yuri Petrov, and anybody else interested in the wonderful world of FASHION! ...or just yakking with the model.
WHAT: Totally super megas awesome winter clothing line!
WHEN: December 5
NOTES: Strike a pose.

Heading down the catwalk )
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This is the time of year when everyone starts preparing for winter and making lots of good food, which means it's a time when extra jobs start to appear.

Helping People Jobs

- Ms. Li at Sirocco Elementary wants someone to make an inspirational film for her students. She'll lend out the equipment if nobody has any. This is a job for a lot of people, so let's all team up!

- It's getting to be time for winter, and that means it's time for winter fashion! The person in charge of K K Ace Designs seems to be in a rut and needs some outside help. People good at fashion or inspiration are best for this one, but someone with a good body for modeling might help too.

Scary Jobs

- More and more new monsters have been showing up! There's a few big ones with snappy claws around the far side of the harbor. The kitchen staff want to find out how they taste, so bring one back for us!

- There's a hungry bear foraging around right outside town. It's pretty cute, but if it starts getting into town and into garbage cans and pantries, it could cause a lot of trouble. It's not a very big for a bear, but it's still pretty big.

Big Jobs

- It looks like the new superhero headquarters needs some work done before it's in tip-top super shape! The building's pretty good, but it needs a few more things.

1. Electricity! It's already in the network, so this is mostly about hooking up all the stuff like computers and telephones and extra lights and coffee machines.
2. Security! It should have a sturdy fence, at least, or maybe a wall or a scary dog. EDIT TIME IT'S EDIT TIME~ Booster is afraid of dogs so that last one is no good. DOUBLE EDIT~ IGNORE THE LAST EDIT BECAUSE IT IS A SECRET!
3. Decoration! Nobody wants to work in a drab place, so spruce it up with nice wallpaper and that kind of thing. Some of the furniture isn't too good, so you can scavenge in the ruins for better things.
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[Today, Booster is wearing a suit and tie. And if that won't get your attention, I'm not sure what will! OK maybe the fact that he is also clearly trying to get people's attention, that might do it.]

Hello, people of Sirocco! I'm Booster Gold, and I've got a very important announcement for you all today, especially for our local heroes. Back home, we've got an organization of heroes called the Justice League, and, as a member of said prestigious organization, I am of course authorized to form a new chapter here. In other words, Justice League Sirocco is now recruiting and open for business!

If you're interested in joining or you're in need of some superheroic assistance, feel free to get in touch with me or stop by our headquarters at 6040 Jubilee Road. I can promise there'll always be somebody there ready to help you. And if you're in need of some spare anemoi, we can help with that, too! Again, that's 6040 Jubilee Road, not too far from the Suites or the lab.

If there's any questions, I can answer them right now.
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*Up to this point, he'd been looking forward to the memories; all the little memories of Tomoe, their marriage, their meeting, and so on. It had been spurring him on, knowing someone was waiting for him. Someone who loved him, who was waiting for him to come home.

The end of that illusion came, ironically, in a dream not long after the last batch of anemoi he got.

It was too vivid to be anything other than a memory. Images of her collapsing, then her in a hospital bed. And then... a phone call after a heroic rescue, a hurried rush home, and opening the doors to the sight of HER, tastefully laid out in the traditional style, a sheet covering her prone body.

He woke up, still confused; it was a dream, right? But then he reaches his cheeks, and feels the tears, and remembers. Six years ago, now.

Tomoe was dead.*


*Not that he shows it too much in public. He tries his best to be his usual cheerful self around others; only when he's by himself does he let the melancholy in. He doesn't need anybody worrying about him, after all.

But maybe you catch him in one of his down moments. Briefly. Do you approach?*


You know, I was thinking. A guy like me, hoarding all these memories for himself when other folks might want some! Seems kinda selfish, doesn't it? How about I just give some of you guys the ones I find instead? Just for a little while! Come on, what do you say?

((OOC: 3% on Tomoe's illness and death.)
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[The image that swims into view, if you're viewing, is a man's midsection. The man has a white t-shirt on and what looks to be an unbuttoned uniform shirt of some kind over it. There's a moment of muffled laughter as the camera adjusts to its subject's unusual orientation, and the field widens to reveal Keith. He's currently hovering in mid air, a blue glow outlining his body and shining in his already very blue eyes.
Sensing the camera has completed its adjustments, Keith runs a hand through his hair, which looks a little wind-blown, and tries not to grin so widely.]

Hello, everyone! Ah, I know I haven't seen some of you in a while. I've been working very hard at my job as an officer of the peace and spending time with a few new friends I've made here. I've been happy to hear about the things you've remembered, and I've remembered a few things myself. It's nice to know my full name-- Keith Goodman, it's nice to know that I like my eggs sunny-side-up, and it's nice to know that I seem to have some kind of power over the wind or the air! I mean, I can manipulate the wind to carry me-- if I want to, and I can fly, but not very fast, unless there's a high wind. I've been experimenting in an unpopulated area because I didn't want to frighten or injure anyone. But my control of the power is pretty fine. I can also direct the wind with gestures.
[At this point, Keith settles, feet on the ground. The blue glow diminishes.]

It's great being able to fly, of course! But I don't really know what I actually do with this power when I'm at home. I don't have any memory of that yet. I hope I remember that soon. In the meantime, now that you all know, you won't be surprised to see me in the air when I'm not on duty. Although I am going to talk to the Sergeant and ask if I can use my power on patrol. I think it might be useful!
Thank you!

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Nov. 15th, 2011 02:31 am
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Um… I know there have been complaints about using the phones for personal announcements… but I remembered some new information and I’m… I’m just so happy! I’ve remembered my home!

I lived in a place called Jinbocho. It was a neighborhood that specialized in book stores! There was a street of nothing but book shops for as far as the eye could see! The shop owners were all so nice… they certainly understood book enthusiasts! They would even set things aside for me if they received a book that they believed would catch my interest! And they would chat with me about new releases and were always so eager to know my opinions…

They were all wonderful people. I hope they’re all doing well…
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Okay, so. I just remembered some more stuff and...I think I was a--a superhero back home! Or, uh, something like that.

Wow, this sounds ridiculous.

I mean...I don't know what else you'd call flying around beating up bad guys with green energy beams. [Danny shifts, his gaze moving to the corner of the room off-screen. He fidgets and looks significantly more awkward than a supposed superhero ought to be.] Not like that makes it any less weird. Dead people beating up bad guys is always going to be weird.

So! Uh...does anyone else come from a place where superheroes aren't totally fictional, or is it just me?

((OOC: 1% on fighting mooks and bad guys throughout Reign Storm, as well as public perception of him afterwards. 3.5% remaining, 4.5% total memory regain.
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[Saleh stands at the top of the large hill not too far from the lab. It's a fine spot to be watching the city from, but the view isn't what he's interested in today. This is just a place he's taken a liking to.

Both hands raised to chest level, at first glance, his posture may seem odd when a small cube appears out of thin air. It rotates slowly before vanishing as Saleh drops his hands back to his sides. He lets out a mirthful breath.

There are exceptions, after all.

[He brushes his fringe aside, only for the breeze to blow it right back in place. He smirks.]

The wind is especially good today.
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Well, I remembered something else. A really minor detail, though.

...And I have a job. It's not the best job out there, but at least it's a job, I guess.

Out of curiosity, who else has gotten jobs?

Yeah. A paper route. So much for any chance of a night life. But I'd rather have money than a night life, so I guess I'll just have to bear with it.

And what's with the memory? Did I really sit there and listen to a classmate grade the girls in our class?

[[1% spent on remembering Taniguchi grading Ryoko.]]
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I've remembered that in addition to serving the people as a prosecutor, I was later appointed to serve the city of Sternbild as a judge.

I have a secondary job as well, as the curator for a program known as "Hero TV". I don't yet recall the details of the program itself, but I worked with the producers to assure that all crime-fighting was carried out within the limits of the law, and in cooperation with local law enforcement. With that in mind, it has come to my attention that a number of you may be acting on your own as "heroes". To do this independently is unsafe for you as well as for the citizens. Even criminals have rights, and they must be apprehended in the proper manner.

I would appreciate it if you could make yourself known to me privately, so that I might serve as a liaison between any would-be heroes and the authorities, coordinating your efforts for the public good. Patrolling to deter crime or making citizens arrests on your own are acceptable, as long as you notify the police immediately when you encounter any wrongdoing, but any action beyond that ventures into the realm of vigilantism. Please do not take the law into your own hands. Thank you.

In addition, to those of you unable to gather anemoi, I have some I can offer you.

[[OOC: He doesn't yet realize what a hypocrite he's being, but even when he does, he'll say the same thing.]]
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I've recovered more of my memories, and they've given me much to think about. However, in addition to memories of my personal life, I've also recalled some more techniques for fighting.

Thinking about locations to practice, though, gave me an idea. What I, and I'm sure many of you, might benefit from is a specific place where we can practice the techniques that we've learned and remembered in our time here. A place like the park certainly has open space, but it isn't intended for practicing martial arts.

What I'm proposing is that a small group of us pool our money together, buy a building currently for sale, and convert it into a dojo or something similar with the specific purpose of training ourselves in the various styles of combat we know. Would anyone else here be interested in such a proposition?

[Ky has remembered his position as Commander of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights, Ride the Lightning, Sacred Edge, and Greed Sever. 4% spent.]

second hop

Nov. 1st, 2011 12:16 pm
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[...he just had to be lured in by the plaque, didn't he? As if getting hit by a train but not being hurt at all was strange enough. Now he was wearing a girl's uniform, which is humiliating enough without the fact that he can't get it off.

Did I mention he can't get it off?

So now he's stalking down the path to the Ermis Suites and down the corridors to lock himself in his room for the duration of the night. Unfortunately there's the problem of being seen in said girl's uniform while he's doing so, though he does try to hide his (rather pink) face with his curls. If anyone decides to try to approach, they may hear him muttering the following.]

Please let this be over soon...

[As for any intrepid trick-or-treaters coming by his room for candies once he gets there, sorry, he's not coming to the door. Go get it from someone else, he's wallowing in his misery here. You could try to break down the doors, though all you'll see if you do so is a very unhappy Barnaby in a girl's uniform, and no candy in sight.]

Please get out of my room. I don't have any candy and I'm not going to let you make a mess of my room because of it, either.

[Someone's not in the Halloween spirit. Ironic, considering he was born on the holiday, though he doesn't remember that quite yet.]
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Who: Anyone and everyone
What: The castle nearby means to teach visitors the meaning of fear.
Where: Unsafe zone
When: Halloween
Warnings: Mentions of dead animals

A youth once sought how to shudder at a castle. A haunted castle now lies just outside of Sirocco, awaiting unsuspecting visitors to claim in the name of fear.

Read more... )

( ooc: This is a free-for-all log, so make your own threads for wherever, whenever; multiple threads for one room is okay! Feel free to make up your own areas and things based on the story, this is just a starting point. It may be a good idea to label in the subject where the thread is taking place. )
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[[OOC: Yuri's fairy tale is The Seven Ravens.]]

[He finds himself standing in a clearing, near a well, with no clear idea of how he came to be there. He must have ventured out of the city to train in secret with his firepower, as he usually does, but now there's an aged, earthen jug in his hands, and he doesn't remember picking it up.

Suddenly, he feels compelled to approach the well with the jug. It's a perfectly natural thing to do. He's clearly meant to collect some water. His father asked him to. At that thought, he pauses, confused.]


[He doesn't remember his father, does he? Yet he feels sure his father asked him to do this, so maybe some scrap of memory has returned to him. There are some anemoi at the base of the well. He sets the jug on the edge of the well, and bends down to pick up two of the gems and slip them into his pocket, thinking, I can give them to Palom later. Unfortunately, when he straightens, he inadvertently bumps the jug with his elbow, sending it tumbling down into the well.

No, this is wrong. It's very wrong. His father will be furious with him. He has to bring the water back. He leans over, looking down into the well, but he can see nothing, only darkness below. Suddenly, he hears a man's voice, though there is no one there:]

I wish that boy would turn into a raven.

[And then he's changing, feathers sprouting from his neck and arms, and he staggers back, tries to stop it. His body glows blue and blue flames spring from his eyes, but there's nothing he can do, and in a matter of minutes, Yuri is gone. In his place, there is a large, dark bird. It opens its mouth. It speaks in a human voice.]


[The bird takes flight, heading toward the city. One might find it anywhere there, perched in trees or hopping along the ground, lost: a strange raven with green eyes, which now and then glows with an odd, blue light. It can talk. It can also set things on fire.]


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