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Apr. 1st, 2012 11:41 am
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[Barnaby has been thinking this over for a while now. He'd gotten offers to join the Justice League before, but it's only now that he's finally decided on it.]

[AUDIO, locked to Booster]

Is there an opening on the Justice League?


[So, after that call and as soon as he can get some free time to himself, you can find Barnaby in the library, reading a book. Specifically, he's reading about a certain symbol and whatever it means. Every so often, he'll scribble something down on a piece of paper. He's been at this for a while, judging from the fact that he's filled up the paper with thoughts and facts, like "Jung - human psyche" and "what does the sword mean?"

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When she got her smartphone, Marisa shoved it in her pocket and promptly forgot about it. Something about talking to people. She can already do that. Much more interesting is checking out this new city. She can't say it's unlike anything she's ever seen before because obviously she doesn't remember, but it does seem very strange and exotic.

So there's a girl wandering around town in a classic witch outfit. Pointy hat, broom, the whole nine yards. You can finder her staring curiously at seemingly mudane things, like street lights, automatic doors, and cars. Also, her pockets (of which she has numerous) are bulging with random stuff she's found that seemed interesting.

In short, looks like you got another medieval kid. A curious one.
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Who: Gordon, Shen, Rex, Hiroshi, Ike
What: Anemoi hunt/monster detail expedition
When: One of the weeks in early spring
Where: Part of the Eastern Ruins
Notes: Participates get three percent worth of anemoi a piece, except for Ike who forfeited his share to the rest.

In Which Unexpected Giant Mutant Rabbit Crashes the Party... Literally.
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Gordon could have been a lot of things in his life previous to Sirocco, but he sure as hell wasn't an artist. Still, the fliers on the job boards for Ike's "bodyguard and monster-slaying" services did the job pretty well. Anemoi hunts, missing persons, monster insurgences, guard assignments, it didn't matter! Now they knew just who to call.

Hm. Speaking of which...

[Video, to Ike]

Okay, calls made, fliers are up! Phone'll be ringing off the hook soon. Uh, well, you'll get SOME calls anyway. Probably. Anyway I'm up for that ruins expedition any time you are. The slime shouldn't be a problem as long as we know how to handle it.

((Feel free to respond saying that your character has signed up for a crystal-hunting trip. The AIM log will be at 9pm EST on Friday.))


Feb. 28th, 2012 07:46 pm
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You know, ever since I arrived here, I had a feeling that I was headed for gr8ness.
So it m8kes me very happy to find out that my memories support this!
I'm not just headed for gr8ness. It's my destiny.
In other words, guess who has the 8est ancestry ever?
Here's a hint.
I do.
It's me.
I have some 8ig shoes to fill, so I'd 8etter get 8usy.
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So...back home I was a mercenary. That explains why I know how to use a sword.

But more importantly, my homeland has a tradition of supporting mercenaries. The knights can't be everywhere, so they encourage the formation of mercenary bands to help protect villages and merchants from bandits and pirates. I...don't actually remember any jobs we did yet, but I know that's what we did.

The reason why I'm saying this is because I want to do the same thing here. My sword is for hire should you need it, and I'll take payment in money or in anemoi. I'll even protect people against those blue monsters if you want it.

...Though I need to ask one question of anyone listening. I've seen boards with sheets of paper explaining jobs. How would a person get some of those made?
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[Either Ike doesn't know about the training center or he doesn't feel he can afford to use it yet, because he's out in the park. He's off the beaten path, in a clear area, wielding a beautiful two-handed sword.

...With one hand.

Other than that, the scene shouldn't look too unusual. The moves that Ike is practicing are all basic sword techniques, because that's all he remembers. Sometimes muscle memory will cause him to do something more complex, but those instances are uncommon.

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[The feed turns on to reveal a broad-shouldered young man with blue hair and a headband, and what appears to be a cape and a shoulder plate -- but the camera doesn't show that much in full. He has a quizzical look on his face.]

Hey, it works. Can anyone hear me? I'm looking for directions to the Ermis Suites. The people at the workshop told me I'm living there now, but they didn't give me directions and whisked me out before I could ask. If you can hear this, can you tell me how to get there?


[Eventually, once Ike reaches the Ermis Suites, he decides to go get some food. So he can be seen inside the restaurant on the first floor, hell of a spread. There must be enough servings to feed two or three people there. And a disproportionate amount of the food on the table is meat.

And he's plowing through it at a good clip.]


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